Brazen Posturing And Class Warfare

Obama is vowing to fight to protect social programs while proposing new taxes on the rich, while on the other hand, the Republicans are screaming NO NEW TAXES and are demanding deep social program cuts.

To begin with, 50% of all Americans do not pay any income tax at all, so the idea that the most affluent among us must pay their fair share is pure Class Warfare by any reasonable standard. This little shell game Obama is playing is known in a magic show as misdirection.

The billionaire Warren Buffet is trumpeting the fact that he only pays 17% taxes, while his secretary pays somewhere around 35% but what he fails to tell you is that he pays that 17% as capital gains tax on money that is earned on his investments, where as his secretary pays taxes on her payroll earnings which is mixing apples and oranges. , there is no reasonable comparison.

Obama released his plan at the White House calling for over $3 Trillion in deficit cuts over a 10 year period with about half of these supposed savings coming from higher taxes on the wealth and big corporations, full well knowing that this deal will not only not pass Congress, it won’t pass the smell test and a sizeable fist full of Democrats won’t vote for it either besides, have you ever noticed that those savings over a long period like that never seem to materialize?

If you give a politician even a tiny opening, they will steal your eyeteeth while you are looking at them, they have to be closely watched like a dog watching the mailman.

Our tax system is too cumbersome and contains too many loopholes, and leaves too many avenues open for outright thievery.

A flat tax where everyone pays the same percentage with no deductions, credits or loopholes, and a small national sales tax, which would also catch all the people who work OFF THE BOOKS, would bring in more revenue.

The only other thing that will make that work is for us to have a balanced budget amendment which would also mean you don’t spend money we don’t have, so if you jerks in Washington don’t balance the budget you do not get a paycheck for every day that you are not in compliance (NO TICKEE, NO LAUNDLY).

Republican leader Mitch McConnell was quoted as saying: “Veto threats, a massive tax hike, phantom savings, and punting on entitlement reforms is not a recipe for economic or job growth – or even meaningful deficit reduction.”

I couldn’t agree more.

About a year ago Obama said “Raising taxes in the middle of a recession is not the way to go,” guess he must have forgotten that part, because now he wants to initiate another stimulus (under an assumed name) which didn’t work before, and it damn sure won’t work now you posturing jackass!!!

BTW, have you learned how to pronounce the word “CORPSMAN” yet (remember Dum Dum, the P and the S are silent)? Harvard huh, suuuuure.



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