Boycotting Sweden

… considerable grief in the form of violent persecution.

Jews have been accused of poisoning wells, draining blood out of Christian children to make matzah, engaging in weird rituals with communion wafers, and various forms of human sacrifice, all of which is, of course, nonsensical.

That has not prevented

Sweden’s major newspaper of publishing a front page story replete with wild accusations to the effect that the Israeli army is removing bodily organs from Palestinians and selling them on the international market. This was printed just a couple of weeks ago!

No real evidence was offered. The author had only theories and speculation, but when Swedish government officials were asked to distance themselves from the story, to the shock of decent and civilized people, they refused.

Israel and

Sweden are suddenly in a diplomatic big chill.


Israel, a major citizen’s boycott is being launched of Swedish products and travel to

Sweden. Ikea, the major furniture company, and Volvo, are among the companies targeted.

This writer asks people of goodwill everywhere to stand in solidarity with

Israel and the Jewish people.

Please boycott any and all goods made in

Sweden and refrain from travel there.

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