“The Boy Scouts Today: Where Will LGBT Strike Next”?

by George Weir –

As each day passed we see the fulfillment of the warnings from the Prophets of old that in the (Latter-days) people will become lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, and wickedness and perversion will fill the earth.  And the tried and proven ways of righteousness which has governed mankind now for centuries will come under attack from the powers of darkness, and the things that were wrong will suddenly be accepted as right, yes, these days are upon us, and will continue to sweep the earth unless there is an about-face of those that are willing to warn the people of the lurking danger of doing nothing.

We now see the disappearance of the marriage between a man and a woman which has served mankind well over the many centuries that man has been making the earth his of her home, and through this union between a man and a woman the earth was populated.  Now as see this disappearing into the vast darkness, we see many other obstacles which are looming on the sidelines which will be just as harmful to the development of a society which will find grace in the sight of God.

The Boy Scouts of America was founded Feb. 8th, 1910, it now has 2.7 million boy scouts members, and 1million adult leaders.  And through these years the scouts has brought to our nation an organization which has produced leaders in government, leaders in industry, and leader in the lives of other scouts and their communities and their family’s.  The scout law has served this country well, and when a scout gives their oath to keep this law, we are all blessed.

Scout law

A scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

Scout Oath

On my honor I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country, and to obey the scout law, to help others people at all times; to keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

These are the precepts and laws that has been the solid rock of the scouts and has served them well over thee past one hundred and four years, but as of Jan, 1st 2014 these laws will have to be changed in order to accommodate the new rules that have been passed.  Beginning the year of 2014 the scouts will be accepting members of the gay community.  As of now this rule applies only to scouts, but not to scout leaders, but, when the door is opened to one, the other is waiting in the wing for their turn.

With these new rules the scouts will have opened up problems that will in no doubt cause divisions, and these divisions will be among those that have given their support, through donation and leadership through the years.  And rest assured there will be division among the scouts themselves, to think that a gay scout will refrain from recruiting other strait scouts is just dreaming.  Many of those that have given their support to the scouts will now pull this support, and like any other organization, to be successful its takes all on board, and in step with one another, other wise it will become a weakened unit, and that is not what the scouts are about.

Now that we have seen the institute of marriage under attack, and now we see the great work of the Boy Scouts suddenly being transformed and bringing with it a loss of the morality that it has tried to instill into our youth, what will we see next?

The next big goal in the LGBT community is the Christian Churches.   Many have already let down their standards that their church has embraced for many years in favor of being Political Correct, but, sadly this isn’t enough for those that wish to destroy all the sound principles that are the key-stone of the Christian faith.

As the churches stand today, their heads are just out of the water; they have allowed themselves to be bamboozled with the idea of being political correct, and many not being able to fight the ACLU and other groups that are intent on forcing their divisive politics and their religious intolerant on the unsuspecting clergy and their members.

The very future of America is on the line, no doubt we are at the crossroads of society, and the sound and secure ideals that have given this nation the prestige and the power that has been observed around the world is being undercut and sold out to the powers of darkness. Yes this is putting evil in a most blunt way, but unless we as a nation are will to see thing as they are and the repercussions of turning our heads the other way when we see the politicians and other groups infiltrating into the things that are the corner stone of a civilized society we are indeed in danger.

This nations attempt to be political correct and to appease those that seek to sweep the earth with their promise of a more congenial society which includes the idea of anything goes, is making havoc of the very constitution which was written to preserve the rights of the people which have given their blood, sweat, an tears to preserve.

Recently we have seen the redefining of marriage, now we see the great institute of the Boy Scouts of America being rearranged from within, will the Christian churches be the next front line attack of the radical liberal judges seating on their benches making policy contrary to the values that has made America the envy of the world.

The Christian Churches has in the past, and will be far into the future the last line of defense against the evils of this world.  It’s evident that the government only moves on the wind of change, such as being political correct and winning elections.

And to expect the Supreme Court to base their decisions upon the tried and proven U.S. constitution without being swayed by their own political persuasions is delusional.

So where does this leave the honest hard working Americans that still believe in a strong moral behavior and see the decay of the family due to the onslaught of those that seek to destroy all the institutions which have stood the test of time.  The answer will have to be at the polls.

And I believe we will see the wind of change, people are now realizing that the progressive movement of the left has not delivered as they promised.   They have proven themselves to be un-trustworthy, and when they speak, one can expect it to be a lie.

The LGBT community is now gloating in their recent victory’s, but, Mothers and Fathers across this great land will have the last word, they still care about the happiness of their children.

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