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I’d like to calculate what the odds are that all of these elements would be included in one architectural design. What are the odds of the one component alone: that it faces the visitor from the walkway portal facing into the crescent- directly to MECCA?

This will be a mosque where imams will come to the entrance delivering fiery sermons to the ummuh who flock there. The designer, Paul Murdoch, has made sure that the intent is clear in all the cleverly hidden CAD-designed features. All mosques are three dimensional, this one is no different. It’s like a giant prayer rug. *And would be very visible and recognizable as a mosque from an overhead view, such as an airplane*

Several parts about this really bother me. One is that it’s illegal. Can you imagine if someone suggested erecting a Christian Cathedral on this hallowed ground? To me, that would seem much more appropriate. Islam is counter to our culture; and radical Islam is not something that we should entertain appeasing or putting up monuments for. This is erecting a public MOSQUE with public money by the Park Service. It’s incredible that it’s come this far without the whole project being scrapped.

All the big mosques are ‘memorial’ mosques. Minarets are erected to ‘advertise the power of Islam’. In Austria, as an example, Joerg Haider, the governor of Carinthia, is planning to prevent mosques and minarets being constructed in his home province for that very reason.5 So why don’t we have the same sentiments or awareness here in the U.S.? Could it be that people don’t recognize the symbolism that the proposed design for the Flight 93 Memorial is steeped in? Perhaps they’ve forgotten the people who screamed “Allah Akbar!” before murdering our fellows and neighbors (I gather there were also foreigners on that plane).6

Alec Rawls at Error Theory has done a fantastic job7 exposing the outrageous facts around the “Crescent of Embrace”; aka the “Bowl of Embrace”; the memorial mosque that is planned to be erected as a monument to the heroes of flight 93. Although in the redesign the Islamic crescent is less distinct, it remains as clear as day. Along with Alec calling for heightened awareness is one of the parents of the victims, Tom Burnett, Sr..8 Burnett has requested that his son’s name be kept out of this thing, should it be seen to completion; but the Flight 93 superintendent will NOT honor Tom Burnett Sr.’s request to keep Tom Jr’s name off the memorial.9 See another of Alec’s posts on this here.10

Isn’t it odd that they would shove the terrorists who killed his son into his face like this? Why should anyone accept this, particularly any member of the victims’ families? Yet that’s precisely what has happened, and the media has glossed over this story, it has taken a completely untenable position, just like the superintendent.

There are 13 features here that were in the original design. These all remain intact, in the redesign. Still today, the Islamic elements still scream out at the viewer.11

A qibla wall

A mihrab

A prayer area

A pulpit or dais called the mimbar or the minbar

A courtyard, called the sahan.

Arcaded or colonnaded porticos called riwaqs, surrounding the courtyard.

If the courtyard is roofed, the riwaqs will be roofed. If the courtyard is open air, like in the memorial mosque, at least a portion of the riwaqs will be roofed.

Full-service mosques provide waters for conducting ablutions before prayer. Ablution waters are placed within the courtyard or out through the colonnaded porticos that gain access to the courtyard.

Full-service mosques allowing women will have a separate women’s prayer area.

An imposing facade.

A crescent-shaped or arch-shaped entry portal.

A minaret, or minarets from which they call to prayer.

A tomb or other memorial.

And this one has it all. These are the features of a GRAND MOSQUE, like Muhammad’s original mosque in Medina.12

Islam is not something we should be reaching toward; radical Islam, which is what is being honored here, reaches out to people not with love, but threatens with violence if you don’t convert, oftentimes with the sword, as is commanded in the Qu’ran. It is through violence that Islam converts the ‘unbelievers’, threatening them with death. Although not all muslims are violent, Bin Laden even today is threatening more attacks, around the 6th anniversary of 9/11. Yet people don’t seem to be listening.

THIS Flight 93 memorial isn’t to honor our heroes; it honors the TERRORISTS who attacked us that day. It would be the biggest memorial mosque ever; on American soil; comemorating the 9/11 attack on the people on flight 93 in Pennsylvania. This is literally another Islamic hijacking. Where is the outrage?

I was thinking last night that terrorists believe that war is deception. This deception would be the biggest slap in the face of all time. Instead of making a monument to the courageous heroes on that flight who said ‘let’s roll’…the proposed design is dedicated to the terrorists of 9/11, and I doubt that if more people knew about it, they would support it.

The people who are in denial seem to be willing to deny something that is so obvious it’s as plain as the nose on your face. And if you have any doubt, you can read Alex Rawl’s fantastic expose on the subject, Crescent of Betrayal. It’s available free for download.13

Apparently there is some lunatic out there–Daniel Griffith, a geospatial information sciences professor at the University of Texas at Dallas, who said anything can point toward Mecca,14 because the earth is round. Does the fact that the world is round indicate that there is no direction like north and south? That latitude and longitude coordinates are not valid? It sounds to me as though he’s grasping for straws.

Daniel Griffith must not be aware that some of the calculations used to arrive at the conclusion that the memorial crescent would have the


visitors at the entrance facing mecca come from Islamic websites which cleverly help you calculate where to face mecca wherever you are in the world.15

It isn’t only one set of calculations that show the memorial points to mecca; it’s several, using different datasets and tools, and they all arrive at the same horrifying conclusion.

Here’s one way, which the Johnstown Tribune Democrat reported.16 Go to Islam.com, which has a Mecca-direction calculator. Plug in PA, Somerset, and the calculator will give you a graphic of the direction to Mecca from Somerset. From there, place it over the official design PDFs for the Crescent of Embrace to see that the Mecca direction line (the “qibla” line) bisects the giant crescent:

The image below was created by “Etaoin Shrdlu”, at Zombietime-an azimuthal equidistant world map centered on the location of the Flight 93 Memorial which seems to indicate that the crescent is oriented toward Mecca.17 18

The image above is a reduced version of a poster at FreeRepublic claiming that the principal visual feature within the “Crescent of Embrace” consisted of a semicircle of red maple trees enfolding a central space, which is oriented toward Mecca.19

According to this site,20 the latitude/longitude coordinates of Mecca are 21.4234, 39.8262 and the coordinates of the Flight 93 crash site are 40.052, -78.8963. Using the calculator from this site,21 you can determine that the azimuth between the two points is 124.80°.

Next I went to the Flight 93 National Memorial website 22 and found the biggest overhead view of the memorial I could find with north oriented up. I measured the distance from tip-to-tip of the crescent and came up with 64px east-west and 90px north-south. The arctangent of 64/90 is the angle between north and a line drawn between the tips, which works out to 35.42°. Adding 90° to this angle gives the direction the crescent faces as 125.42°. Conclusion: the crescent points towards Mecca with an error of 0.62°, or 0.17%.

Wretchard wasn’t convinced and did his own analysis, below.

From Wretchard at the Belmont Club: 23

Lattitude and Longitude of the Crescent to Mecca Coordinates






Flight 93 crash



40° 3′ 7.20″

78° 53′ 46.68″




21° 25′ 24.24″

39° 49′ 34.32″

Draw a line between the tips of the crescent, a line perpendicular to it apparently points directly to Mecca.

The Flight 93 Memorial Site24 has a downloadable PDF map of the winning design, which you can download. The legend at the bottom of the map specifies it is oriented North, whether true or magnetic is not stipulated. (Magnetic declination25 is between 6 and 9 degrees W.) Drawing a line connecting the tips of the crescent and drawing a perpendicular, you can see which which way it “opens”. Using a protractor, I found the crescent opens between 230 and 240 (southwest) degrees, or taking the reciprocal, between 50 and 60 (northeast). You are invited to do this yourselves and verify the result.

Next I wanted to know if the coordinates given by the FreeRepublic poster really pointed to the Flight 93 crash site and Mecca. The best way to do this is to convert the decimal lat/long coordinates into DMS using a calculator provided by the FCC.26 The results are given in the table in the post, but you can do it yourself.

The next step was to stick these coordinates into Keyhole 2 LT, and both coordinates check out. Keyhole takes you to the site with the characteristic two hills and ridge pointing northeast shown in the Flight 93 Memorial winning design. (Keyhole users, tilt the map if you have trouble distinguishing the features.) The coordinates for Mecca likewise go to “Makkah” in Saudi Arabia. Both sets of coordinates seem valid.

FreeRepublic poster’s calculations for bearing seem obtuse because you need to come up with an azimuth of 124.80 degrees. So I went to two sites to independently calculate the bearing from the Flight 93 crash site to Mecca. You can go to the Marine Great Circle Calculator27 or WhereAreWe?.28 Both these sites accept the coordinates of points A and B and calculate the true bearing to get from A to B. Both give a result of 55 degrees true, or its reciprocal 235. This discovery is practically astonishing when you do the calculations. The bearing given by both Great Circle Calculators corresponds near enough to the measured opening of the Crescent from the PDF map.

Sarah at the Blue Merle found another way to arrive at the same conclusion…check it out at at the Blue Merle.29

It’s interesting that although some people deny that you can find a way to face mecca, and deny that there is a way to mathematically figure it out, 30Islamists who want to pray to mecca have a qibla locator online which will aid you in your quest to find qibla. I guess they believe they can find it, lol….so…the logical conclusion is when you’re glorifying Islam, you can find qibla–when you’re demonstrating that something is in favor of terrorism or glorifying terrorism, then..suddenly you can’t find qibla because the world is


round. (Don’t pay attention to the man behind the curtain!)

Little has changed in the redesign; it’s still a giant crescent that muslims face to face mecca; the central theme of every mosque, which is called a mihrab. There are 13 mosque features in the design, according to my count, all of which remain intact from the first design. The redesign didn’t alter a single one of them. All Murdoch did was soften the illusion of the crescent, and now they’re calling it a ‘bowl’. It doesn’t alter what an individual sees when he’s looking into the crescent from the opening portal or walkway which points directly to Mecca.

The trees are in the shape of an Islamic – not a lunar – crescent.

It points to Mecca.

It also points to the Whitehouse, which is yet another one of its terrorist memorializing features.31

Alec explains this on this post at Error Theory, entitled “Three terrorist memorializing features in the Flight 93 Memorial, all trivially easy to verify”:

The White House sits just about at the middle of the “i” in “Washington” on this Yahoo map. It is used here as the Washington end of the superimposed Shanksville-to-Washington line. Yahoo’s red star marks downtown Shanksville. The crash site is about three miles north and slightly east of downtown Shanksville, which according to Yahoo’s distance scale, puts it just to the right of the top of the star. A line through the White House and the crash-site (depicted) turns out to have the same slope as a line across the tips of Murdoch’s rear crescent (129° clockwise from north)…..Now you know why the crescent of radial arbors (unchanged in the Bowl of Embrace redesign) is not symmetrical with the full Crescent of Embrace. It has a different job to perform. The full crescent gives the direction to Mecca. The rear crescent gives the direction to the target that the terrorists were trying to destroy. The full crescent is a mosque element (one of 12). The rear crescent is a terrorist-memorializing element (one of 3, or of 15, if you count the mosque elements as terrorist memorializing elements too, on account of the mosque being a terrorist memorial mosque).

It is a year-round Islamic sundial. 32

Plus, there are a total 44 clear glass blocks (read Alec’s explanation here);33 40 with the names inscribed of our heroes on the flight, and 3-which represent the hijackers – with the date of 9/11 inscribed on them. They are located where the stars would be on an Islamic flag, presumably representing the fact that they reached Islamic heaven. Our dead infidels didn’t make it, according to Murdoch, the clever evil architect of the design, because they’re not positioned in the stars; they’re on the flight path. There is one big clear block-the 44th- at the beginning of the walkway (inscribed with the memorial’s mission statement), which for all intents and purposes, dedicates the site to the terrorists. And that block is the key that opens this thing wide open: the coordinates from that block run directly to mecca. The date and the site is dedicated to the terrorists; it couldn’t be more clear.

Congress tried to take measures, in fact, to prevent a memorial being erected on our soil to Islamic terrorists. Unfortunately, Murdoch, the creator of the design, is obfuscating and lying about the true intentions of his design. It’s impossible for all of this to have been included without clear intent. What’s curious is why he’s sticking so close to the original, and hasn’t changed any of the elements that so clearly make it a mosque.

Surely we shouldn’t be standing for this; just one Islamic element and the project should have been scrubbed from the get-go.

I can think of so many other ways that we could give tribute and honor the sacrifice of the people who stood up to the hijackers on Flight 93. Not a one of them includes a mosque design; orientation toward Mecca, ablution pools, or anything else.

The thing I remember most about those people is that they decided to do something about it, and the phrase ‘let’s roll’.34

Thanks to Alex Rawls and all of his incredible documentation both at Error Theory and in the PDF version of his book, “Crescent of Betrayal”, and all the other bloggers who have exposed a truth that the MSM has fallen flat on again.

I’m anxiously awaiting the publication of the book. They would make great presents for Birthdays or Christmas.

I will attempt to footnote this post this weekend.

Postscript: As I mentioned at the bottom of this post in September of 2005:35 What is the significance of the fact that the Crescent of Embrace is facing AWAY from Mecca? The obvious implication is that it is a crescent of OUTWARD embrace. And what is Islam’s outward embrace? Jihad: the Muslim duty to strive to bring the entire world into submission (the literal translation of “Islam”). What form of Jihad took place on flight 93? Violent aggressive Jihad. No Jihad of “inner struggle to do the right thing” here.

Post Postscript (courtesy of Alec Rawls): When Cao says that the end of the Entry Portal walkway (the location of the 44th glass block) faces Mecca, she is refering to the fact that the 44th glass block creates a hidden exact-Mecca orientation of the crescent. Absolutely right.

The overt orientation of the crescent is determined by the furthest extents of the crescent structure at the top and the bottom. Connect these upper and lower tips, form the perpendicular bisector to that connecting line, and you get the orientation of the crescent. But this overt crescent tip is not the thematic crescent tip.

The 44th block marks the point where, in Murdoch’s thematic explanation, the circle gets broken. All the parts of the crescent structure that stick out past the flight path are “broken off” and are not part of the notional crescent. Once the “broken off” pieces are set aside, the huge glass block at the end of the Entry Portal Walkway becomes the most obtruding tip of the remaining structure.

Use that 44th block as the upper crescent tip and the crescent points exactly to Mecca. Thus does Murdoch tie his terrorist memorializing features (the 44 blocks) together with his Islamic features (the giant Mecca-oriented crescent/mihrab) to create a thoroughly integrated terrorist memorial mosque.

PostPostScriptScript: You need a password and login id to get into the Flight 93 Memorial Website. You can get them from the National Park Service Archives by calling the curator at 814 443-4557 for a password. Images of the Bowl of Embrace redesign are available on the Memorial Project’s Media page. (Scroll down to March 8, 2006 and November 29, 2005.)

Not to worry, if you don’t want to bother with that, Alec has the pdf’s of the images at Crescent of Betrayal dot com.36

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