Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…Bomb, Bomb Iran!

….when he didn’t realize the mike was open, “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…. Bomb, Bomb


! It was said to have been singing to the tune of a once popular Rock and Roll song.. The beat fit those words precisely….

Singing, “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb…Bomb, Bomb Iran !” on an open mike he thought was closed, may not have cost John McCain the election. But it didn’t help his cause either.

But, the way time turns these days, that is ancient history.

Although, not the idea.

This week it was reported that the clandestine Islamo-Facsist government and the secretive courts of Iran , known to like “Law” practiced the Old Soviet way – the defendant not in the court to object– won a case against another American journalist…Sound Familiar? (Think Jimmie Carter)

Roxana Saberi, an American Journalist with an Iranian immigrant father and an Asian mother, who both live and enjoy the fruits of American life in Fargo North Dakota, got caught in the web of the Iranian “Stats Polizi”, or whatever the “Gestapo” is called in Iran.

She has a dual citizenship – both American and Iranian. Her Iranian-born father provided her the right to have the Iranian citizenship, but she was born in Fargo , North Dakota , where both her mother and father now live.

It seems, not even the nefarious government of Iran knows, for sure, if she even committed a crime, but, not to be out done by the NAZIs, nor the KGB in each of their glory days, one judge accused her of buying alcohol. Latter the government changed its mind and felt the charge of working without press credentials, a charge that could stand up more easily to international scrutiny, I suppose, than the liquor charge would, “Sound better to the world.”.. .. But, true to their sadistic charms, the Iranian government finally settled on a charge, no matter how false, that would be hard to disprove, given their court system: Espionage.

Ms. Saberi had, by then been in Iran for 6 years. The alcohol purchase most likely could not adequately be pinned on her without involving a “more upstanding” citizen… not having the proper press documents would have incriminated, perhaps a low level, but, still, an Iranian government worker.

The Espionage charge, however, would be the perfect one. No Iranian could be suspect, except the target, Roxana Saberi, and it could throw a cloud over any foreign agency they wanted to, perhaps, more than one.

Though, not beyond a shadow of a doubt, I feel it is highly unlikely the woman I saw on the news report would have been mixed up in spying. It doesn’t fit her profile.

But, how to get her out before 8 years (the sentence imposed) are up. Or, hopefully, before 8 days are up???

Some newscasters in the past few days have reported that it would be almost impossible for anyone to keep the Iranians from following through with Ms. Saberi’s sentence if they were not of a mind to listen to reason.

Yes, Michael, even Democrat Socialist liberals can reason, but doing it to the Iranian government most likely would fall on deaf ears.

Bomb, bomb, Bomb… Bomb, Bomb Iran !

The president of Iran has already called The United States, “The Satan of The World.” Now would be as good a time as ever to show him, and the rest of the Islamic world, And anybody else that wasn’t sure, that watched, (drug cartels?? Kim Il??) Exactly what WE think Satin would do in a situation like this.

Newscasters can be wrong. They have not seen Mr. Obama flex his Commander in Chief muscles more than once: 3 dead pirates.

President Barrack Obomba would have to put in a stellar performance. As a lawyer, I am sure he was trained to speak. I have heard him speak. He is convincing, at least in English. He would have to find an expert translator.

He would have to convince the Powers That Be in Iran , when he gave his speech on

Al-Gazera, that he meant what he said and he would have the military follow through. As he did with the Pirates of Somalia.

M. Soetoro, in true Messianic tones, would have to say, “Citizens and government of Iran :

Before the cock crows twice, tomorrow, I shall have my military bomb 3 High density, high value targets; if your government doesn’t give up Roxana immediately after this broadcast.” Or, something to that effect…which would be given in the afternoon.

Of course, he would have to follow through.

He would have to have B-29’s or B-2s in the air ready to do a high altitude run on 3 government and or civilian targets. Yes! Civilian! We didn’t flinch one millimeter when it came to leveling cities in Germany and Japan . Many German and Japanese civilians died. What makes this different?

If there was some fear about the vulnerability of B-2’s or B-29’s, he could use 3 F-117’s or “Stealth Bombers”— or, even Predators.

Well, you get the idea. We have a raft of weapons systems we could use… maybe a different one for each sortie.

{The more I think about it, I like Predators best. If one got shot down, the operator could do his best to guide it onto the best target available. – Surviving parts of it could be rigged to blow up when subsequently disturbed if it was shot down.

Of course, if the threat didn’t work, and it came to bombs, and, even they didn’t work the first time, President Barry would have to go back on Al-Gazera again, and, this time let the people know that 5 more targets would be picked every week Ms. Saberi was still in custody.

No, we would not declare war. We would not send one troop onto Iranian soil. Yes, we could be called belligerents by the world, but, we would have to remind the world, that THEY (the Iranians) started it. WE would only be responding to their challenge like the devils they claim us to be….

The message would finally get out again; you don’t want to **** with Uncle Sam!

That message would be good even for the Mexican Cartels to hear… Not to mention, The Taliban…

Maybe Americans could start holding their heads up proudly, and, yes, arrogantly, again!

Maybe it would start a whole movement of: 'No more Political Correctness!'

Maybe it would bring a New Order to the World…

United we Stand; In God we trust; One nation, under God; Damn the torpedoes; Full speed ahead; Glory, GLORY Hallelujah;

I pledge allegiance to the FLAG of the United States of America and to THE REPUBLIC for which it stands, One Nation Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

Maybe these phrases and sentences could mean something again!

Bill Ascherfeld is a 74 year old Army veteran of The Cold War. He was stationed in


with the 36th Armored Infantry Battalion of The Third Armored Division in 1956-57. He graduated from SDSU with a BA in History, Economics and Political Science. He is still a licensed real estate broker in The State of California, and has a Real Estate Counseling business. Reach him at:

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