Bizarre Infiltrators Plague Patriotic Forums

I was approached by a strange group on a patriotic forum and decided to stay with it until I discovered what was going on. I subsequently discovered that I was dealing with an infiltration group.

First of all, what do I mean by an infiltration group? An infiltration group is a group practicing entryism, a method used for the past 50 years by communists and leftists in

America to infiltrate and nullify anti-communist groups. They have been most successful and some experts believe that they have infiltrated and now control every special interest group in


Entryism (or entrism or enterism) is a political tactic by which an organization encourages members to infiltrate another organization in an attempt to gain recruits, or take over entirely. If entryists do not gain control they must hamstring the infiltrated organization by creating internecine strife.

In situations where the organization being "entered" is hostile to entryism, the entryists may engage in a degree of subterfuge to hide the fact that they are, in fact, an organization in their own right. Entryism does not involve dissolving the small organization into the larger one. Entryism is often (but not always) done secretly and often in organizations run on democratic centralist lines. Entryism is seen by some as a logical conclusion from Leninist political theory which postulates that a "revolutionary vanguard" can successfully foment a revolution within a larger capitalist society, but according to some, the strategy of entryism is as old as politics itself.

A Very Strange Entryist Group

There is a most strange entryist group at work throughout the internet which has its tentacles in EVERY patriot group extant. At the center is a woman of indeterminate age and location, who sports blonde hair in most pictures, and she has a sweet face. She calls herself CandyO.

CandyO (AKA: The Queen) has numerous hive sites scattered all over the internet which are all the same. They feature pictures of CandyO in various stages of undress. There are also many pictures of her head attached to other women's partially naked bodies. And her head attached to knights and Queen's bodies and to the bodies of various officiates at firing squads.

A complete selection of country and rock tunes plays, in the background, one after the other. They provide the mood music as the visitor paws through what can only be described as a bedroom /bodega atmosphere resplendent with many pictures of partially dressed sexy women.

There is nothing wrong with such a place, correct? Yet it is the lure that has attracted over 300 males from all the so-called patriot sites into contact with this entryist group. Most of the men are married.

The Queen's group practices the usual entryist process. At first there is a lot of flirting of the Queen with various "dudes." As the relationships (CandyO orchestrates dozens of relationships at the same time) becomes more intimate, more intimate words are exchanged and telephone conversations begin. I did not stay long enough to find out all the particulars and how the relationships are consummated. I am not titillated by partially nude pictures, music and promises, like so many hundreds of other "patriots," or whatever. I dream of bringing Obama to jail.

At the center of the bodega is a garish picture of Camelot in soft tones and a picture of King Arthur's Round Table. I penetrated the inner sanctum in that arena and read many titillating communications. Many of the men that the Queen talks too are married.

I discovered that CandyO is called the Queen only by her core group, and she has maybe 5-7 "knights of the Round Table", which she has knighted. They are her inner circle and I studied two of them at point blank range: Jack007 from AZ and Sir Barf the Brat, a KOC official from the northeast.

All three members of that main triad will come together and focus on any patriot who is trying to initiate organizational efforts. (Other activities are occurring which I know nothing about.) But I can tell you that most of the things I read were surreal, unearthly, naively romantic and very strange. Especially Sir Barf the Brat who compares himself to Joan of Arc.

In my case, I fell across this strange crowd when I joined a forum that had a sub group with two members. Within two weeks I built that group up to 38 members with my acerbic and challenging brand of blog and discussion posts. During that time I posted 62 Blogs and maybe 50+ discussions.

I focused upon Obama as a crook but also as the leader of a black racist/socialist group. I talked about how many white many seem intimidated and afraid of blacks and the odd fact that white women have to do most of the political work on account of that fear. I also focused upon how affirmative action, quotas and other privileges for blacks not only discriminate against whites, Hispanics and Asians but are forbidden by both the 1994 Civil Rights Act and the 13th Amendment of the US Constitution.

Many people were attracted to such concepts and voiced strong approval saying, "Up to now we have been afraid to confront black cultural domination because we did not want to be called names; but now we have the ammunition and see that it is possible to criticize anyone who does something wrong without suffering major retaliation.”

The progress of my organizational efforts then turned towards forming a group that would use legal and peaceful political warfare methods of confronting Obama and his minions. Those methods would be similar to what the Afro-Socialists used against President Bush for eight years.

We decided to first concentrate on the fact that all American judges are criminals because they refuse to obey the law and hear court cases against Obama who is an illegal president. Essentially the judges are Co-Conspirators.

Things went well. But evidently my small success spooked the "round table. " The next thing I knew Sir Barf the Brat sent me a knightly missive calling me a "white supremacist" and a "KKK". His message rejected any ideas that blacks are ever wrong and he especially decried the fact that I mentioned blue eyes and Afro-Socialism which he said was the type of racism that Joan of Arc would detest." Then all three joined in. I was not exactly surprised; after all I was in a strange realm.

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