Bill Johnson: “Damn the Torpedoes! Full Steam Ahead!”

… has set his bearings directly into the barrage of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate campaign opponents Rand Paul and Trey Grayson.

Bolstered by Mitch McConnell’s Old Republican Guard, Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty, enormous out of state contributions, special interest groups with far reaching tentacles, and a blatantly biased media, Paul and Trey enjoy their carefully crafted images of “leading candidates.”

Whoa! What just moment! Who’s closed into a tight third place showing? It’s former U.S. Navy Nuclear Engineer, decorated Gulf War combat veteran, and drug war USCG Special Operations ribbon recipient Bill Johnson! Johnson has shot to 17% of likely Republican voters in one independent poll out of California (2,000 responses) and to 18% in a non-campaign generated internal GOP Senate candidates affiliated poll (1,300 voters). Johnson’s rise in the polls comes after just eight weeks of official campaigning. He only cast off on his First American Flag Tour in November and is taking the opposition by surprise!

Bill has a commanding 5:1 lead over Paul and 3:1 lead over Grayson in the southern counties. He has a 24% majority of women voters statewide. The opposition’s previously boasted statistical gains have eroded to a 27% statewide tie between Grayson and Paul.

Johnson’s campaign complement consists of a professional campaign staff managed by veteran campaign Manager, Bob Winford and Deputy Manager Danielle See. Michael Brown and Jennifer Walker lead the campaign’s Communications and Press Relations division. Bill Goins is Commander of Bill’s Special Forces . I work with 19 highly trained members of Bill’s Special Forces Bloggers.

We have constructed an extensive force multiplication Internet based network of Facebook, Kentucky Patriots, Oath Keepers, Kentucky Second Amendment Organization, Kentucky Motorcycle Association-Kentucky Bikers Association, active duty and reserve military, veterans organizations, plus the critically important and dedicated grassroots base of civilian volunteers throughout the Commonwealth.

The Johnson campaign’s highly successful Election Gazette is now in its 5th edition. A four page newsletter, nearly 160,000 have been delivered to homes and businesses across Kentucky as inserts in local newspapers. These effective campaign newspapers are also distributed at campaign events, Tea Parties, a Sovereign State Rally, an upcoming Gun Rights Rally and through volunteers’ meet & greet efforts of their own design. Bill now publishes an electronic edition of the Gazette which can be accessed on his website .

Bill is running a strictly budgeted campaign in order to demonstrate his abilities of fiscal responsibility. His financial discipline was honed, in part, when he headed a fossil fuel division of BP Oil, responsible for $1.2 billion of purchasing authority. He is on sabbatical from his private consulting business to campaign full time and has loaned his campaign $250,000.00 from his life’s savings to evidence his 100% dedication to win the May 18 primary.

The opposing forces are legion. They have mounted an all out assault to overcome Bill’s gains. The Kentucky Republican Executive Committee, through a Member-at Large, even warned me to “tell Bill Johnson GET OUT OF THE RACE NOW!” back in November.

I said, “You tell him. I don’t carry his water.” They offered him a “seat in the Kentucky General Assembly representing his district” as a consolation for bowing out.

I replied, “If he were interested in campaigning for the General Assembly he would have filed for the General Assembly.” No deal.

The MSM print media have tried to ignore Johnson and continue to this day as much as possible. WHASTV 11, in, Louisville, has covered his campaign very fairly while various local talk show hosts have gone out of their way to highlight Bill’s expanding success. After he was listed in the National Senate Candidate Committee ranks Bill has become more difficult for the print media to ignore. Their in-the-tank bias will inevitably give way to the crescendo of popular support and in response to regular Bill’s campaign press releases.

Paul and Grayson have refused to debate Bill Johnson. Last week the University of Louisville Student Republicans refused Johnson’s repeat requests to enter their scheduled Senate candidate debate. Since Grayson declined and Johnson was refused, they announced that the debate would take place between Ron Paul. That’s right, Rand Paul only! They quickly changed the venue to, “An Evening With Rand Paul” presumably since both Rand Pauls couldn’t make it.

Of course, the interesting dynamic is that Grayson refuses to debate Paul or Johnson, Paul refuses to debate Johnson, but Johnson has made it widely known that he is prepared to debate both Paul and Grayson anytime, anywhere, and as often as he can! A four debate series has been arranged with the first to be held in Paducah, KY, on February 13. It is scheduled as a three candidate debate. Will Grayson or Paul cancel? Time will tell.

Internal Paul and Grayson polls are in process as well as a paid telephone poll by one or the other which targets “Registered Male Republican Voters” only. As contrived as it may sound, these polls are only giving the responders but two candidates to select who they are very likely, somewhat likely, unlikely, or very unlikely to vote for. Which two candidates could they be? Right! Grayson and Paul.

The Kentucky Manufacturing Association invited the candidates for the U.S. Senate to their annual Summit on February 1. The invitation was sent to DEMS Conroy and Mongiardo and REPS Paul and Grayson. 6 Sigma Certified businessman, nuclear and fossil fuel expert, Gulf War veteran, and the only candidate to hold an MBA, Bill Johnson was left out in the cold. So the question is, “What do three lawyers and a doctor have to offer the Kentucky Manufacturing Association?” Legal advice? Medical advice? Influence peddling? Kickbacks? Go figure. After you do, check out Johnson’s website and click the issues tab to read his platform position on manufacturing and coal and nuclear energy concerns in Kentucky and the United States.

Bill is driving 7,000 miles per month traveling the state in his SUV truck and meeting the people. He takes as much time as it takes to answer voters’ questions. Unlike his opponents who swoop in with their handler herders, give their what-you-want-to-hear speeches, and swoop out via handler herding, Bill arrives early and remains until he meets each attendee.

Bill Johnson’s campaign slogan describes him as a candidate, veteran, and man:

DUTY-HONOR-COUNTRY. He inspires trust and confidence in voters whose trust in government is nearly exhausted. He is THE ONLY GRASSROOTS Senate candidate in Kentucky. He is running an open, honest, and aggressive campaign and will win on his demonstrated ability, outstanding preparation, and impeccable character.

While finances are absolutely critical to every campaign Bill Johnson relies on contributions from those who truly understand that he is the most capable candidate to succeed the retiring Hon. Jim Bunning in the United States Senate from Kentucky. Your financial help is appreciated and will be used most judiciously.

Dr. David M. Duncan

Lexington, KY

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