Bill Johnson: A Sworn Reagan Conservative.

… "I, William Johnson, do solemnly swearthat I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. So help me God."

His commission as an officer in the United States Navywas ordered by the Most Honorable Ronald Wilson Reagan,President of the United State of America, asapproved by the 100thCongress of the United States of America, and was signed by bothSecretary of the Navy William L. Ball and Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Admiral Jeremy M. Boor.

Johnson is thesole Republican candidatefor the U. S. Senate in the 2010 Kentucky Republican primary electionto have earned the special trust and confidence of our nation for "patriotism, valor,fidelity, and abilities."

He served withdistinctionat the pleasure of the Most Honorable George H. K. Walker Bush aboard the firstVirginia class nuclear guided missile cruiser, the USS Virginia (CGN-38). He was primarily responsiblefor the ship's nuclear propulsion systemas well as conventional and non-conventional armament systems.

As a Naval lineofficerJohnson served in the directChainof Commandfor the Virginia inthe First Gulf War. In fact, Bill commanded the launch of some of America's first Tomahawk cruise missiles into Baghdad.

Byauthority of the Most Honorable William Jefferson Clinton, Johnson assumed similar duties aboard the second Nimitz class super-carrierDwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69) until 1998. The Eisenhower is a 103,000 long ton (full load) war ship powered by two Westinghouse nuclear reactors. Hercompliment is 3,200 ship's personnel and 2,480 air wing personnel. Electronic warfare and decoy systems, air wing, armament, armor, and mission may be classifiedor unclassified bydescription.

In light of former Lt. Bill Johnson's distinguishedand decorated service to our nation, under the highest securitycredentialsallowed by this nation's Department of Defense, I think the Republican National Committee and theRepublican Party of Kentucky canbe most confidentinsupporting his candidacy for the Office of the United States Senate,Commonwealth of Kentucky. He exemplifiestried and true Reagan Republicanconservative principles.

Indeed,it was Reagan himself whoentrustedJohnson with the most complex, the most powerful, and the mostresponsible ofNaval duties when he ordered Bill to assumeresponsibility forNaval nuclear propulsion and weaponssystems at sea.Hecarried out his duties under fire in a combat Persian Gulf theater of war with decorated valor and later on received the United States Coast Guard Special Operations ribbon in the Latin American drug war.

I now respectfullyrequestboth the Republican National Committee and theRepublican Party of Kentuckyplaceitsutmost confidence in Kentuckian Bill Johnson.

On November 14, 2009,Senate candidate opponantRand Paulpubliclydisclosed havingknowingly or unknowingly compromised potential national security operations in the Afghanistan theater of operations.He carelesslybased his own assessment ofa Department of Defense Taliban monetary incentiveprogram from potentially classified information leaked to himina single unsubstantiated email, received from anunconfirmed source (combat soldier)in an unconfirmed location (Afghan field of operations).

A full investigationof this action is warranted. American military and defense contractor's liveswere potentiallycompromised by Rand's negligent andirresponsibledisclosure for political expediancy, regardless of whethertheintelligence wasvalid or invalid, classified or unclassified.

"Loose lips sink ships." (An old Navy adage.)

Bill Johnson'sremarkable international energy business skills andpersonal successare unmatched by Senate candidate opponantTreyGrayson. As far as I know, Grayson has no business management experience. He is a career politician and the voters of Kentuckywill reject his candidacyin a solid"No Confidence" vote. Additionally, Grayson hasnonational security credentialsnor solid effective leadership qualities. He simple cannot connect with the electorate which will ultimately cost our partya loss to the Democrat candidate.

"In these perilous times extraordinary approaches are necessary. Our responsibility as Americans is to advance those approaches out of duty to God and country, with complete commitment to the mission, and with absolute individual determination." (Bill Johnson)

I am certaintheoptimal interests of the citizens ofKentucky and the United States,theRepublican Party of Kentucky,and the Republican National Party will be served best by Bill Johnson in the Senate. He isa most formidablecandidate, possessingimpeccable character, integrity,personal experience andqualifications, to occupy the office of the United States Senate.

Bill Johnson is a sworn Reagan conservative:Tried. Tested. True.

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Anchors aweigh!

Dr. David M. Duncan

Lexington, KY

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