“Big Brother Has No Place In America”

by George T. Weir –

In the infant years of this “Great Republic” the hopes and dreams of the settlers were to establish a society free from oppression and the heavy burdens of government. Their goals were noble and their dreams were lofty, and they were willing to give blood, sweat, and tears to see that this new nation has the freedom to worship in the churches of their choice, and to arise early in the mornings and plant their crops, and freedom for the merchants to sell their goods without the excessive regulations from government, and the excessive burden of taxation. They also believed that their children were their responsibility and that they as communities should be the ones that regulated the schools, and what was being taught in their schools, and with this thinking they organized school boards which were elected from the people, and by the people.

The settlers were dreamers, they looked at the great vastness to the west, they didn’t see it as a vast wasteland, but an opportunity for growth. Yes, there were wars, and more wars, but from the great plain, and across the Rocky Mountains, and the vast and dry deserts a nation was won, and a “Great Nation Indeed”. And to this day, all the people of the world have been blessed, those nations that lived under oppression could look to the United States as an example of freedom, and the great things a free people were capable of accomplishing.

America has had to fight in order to keep her independence, at the present we are at war with terrorist that wish our destruction, but, the people are still willing to shed blood, sweat and tears. But, more and more they are asking, in whose freedom are we sacrificing our lives?, when they see the freedoms that this nation was founded upon crumble beneath the heavy handed regulations set by an administration bent on scraping the very Constitution in which many men and women have given their lives to defend.
Within the U.S, constitution the fathers placed the very essential tools for the progress for a great and industrious free economy. “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America”.

Sadly, “We the people” are having less impute in the everyday decisions that are given us through our constitution, and possibly more importantly, much of the people are demographically and ideologically detached from the presence of (Big Brother) and could care less about the policy decisions that effect us through the bills that are passed through congress, and signed by the President. A perfect union is formed when all party’s have their say, and when this happens we establish justice for all, and when there is justice for all, there will be more reason for domestic tranquility, and this will lead to a more common defense of all our freedoms. When “We The People” are involved, there will be a better general welfare, and, when “We the People” have an equal impute in the working of the government there will be “Blessings of Liberty” for us and our posterity.

These powers and blessings can only exist through these perplexing times (which are now) and into the future by informed people. The people must be aware of the changes and the central philosophical idea that are presented by their elected officials, and hold them accountable to all the promises each make while campaigning for office. Moreover when the people see lie after lie, and the truth being spun in ever which way, this should be a red flag that there are serious problems in the government, and that their freedom is in jeopardy.

No doubt we live in perplexing times, “We The People” have been snookered by an administration that has lived on lies after lies. This same administration has been protected by a very sly left –wing media, which has in the past, has turned their heads to the tactics and strategy which this Obama Administration has taken in order to bring the nation closer to a (Big Brother State), But, thankfully, the people can only be lied to so much, and after that, they can see the light of truth, and this truth is being highlighted by the Affordable health Care which was championed by President Barack Obama, and carried forth by the democrats in the Senate .

This Affordable Health Care bill was intended to force all Americans into buying a health Insurance policy, not of their own choice, but of the choice of the federal Government. But like all thing conceived through lies and cover-ups, it to is un-raveling, and even some of the more ardent supporters of the bill are jumping ship. They are realizing that “We The People” are finally paying attention, and if they wish to be reelected,.(but fat chance of that), they have to make choices which may not be favorable to the President and his take over of the best health care in the world.

Yes, there are other problems that are weighing heavy on Americans, the Internal Revenue Service has been caught playing politics with the “Tea Party, and other conservative groups”, The National Security Agency and their under-handed wire taps and spying on innocent Americans, the four Americans that were murdered in Bengiza, and the cover-ups that followed, yes, the American people have endured four and a half years of lies and political spin. The Attorney General has closed his eyes under the direction of the President to the gun running, called “Fast and Furious” and the tactics by the Acorns to insure the President election in 2008.

Back to Bengazi, the family’s of those murdered are still waiting for answers, but, he only thing they have heard was, “What difference does it make”, and that was from the Secretary of State, Clinton.

For years the American people have been aware of the “Big Brother” theory, and apparently to a large extent that day has arrived, our constitution is being ignored, or changed, and the “Powers That Be” check the political wind before asking themselves, do I tell the truth or would it be best to lie?

I’m convinced that as long as “We the People” keep informed, and adhere to the rule of law, and preserve the constitution, Big Brother will find his home elsewhere.

Americans have endured many hardships and setbacks, but we are a “Can do People” and we as a free people are determined to stay free.

George T. Weir

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