BHO Must Be Removed By Use Of The 25th Amendment

… nuclear non-proliferation treaty saying that the United States would not strike back with a nuclear response if the country that attacked us biologically, chemically, or even by nuclear strike was in compliance with such treaty.El Presidente has completely lost his mind bysetting up a scenario thatthe

United Statescan nowbe "blackmailed" with nuclear, biological or chemical weaponry.

The Usurper-In-Chief has "gone over the edge" with regard to this, yet denounces Sarah Palin's comments that Obama's out of touch with reality by saying she has no expertise in these areas. Obviously, El Presidente has no expertise in these areas either and is listening to the wrong people who have "pie-in-the-sky" ideals about abolishing all nuclear weapons. Because the

United States was THE nuclear power, no rational leader would attempt to threaten us with nuclear blackmail. Obama has just opened the door for "tin-pot" dictators like Ahmedinejad and Kim Jung Il to dictate terms to us. Even the


Republic and

Poland are extremely worried about this because of the Russian influence on their borders.

At this point of the current administration, it is apparent that the Usurper-In-Chief is totally and utterly delusional and it is more than obvious that he is narcissistic and borderline-personality disordered. Based on this recent significant weakening of our defenses and power, El Presidente has "lost his mind".

Under the 25th Amendment of the United States Constitution, the President can be removed from office for disability, including mental disability. The American people must start the crescendo to have this Usurper-In-Chief removed from office for lies, deceptions, mental disability, and allowing this country to be compromised by a third-world nation's attempted nuclear (or chemical, or biological weaponry) blackmail.

Obama is now a threat to ‘OUR’ national defense and threat to the American people, and must be removed for disability, if not treason and sedition.

Bruce Eden

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