BHO And Cal Set To Sue Az Out Of The Union

… vote count this coming November and 2012. It's still your country until Japan and China issues President Obama and Congress a foreclosure notice on your bank account and our nation.

While Californians prepare to legalize marijuana smoking statewide (even though it's against federal law) they are announcing they will not conduct business with Arizona and calling for a boycott of the state over its decision to enforce federal laws covering illegal aliens, gangs, kidnapping and human sex slave trafficking.

California officials are marijuana smoking mad about Arizona getting tough on illegal aliens crossing its border with Mexico. California's border with Mexico is fenced off thanks to Arizonans tax dollars support. California elected representatives are saying it is an outrage for Arizona to call for the enforcement of federal laws covering illegal aliens. There is no word yet if California will issue a recall of its overflow of illegal alien gang members housed in Arizona's prisons.

We are waiting to hear from California Governor Schwarzenegger whether he will be calling for a special marijuana smoking summit of state officials to see what other actions should be taken against Arizona.

Arizonans are saying (can't we all just get along.).

Arizona has over a half million illegal aliens. The city of Phoenix with a population of 1.5 million and a crime rate equal to New York City with a population of 8.3 million; illegal aliens cost Arizona citizens over 90 billion dollars a year with state government services being paid out for their support. Arizona shells out 3 million dollars plus per day to incarcerate illegal aliens. Arizona spends 850 million tax dollars or more a year to teach Mexicans to speak English. The list goes on and on but to the point, Arizonans are saying, hey we are as broke as California. With that information, Californians just cannot figure out why Arizonans are preparing for Alamo II.

President Obama has once again injected himself into another state issue reinforcing his famous words (they're acting stupidly) by calling for the U.S. Justice Department to investigate Arizona's actions as a civil rights issue, to determine if Arizona can enforce federal laws covering illegal aliens. President Obama assures Americans the millions of state and federal tax dollars spent in courts suing Arizona, will be well worth it politically for him and his future presidential library.

President Obama's first orders in office was to send a team of civil rights attorneys to investigate Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio to see if they could find any wrong doings in his job performance that could bring about federal charges against the Sheriff for enforcing federal illegal alien laws. To date, well over a year later they have not hit pay dirt; but their not giving up as long as they have your tax dollars backing them up. California is telling Arizona to legalize pot smoking to bring an end to their border drug smuggling problem and make a few extra billions in taxes. In addition, Arizona could make billions more from illegal aliens driving while under the influence of smoking marijuana. Don't worry about traffic deaths, millions of illegal aliens are on the way to replace them and they all have (Free Health Care wink-wink) thanks to President Obama.

California may consider cutting Arizona some slack if they legalize what Obama's old group Acorn started (with American tax dollars) and that is prostitution of illegal alien women and children. That would end Arizona being the sex slave trafficking capital of the world. It would also bring in a few billion dollars extra in taxes from Californian citizens being (re-authorized) back in Arizona state to conduct business,(wink-wink).

California with its history of becoming a state over a little thing called a holocaust against American Indians, and still fighting them every step of the way in state and federal courts from regaining their lands today, are taking the highest moral ground in telling Arizonans they are (bad people) for their actions against illegal aliens in their state.

President Obama with executive powers, a majority in the house and senate says he is powerless to take action. Until congress puts their head on the political chopping block, Obama will continue his nationwide tour on the tax payers dime, trashing Arizonans while assuring his place in American history as our greatest (Presidential Civil Rights Leader) standing up for illegal aliens in our nation; all the while trying to imprison American citizens defending themselves and their state with federal law in hand.

President Obama wants to make it (Perfectly Clear) that our nations' problem with illegal aliens rests solely on the shoulders of those (do nothing) republicans. Attention American tax-paying citizens, wake up! Make your vote count this coming November and 2012. It's still your country until Japan and China issues President Obama and Congress a foreclosure notice on your bank account and our nation. Do you know where your illegal aliens are tonight.

Mike Graham, Founder United Native America

Citizen Oklahoma Cherokee Nation & America

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