Beyond The Media Propaganda: American Mideast Coalition Endorses…Trump

by Robert Spencer –
Jihad Watch –

Now that we know that the mainstream media is simply and solely a propaganda arm for the Left and the Democratic Party, it is interesting to see some of those who, we’re told, are deeply concerned about Trump’s “racism,” breaking ranks. There are Middle Easterners who are deeply concerned about jihad and Islamic supremacism, and they are not falling for the party line.

If America is ever going to fight effectively against the global jihad, the mainstream media stranglehold must be broken.

On October 17th, 2016, over 250 leaders of numerous diverse Middle Eastern communities in the United States gathered in Washington DC to endorse Donald J. Trump for President of the United States.

Warmly received were Donald Trump’s foreign policy and national security advisors General Bert Mizusawa, Professor Walid Phares and Attorney Joseph Schmitz, who explained the nuances of Trump’s foreign policy toward the Middle East and Africa.

Also present were a number of foreign dignitaries including, Serbia’s Ambassador Djerdj Matkovic, Filip Jasinski (First Counselor of the Polish Embassy), Yasser Elshimy (Policy officer at the Egyptian Embassy), Mohamed Bahzad (Kingdom of Bahrain Embassy), Khaled Darief (Libyan Embassy), Karl Lagatie (Belgian Embassy), Gregor Csorsz (Austrian Embassy) Mamad Talibov (Azerbaijan Embassy) as well as Caroline Hurmdal, Chima Pavan and Ben Norman (UK Embassy). They were introduced by Mideast Hispanic Women for Trump Astrid Mattar-Hajjar.

Numerous community leaders recounted the foreign policy failures of the Obama/Clinton years and expressed their support for the direction Donald Trump will take as President. ……… |10/27/2016


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