Bergdhal Swap: Next The Taliban Will Demand Jets

 by George Weir

It has always been in the best interest of America to bring their soldiers home.  The military has always had the commitment that no soldier would be left behind, and in the case of Bowe Bergdhal, every effort should have been exhausted to secure his release through the efforts of the military, and not through political swapping.

By the release of the five Taliban goons from Guantanamo into the open arms of his waiting terrorist buddies causes one to wonder as to what this message sends to the rest of those that wish us harm, what will be the price of the next hostage?

Over the years of military conflicts there are numerous documented stories of military heroism when going back to rescue their fallen, and these stories will in no doubt go down in the history books as the exceptional way of the American armed forces, but, are we now entering a new and dangerous president by swapping five of the most dangerous terrorist and knowing full well that soon they will be plotting some evil aggression against the interest of America.

America will always rejoice when one of their son’s, or daughter’s return home after being held prisoner in any war, but, America has stated that there would be no negotiations with terrorist, but, apparently this has changed.  My question is this,  (Is it legal, and will it put America in a more dangerous position in the future?

In the days ahead I’m sure that there will be hearings and more hearings, some of them will be directed toward Sergeant Bergdhal and why did he supposedly abandoned his post, and there will be hearings about the legality of the release of five top Taliban fighters, hopefully the American people will have their questions answered, but I’m dubious with the present administration giving any strait answers, after all, we have election coming up, and that makes all the difference to some.

Did President Obama break the law by this prisoner exchange?  Depends on whom you ask, President Obama will always have those that (see no evil, and hear no evil) come to his defense.   But there is an increasing number of people that have been counting the many time that the President has signed off on something using his (Pin in hand) to adopt policy’s contrary to the laws that he is supposed to uphold, and this seems to be one of those times.

Evidently the fracas has begun, on Monday, “Buck” McKeon, R-California, said in an appearance on MSNBC, referring to a 2013 law that requires the administration to notify Congress before detainees from detentions camps released”.   McKeon went on to say that “in his opinion, Obama broke the law by not informing Congress of the prisoner exchange before the thirty day period required under the law”.

McKeon went on to say that this law was passed with the help of Democrats,” this was not a partisan issue, it was important for our national security”.  The language from the defense authorization law is clear: the administration cannot transfer a detainee without congressional notification within the thirty days.

This will in no doubt be a signal to all those that seek to take American hostages, ”America will negotiate.” President  Obama has all but called an end to the conflict between good and evil by openly declaring that military actions will be standing down in Afghanistan, thus giving the enemy an open door to bring back their evil rule over the people, and plotting their next move against America.

Through the up-coming hearings we will see as to the legality of this exchange, and also to the motives of Bowe Bergdahl.  We can only hope that the American people will demand open investigations and if there are any heads to roll, so be it.

I’m just a simple guy, I see things as right or wrong, and if there is a law passed, even if I don’t necessarily agree with it; (It’s the Law), and I’m just simple enough to believe that the president isn’t excluded from the law.  Should President Obama be impeached because he didn’t adhere to the thirty day law? In my humble opinion, it’s to late, we have had six years of a president that believed that he was above the law, and could circumvent all authority, and use his (Pin in Hand) to propel his kingship and his overwhelming authority and showing little to no adherence to the constitution of the United

What will this release of prisoner’s mean to our national security?  Much in every way!   We have now shown ourselves to be weak and open to any prisoner exchange.   In the eye’s of the terrorist this exchange was a (Good Deal), and it was such a good deal they will be inclined to carry it out again, and again asking for bigger prizes each time.

Five for one swap, even Americans can see that this is a good deal for the enemy, and they, (The Taliban) are always looking for a bargaining chip, and their favorite chip are(people).

That’s why they are called terrorist, they use the oldest trick in the book, murder and mayhem, and they will stoop at nothing to accomplish their evil deeds, and their end game is us, (The demise of America).

No, I don’t expect President Obama to change his policy toward those that seek our hurt, and I don’t expect for him to see the intrusion of their ideology into the American way of life, he has his own little bubble that he lives in, and no truth can penetrate his world of grandeur and self worth.

The day may come that this president are any resident may succumb to the pressures of holding this nation together as one people, and he or she may fall captive to the ideology of the enemy, then it will be up to the people to rise up and make their stand for the sake of their family’s and their religion.

To put it bluntly, we Americans can’t afford to negotiate with terrorist.  President Obama may be pulling out of Afghanistan, but the terrorist have no intention of pulling out, their end game is the destruction of all free people.  There is no dealing with these people.

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