Before It Gets Good

But it is as much an incremental process as it is anything. Skipping a few steps in climb requiresthat the right people hear and see the right thing and at the right time.

NWS in partnership with Labels and CSN has the ability to get your songwriting exposed to a larger audience of industry people than you may realize. Our situation prevents us from directly listing all these opportunities, but for the right stuff, there is an open door…

Our NWS Staff member had an opportunity to interview Al while assisting the production of a song written by Nadia Fay of Dirty Children with Jay Condiotti and world renowned drummer and friend Kenny Aronoff ( Melissa Ethridge ) for CSN.

See this interview with Al Schmitt ( grammy winning producer )during aproducer project reocrding session at the Village Recorder in Hollywood.


Reccommended books:

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