Battle For America

Reading about the arrests of several Christians speaking about Jesus to Muslims in Dearborn Michigan made me think. Do the citizens of Dearborn agree with the actions of their police chief and mayor? Are they willing to stand up and say ‘Wait just a darn minute!’ and ask those people when the Muslims will be arrested for passing out their literature at a Christian festival? After all, fair is fair, tit for tat and what’s good for the goose is good for the gander! So take a gander at that boys!

How many Muslims can you find documentation on that were in this great country when it was fighting to become a country in 1776? How many of those fought for freedom at that time? Indeed, how many Muslims were in American during the Civil War, fighting on either side of that conflict? Can these people count?

Christian people who just wanted a better life that was not controlled and enslaved by a corrupt king taxing them to death founded this country on Christian beliefs and precepts. If there were any Muslims in this country I’ve found no record of them in history books or genealogy material. They were all elsewhere.

Muslims are basically newcomers that came to this country to escape the restrictive culture they lived under in other countries. They wanted to enjoy the freedoms people in this country enjoy. Now, the newer crop of Muslims wants to destroy the very freedoms they came here for in the first place! They abuse our freedoms and laws for their own, twisted ends, in much the same way the illegal aliens abuse our freedoms by protesting while burning our flag and waving the Mexican flag. How many of them have shed blood for the freedoms they abuse here?

As a member of a family full of military service people, I admire and respect those that serve this great country and thank them daily. Those that abuse the freedoms of this country, disobey our laws and harm citizens here deserve only one freedom and that is to leave. They can leave this country three ways. Voluntarily exiting the country, leaving on the toe of an American boot via deportation, or, if caught robbing, raping and murdering citizens they can leave by being removed from life by those citizens. No, I’m not advocating going out and killing illegal aliens just because they are illegal! I am advocating the right to self-defense from the criminal element that continues to run rampant, both citizen and illegal aliens committing violent crimes.

Lying idiots in Washington, calling themselves representatives of the people, are trying to take away the rights so many have fought, shed blood and died for us to enjoy. Those same lying idiots want to disarm us, so that they have unarmed subjects instead of peacefully armed citizens and then turn us all into automatons that spout the party line because free speech will also be taken away. They want to install speech and thought police on every corner, even to the point of bringing in troops from foreign countries to do their dirty work because our own troops are smart enough to know which side of their bread has the butter.

The moldy pond frond [because a hairy reed is exactly that], the nasty nanny Scary Poppins Pelosi and all their cohorts in crimes against this country should take up their burdens and leave as well. Our ancestors took up their burdens in many countries and left to found a new country where they would have freedom and life. Like the Israelites of old, the exodus to a new land was hard and often painful, but it was worth it to have the freedoms they fought to win. Those politicians that lie, cheat, steal and destroy what they love to abuse are welcome to leave and go to a country where their ideas are welcome. China might like them just fine! Mr. Reid and Mr. Kerry should get together and commit. Harry and Kerry could take the rest of their traitorous friends with them because WE DON’T NEED THEM! I’ll even happily contribute to their one-way tickets to leave. Just the tickets, not the parachutes! Let them flap their arms and try to fly after they leave the cargo transport plane, because they don’t deserve even coach class seating.

Yes, November is coming. Let us all stand and pray together for deliverance from those that would enslave us for their own greed. Then let us take our prayers to the polls and elect good, honest people that will repair and repeal the damage done. That would include repealing the election of an illegal alien to infest our White House with his hatred, greed and treason.

We are a Christian nation; under the names of many religions we practice many of the same ideals our ancestors designed this country around. After all, who is the first nation to send aid in disasters, who is the nation first called upon for help in peace and war and who is the nation that so many other nations are indebted to for their WWI and WWII costs? We are known as the most generous, tolerant and considerate of nations. We are also known as a peaceful people whenever possible. Just like the rattlesnake on that lovely yellow flag with the words ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ we are peaceful when we are left undisturbed. But like that same rattlesnake, you step on our rights and freedoms and invade our space we will strike back and defend ourselves, against enemies both foreign and domestic!

Right now those in Washington can be considered domestic enemies, even terrorists, because they are making every effort to ruin this great nation and turn it into hell for the rest of us. We need to pray for them to get what they so richly deserve and then help them to get those just desserts. Prison, deportation, and confiscation of all assets to pay for their damages to this country are a damn good start!

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