Barrack Obama For A Soviet America

He says to watch

Venezuela, because that is

America’s Future. Rush is apparently very frightened. And Rush Limbaugh is an extremely intelligent, thoughtful and well read man, no matter what the kept press whores say.

Is this alarmist hysteria or is it a well reasoned conclusion? Or is Rush just plain wrong?

The well known history of Barrack Obama reflects a continuing association with radical, far left causes and personalities ranging from the avowedly Marxist New Party in Chicago to a an embarrassing relationship with Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground.

His relationship with militant Afro-Centric pastor Jeremiah Wright , his friendship with a host of Arab radicals and his family association with communists is just plain frightening to this observer.

While some may say that Rush Limbaugh is a racist, or simply trying to boost ratings by being controversial, it would seem that the Obama administration is actually going to implement an agenda copied right out of the Communist Manifesto.

Here’s why.

When Karl Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto he listed what needed to be done to transform a society into communism. Among his planks were a progressive income tax and an extension of government control of factories.

Obama is giving both. Accelerated taxes will force middle class people to pay for the bailouts of the investment banking elite who are historically notorious as the financiers of communism.

With the appointment of manufacturing czars and government ownership of automobile companies, who can deny that socialism is moving here fast?

A national health insurance plan is just frosting on the cake.

The feds have forfeiture laws, currency transfer controls, project Echelon, surveillance and dossiers that would havemade Stalin jealous, long before Obama was elected.

But now that Obama is installed as President, the tool of repression and monitoring that were used by the

Clintons are now in the hands of a servant of Communism.

There are folks in the Obama West Wing that praise Mao Tse Tung, have long pedigrees into the radical left and broad sympathies for

America’s enemies.

It is frightening. It is a dangerous situation for all of our precious liberties.

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