Barney Frank–The Whiney Little Girl That He Is

Barney whined that this was necessary “to defend against outside attacks.”

But now, Reuters News says that these “attacks” are effective, calling Frank’s lead “uncomfortably narrow.”

Remember, Barney Frank is from Massachusetts, the state where Republican Scott Brown won the so-called “Kennedy” senate seat. Who ever thought that could happen? But it did.

Barney Frank’s loss would be as huge as Scott Brown’s win.

Anything can happen in an election, especially when the voters are as mad as hell at Obama’s policies and at the government.

Barney Frank should stop his pouting and whining about “outside attacks” for his deplorable performance as a Congressman. If he can’t take the heat, he should get out of the kitchen!

There’s a good reason why Barney Frank is the poster child for the mortgage mess and the housing collapse:

It was Barney Frank who, as chairman of the Banking Committee in 2007, continued to push for home ownership even for people who couldn’t afford it. He prevented oversight and regulation, allowing people to rush into mortgages they never should’ve gotten.

It was Barney Frank did absolutely nothing to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. This ended in disaster, causing caused misery beyond description.

It was Barney Frank who, as Chairman of the powerful Financial Services Committee, was in charge of overseeing Wall Street.

It was Barney Frank who wrote the infamous $700 billion Wall Street Bailout bill.

It was also Barney Frank who wrote the “regulations” that went easy on his Wall Street pals.

No wonder the big donors to Barney Frank’s campaign are from Wall Street! I’m not making this up.

Barney Frank is in bed with Wall Street fatcats.

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