Barack Obama, Kenya, his cousin Odinga and Islamic jihad

…. I didn’t get the chance to ask him what he thinks of Obama’s muslim past…but he came over to me and was showing me his personally-signed copy of ‘audacity of hope’ – and I asked him what he thought of Obama’s ‘liberation theology church’.

He started backing up with his book, saying he doesn’t like to get involved with ‘religion’ – or ‘peoples’ religions’. And I said, well maybe you should look into it, because it’s marxist. That’s when he started walking really fast away from me. I left it right there, although Obama’s church recently gave Louis Farrakhan the Dr. A Wright Jr. Trumpet award. Maybe I should have mentioned that, too. What I’d really like to get around to talking about with this kid is – Odinga, Kenya and Obama.

Because it’s what’s going on in Kenya that we should be watching.

It turns out that Raila Odinga, the communist, who has the support of the muslims who are killing people in Kenya- is Obama’s cousin.

From Free Republic:

Obama and his paternal 1st cousin Odinga, wanted to bring the whole of Kenya under Sharia law. Obama campaigned for Odinga in August of 2006,just before he filed with the US Federal Elections Commission for his presidential candidacy.

The idea was simply to have the Luo tribe, mostly Muslims, to take over Kenya from the inheritors of colonial power, the Kikuyu, and bring the country under Sharia law, kick out the Western investors in the nation that had made it one of the most stable nations in Africa, and supplant those Western investors with wealthy Arab oil money.It all failed.Then Odinga yelled election fraud, and put his Luo Islamofascists into the streets of Nairobi to “protest” by murdering, raping and maiming Kikuyu people, including the recent burning alive of a church full of Christians.

If Obama and Odinga had succeeded, the next step in the plan would be for president Obama to help Odinga consolidate his power over Kenya by international recognition and trade. That will NOT happen. Obama wanted to expand Islamofascism, and annex Kenya to Somalia and the Sudan in an Islamofascist axis.

This puts both Obama and Odinga right up there in a pantheon with Idi Amin.Obama hates America, and the basis for America’s wealth. His actions show this.

Ask yourself why black America generally has been ambivalent about Obama’s candidacy. They know the nature of this creature. Whitey is simply catching up, but will whitey do so in time?

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Raila Odinga has, in his own words, a ‘close personal friendship’ with Barrack Hussein Obama Junior.When Obama went to Kenya in August of 2006, he was hosted by Raila and spoke in praise of him at rallies in Nairobi: Obama’s bias for his fellow Luo was so blatant that a Kenya government spokesman denounced Obama during his visit as Raila’s ‘stooge.’

Atlas has some important questions in her ‘why it matters’ piece. Obama went to the madrassas in Jakarta and was a practicing muslim. His father was a muslim. His stepfather was a muslim. In Islam, no matter what your mother is, if your father is a muslim, so are you. Obama understands and knows what is in the koran. Did he leave Islam, and if so, why the silence? If he left Islam, that would qualify him as an apostate, but I haven’t seen calls for his death-which we most certainly would have seen in his very public candidacy for the presidency. Is Obama practicing kitman or takeyya?

Melanie Phillips thinks this is worrying; and perhaps an indication of what he means when he talks about being the ‘candidate for change’.

His cousin Odinga is partnering with Islamic jihadists who are behind the violence in Kenya over his loss at the polls. Odinga is connected with Al Qaeda, for crying out loud. We should be asking question after question of Obama and his campaign, because the next president – like it or not-will be a war president. And we should not have someone in the highest office in our land who would not only be the first muslim president, but who would aggressively enable our jihadist enemies; as their ally.

Who’s to say Obama wouldn’t aggressively work to install sharia and fulfill CAIR’s dream for the US, just like his cousin is attempting to do in Kenya? All indications are…that’s exactly the ‘change’ that he’s looking for.

Odinga, Obama and the lack of courage.

In this video, an Arab political science professor in Gaza says Arabs in the Middle East favor Obama for president. From Pamela.

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