“Bank on California”? Money Laundering Scheme….

'Bank on

California' is a state of California Program just launched by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The program is a partnership between major banks and the state of

California. Ostensibly, the program is to help anyone who doesn't know how to open a bank account, apply for a loan or balance a checkbook. The main beneficiaries of the program are illegal aliens who up to now have been afraid to open a bank account for fear of apprehension and banks who want to tap into billions of dollars in illegal aliens’ illicit income.

The state of

California is breaking new ground in that it lends legitimacy to the acceptance of the Mexican Matricula Consular a Mexican government issued identification card which only illegal aliens need.

Plans are underway to introduce this program in other states under different names.

The banks are putting their stockholders and depositors at risk because illegal aliens are subject to deportation at any time. Deported aliens have no incentive to pay off obligations. Stepped up immigration law enforcement and forced or voluntary mass deportation may lead to catastrophic credit card and bank loans defaults and the ruin of the state and the bank partners in the Bank on California program.

The FBI is on record as considering the Matricula Consular unreliable and a national security risk.

The state and the banks know or are in reckless disregard of knowing that only illegal aliens require a Matricula Consular or consular ID to obtain state services or open bank account and that the income that they receive in illicit.

The state and the partner banks of the Bank on

California program may be in violation of money laundering, conspiracy and racketeering laws and of putting at risk the national security.

The Governor should stop this program immediately.

The state of

California will gobroke by March of 2009. Over the cliff we will go and to make sure there is no looking back, Arnold Schwarzenegger gave us an extra shove in the back – the Bank on

California scheme.

This week the Governor has startled even his most adoring followers. He launched a program called "Bank on

California" for the express purpose of allowing illegal aliens to open bank accounts and get loans using the fraudulent Mexican Matricula Consular and Central American "consular identification cards".

These consular identification cards, which only illegal aliens need, can be purchased for as little as $20 on any big city street corner or for $40 from an official Mexican consulate. In the last few years the Mexican government has put a fleet of Mexican Consulates on wheels for the purpose of handing out Matricula Consular identification cards in any town and village in

America where Mexican illegal aliens can be found. In some instances American public schools and libraries with administrators sympathetic to illegal aliens and open borders are allowing the mobile consular identification operations to issue these questionable identifications from classrooms and meeting rooms, to the outrage of tax-payer groups.


U.S. Congressman Ted Poe, at a recent Congressional Hearing on Financial Services, testified that the Matricula Consular poses a security risk for the United States He pointed out the following facts uncovered by his investigation:

Mexican Banks in Mexico DO NOT accept Matricula Consular as a valid identification

The Matricula Consular can be obtained without authentication of the applicant.

The Matricula Consular can be easily forged with any desired identity and can be purchased either from the Mexican consulate or from false counterfeiters for under $40.


U.S. banks that accept the Matricula Consular have no means to verify that the Matricula Consular is valid.

A Congressman Poe staffer was able to get a Matricula Consular issued in his name using the address

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, for the purpose of demonstrating how unreliable it is.

The above facts may not be known by the ordinary

California citizens, but all illegal alien advocacy groups, Congressmen, Senators, State Assembly and Senate members and Governor Schwarzenegger know that the Matricula Consular is a bogus form of identification needed and used exclusively by illegal aliens.


Quotes from testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Immigration and Border Security:

· "Consular ID cards are primarily being utilized by illegal aliens in the

United States".

· "The U.S. Government has done an extensive amount of research on the Matricula Consular, to assess its viability as a reliable means of identification.”

· “The Department of Justice and the FBI have concluded that the Matricula Consular is not a reliable form of identification, due to the non-existence of any means of verifying the true identity of the card holder.”

· “The Matricula Consular is the perfect breeder document to secure other legitimate forms of identification and pose a substantial risk of misuse, including misuse by terrorists."

The complete FBI testimony can be read here: http://www.fbi.gov/congress/congress03/mccraw062603.htm

Should we risk

America’s National Security by accepting documents created by Foreign Governments and counterfeiting criminal enterprises?

Over 3000 victims paid with their lives for

America’s lax laws on personal identification. Eighteen of the 19 terrorists possessed either state issued or counterfeit driver’s licenses or ID cards; and all 19 possessed Social Security numbers – real, counterfeit or stolen.

Consular cards allows non-citizens who are in the country illegally to use identification documents issued by foreign governments for the express purpose of bypassing the

United States security laws.

Illegal aliens abuse of the Matricula Consular undermines immigration policy and weakens the mechanisms that Congress put in place after 9/11 to safeguard American businesses and financial institutions against fraud and abuse; and more importantly to save lives.

Under pressure from banks and others who would like to help illegal aliens part with their money, Congress has been hesitant to outright ban the Matricula Consular.

This policy is risky and unfair.

United States government acceptance of consular cards from


Honduras and

Peru encourages other countries to introduce consular cards for their citizens living illegally in the

United States. Having a myriad of foreign consular cards in circulation, none of them issued under

United States control nor verifiable by banks and others, represent an unacceptable national security risk.


The "Bank on

California" program is a sham to provide illegal aliens bank accounts and bank loans they could not get if normal and sound business practices were followed.

Illegal aliens are in the country illegally. The penalty for illegally residing or working in the

United States is deportation. If illegal aliens are suddenly deported, will they continue to make payment from

Mexico on credit cards, home mortgages or car loans? Of course not.

The state of

California is almost $50 billion in the red and the "Bank on

California" program will make matters worse. Vigorous immigration law enforcement could cause a meltdown of major banks in




For the last four years more wealth and employment creating businesses and tax payers have left the state than have settled entered.

California now leads the nation with intruding Nanny state policies, energy policies that choke growth and employment and a stubborn refusal to enforce laws that would protect American jobs and reduce the state´s social services burden.

The state´s net population inflow is swollen by millions of illiterate, poor illegal aliens. Countless studies over the past 40 years document that the same criminal cartels that control drug trafficking also control human trafficking.

A 2006 Heritage Foundation study concluded that illiterates and high school drop-outs, whether they are homegrown or imported, cost the taxpayers a net $1 million in social services more than they contribute in taxes over their lifetime. Most illegal aliens have no more than a 4th or 5th grade education and a higher rate of illiteracy making them prime candidates for social services that burden citizen-taxpayers. Shutting off the flow of illiterate illegal aliens and improving education so we can graduate better than the dismal 50% of the students would save the state billions of dollars and help prevent state bankruptcy.

Multimillion dollar border tunnels the cartels dig to funnel drugs through the United States border also bring 2 to 3 million illegal aliens every year. More ominously, the cartels, which are in it strictly for the money, are also smuggling thousands of foreigners from countries known to harbor terrorists. Congressional investigations have found irrefutable evidence of smuggled Middle Eastern human trafficking bearing counterfeit "Hispanic" identities. Match those potential terrorists with a Matricula Consular and we have a serious threat to life and security in



In many cases, the foreign invaders are forced by the cartels to carry backpacks with drugs as part of their contract. Each backpack can carry as much as $50,000 in narcotics destined for American school children and to be consumed by pilots, bus drivers and others who pose a threat to our lives.

Once in the

United States the illegal aliens are placed in "clown houses" (secured locations controlled by the cartels) until the families of the illegals pay the trafficking fee. From that point forward the illegal aliens who are fully paid are released by the cartels in cities where immigration laws are not enforced or not allowed to be enforced. Cities that turn a blind eye to national security and immigration law enforcement are called Sanctuary Cities. The relationship between illegal aliens and the cartels continues after the illegals are released into illegal alien enclaves in Sanctuary Cities. Next, the illegal aliens proceed to secure false or stolen documentation and jobs. The drug cartels run America´s counterfeit documentation business and rake in many millions of dollars annually from these activities. The cartels have virtually unlimited amounts of money to produce high quality fraudulent documents; and the false documents that they create are indiscernible from the real ones.

Once illegal aliens are integrated into the shadowy illegal alien underground, some discover that by joining established criminal gangs that serve as the distribution network of the criminal drug and human trafficking cartels, they can make more money in one week than other illegal aliens working at minimum wage earn in a year of doing back-breaking work.

Just what is the extent of the illegal drug and human trafficking trade? A CBS investigative report quoting government sources concludes that the drug trade earns the cartels annually $140 billion and human trafficking $10 billion. Arms trafficking is also a substantial money maker for these cartels. The total amount of trade controlled by the cartels is thus estimated to exceed $150 billion. If the crime cartels were a corporation, they would be America´s 5th largest corporation ranking after Wal-Mart, Exxon, Chevron and General Motors.

Whether illegal aliens earn a pittance or thousands of dollars per week pushing drugs for the cartels, they need banking services. If banking services were limited to citizens, legal residents and people holding valid foreign passports and visas, illegal aliens would face money laundering difficulties.

This is where the Governor comes in. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to offer illegal aliens a hand in laundering their illicit earnings with the help of large

California banks.

The number of gang members working as part of the Mexican criminal cartels is staggering. There are many gangs competing for the drug distribution business. The most dangerous and bloody of them is MS-13. According to the FBI as of 2007, there were as many as 100,000 MS-13 active members. In the

Los Angeles area alone, the aggregate of competing gangs plying the trade, most of them illegal aliens, is close to 100,000. There were over 6,000 trafficking related murders in 2007 along the U.S. Mexican border.

For a jaw-dropping exposé on the corrupting influence of the cartels on American elected officials, view the internationally acclaimed documentaries: "Drug Wars", by director Rusty Fleming; and "Border" by director Chris Burgard – both available in a video store near you, but apparently not near Governor Schwarzenegger´s home in

Santa Monica.

The illegal aliens the Governor is throwing a lifeline to, are valued and protected by an assortment of special interests that benefit or profit from their presence as a cabal of insidious destructive forces.

Among the top profit-sharing beneficiaries of trading in cheap labor are the banks. They handle $23 billion in illegal workers foreign remittances to their home countries. Naturally business big and small benefit immensely from illegal cheap labor at the expense of ethical businesses and the American workers.

American workers are pesky. They know their rights, demand medical insurance and Workmen´s Compensation for on the job injuries and protection against environmental and job related hazards and expect a living wage. American workers also indirectly force employers to pay payroll taxes because the American workers hold valid Social Security numbers and declare their income to the Internal Revenue Service and the State Tax Franchise Board.

Given the opportunity, unethical employers will chose cheap illegal workers over American workers. Arnold Schwarzenegger would do well to show compassion for the millions of unemployed American workers instead of misusing the power of his office for the profit of his Bank on California bank partners and splurging his sympathies enabling illegal aliens to launder their illicit earnings at major banks’ teller windows.

We want to remind the Governor that illegal aliens do not have the right to vote and certainly did not vote him into office, so why is the Governor shedding

Hollywood tears over them? Who is the Governor really helping by legitimizing illegal aliens? What is the real reason behind Bank on



Bank on

California, by making it easier to illegal aliens to bank the money they earn illegally may stoke and increase in the theft and counterfeiting of documents that the illegal aliens require to earn their income. The governor’s bank partners look upon the illegal aliens as a profit center to be tapped into, leaving the painful impact of the illegal alien activities to be suferred by ordinary citizens.



The other dark force which will eventually cause social upheaval in

California is the duality of Mexican nationalism and Mexican race-based territorial claims over parts of the

United States. The aim of Mexican nationalists whether they reside in

Mexico or the

United States

Mexico will eventually lead to a political takeover of

California and other states by Mexican nationalists.

Among the best known Mexican nationalists are Los Angeles City Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (birth name Villar) a former leader of the Mexican nationalist MEChA organization; and Fabian Nunez, Speaker of the Assembly, another MEChista.

Mayor Villaraigosa, for example, has declared

Los Angeles a "


City" where federal immigration laws are not enforced and where millions of illegal aliens live without fear of deportation.

The Mexican nationalists members of the state Assembly and Senate, with the help of allies, have introduced a wealth of open borders and illegal alien pandering legislation in the last decade. The objective is to create a welcoming environment for illegal aliens and to bring about a sea change in the state demographics. Numerical superiority means Reconquista.

Among the measures advocated by Mexican nationalists serving in

Sacramento are driver´s licenses for illegal aliens which give them a recognizable identification card. This allow them to vote illegally if they wish to take that chance.

California is one of a number of states where applicants for a driver’s license are asked to put a checkmark indicating if they United States citizens. Applicants are taken at their word as there no documentary proof is necessary. Soon after the license is issued, a voter registration card comes in the mail ready to be misused. Federal and state law prohibit poll workers from challenging whatever identification would-be-voters show up with on election day.

Another notorious Mexican nationalist is Gil Cedillo who serves in the

California state Senate. Gill has introduced no less than 23 bills pressing for driver´s licenses for illegal aliens. Gil Cedillo who is affectionately known as "one bill Gill" due to his obsession for giving driver´s licenses to illegal aliens, was also the State Director of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). The SEIU is a union founded by Wade Rathke, a co-founder of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS); and the Weather Underground, the murderous domestic terrorist group lead by Bill Ayers.

Gil Cedillo carries a lot of clout. The SEIU gave the Democrat Party $26,849,872 or 96% of their contributions in 2007. That makes the SEIU the 8th largest lobbying group in the

United States and

California. The SEIU openly lobbies for open borders, illegal alien "rights", and illegal alien SEIU union membership. Isn´t it ironic that the SEIU recruits illegal aliens into the union, when those illegal aliens do not have the right to work in the

United States? Any politician, like Governor Schwarzenegger, must lock step with the SEIU if they want to get on their political contribution gravy train.

The Schwarzenegger "Bank on

California" program panders to illegal aliens and is part of an array of measures to make the life of illegal aliens in

California more comfortable. Examples are driver´s licenses, free education, in-state tuition fees and free medical care.

The cost to

California taxpayers for the folly of pandering to illegal aliens is up to $12 billion per year or about $1,400 per

California family. How many of us have $1,400 to spare this year? Let the Governor know.


Mexican nationalists living in California, some of them serving in the state Assembly and Senate feel justified in giving Mexican illegal aliens a pass on their illegal activities because they consider parts of the United States as Mexican stolen land and Mexicans living here as entitled to benefits. is to retake what they believe are lost Mexican territories. This is called "Reconquista". The Mexican nationalists understand that cheap-labor employers are exploiting them, but they take the long view that illegal employment of a massive illegal population from

For over 130 years every Mexican child has been raised on school books spouting the belief that

California was stolen from

Mexico. No matter what polite citizens of

Mexico may tell you, in their hearts many believe in one or more versions of a Mexican race-based and or political territorial claim against the

United States,

California included.

Naturally, this belief is pure fiction.

California was Spanish not Mexican. Following the Mexican war of independence, the Mexican revolutionaries in

Mexico City, who had taken the territory from

Spain through war, tried for 23 years to take possession of

California but they were repelled by the Californianos who had lived there for more than 200 years. Rather than be ruled by

Mexico, Californianos chose to ally themselves with the

United States. Read the writings of General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and the Californio Governor Juan Alvarado, for clarity on this issue.

The Mexican "Reconquista" movement might be driven by mythology, but the number of foreign nationals within our state and their allies who believe in it are powerful and dangerous due to their vast numbers and the ignorance and or lack of patriotism of their American allies.

The entire premise behind "Bank on

California" is based on falsehoods and sleight of hand. The first false premise is that people need "help" in opening a bank account. Who is the Governor trying to fool? To what degree are we going to tolerate a Nanny Government that intrudes into petty discretionary personal matters, like opening a no-brainer bank account?

Any person reading this article can take no more than $20 to any bank in

California and open a bank account in 20 minutes or less and get a donut and a cup of coffee while waiting.

The Governor on his "Bank on

California" website gives us a sob story about the percentages of "victims" that do not have a bank account. Not surprisingly a percentage of Hispanics do not have bank accounts. What the Governor is really trying to say is that millions of illegal aliens are afraid to put their illicit money in the bank for fear of blowing their cover. There is no justification for the Governor to put the seal of the state of

California or spend tax-payers money to promote bank accounts and loans for illegal aliens or for anyone for that matter.


Visit the official state of

California "Bank on

California" website, bankoncalifornia.ca.gov. Many of the banks listed as partners were embroiled in the risky lending practices that are bankrupting the nation. These banks have gotten $1 trillion in taxpayer bailout money so far. Why would the Governor encourage a new wave of risky bank services for illegal aliens now?

We are heading into a financial crisis worse than the Great Depression because banks made loans, under government pressure, to people they knew could not pay for them. Illegal aliens are subject to deportation at anytime. If deported, they will default on loans they take out under the Governor´s plan.

Deported illegal aliens would have no incentive to continue to pay off loans in the United States for home, cars and businesses that they can no longer posses or return to. The Governor may well be putting in the last nail in the coffin of the

California economy and the state budget.

The governor wants to be "liked" by what he sees as the people who will soon be the majority in this state, especially if cheap labor lobbyists succeed in buying enough influence to get a general illegal alien amnesty bill passed.

Governor Schwarzenegger is showing great insensitivity to the citizens and tax payers of the



On a CBS interview yesterday Schwarzenegger said that he would like to run for President of the

United States if being a "natural born citizen" were not a Constitutional requirement. Whatever his political ambitions, getting political contributions from cheap labor corporate interests, cannot hurt. What price will we pay to stoke his political career?


Governor Schwarzenegger, should show us that he is not aiding and abetting illegal activities on the part of illegal aliens and the cheap labor profiteers. He should make it mandatory that the banks submit to the Department of Homeland Security detailed contact information on every foreigner that applies for a bank account or bank loan on the basis of a Mexican Matricula Consular or other Consular identity card. Impose a fine of no less than $10,000 for every bank infraction on this regulation.

One way the banks or the state could directly check the legal status of a bank account or loan applicant submitting a Matricula Consular or other consular or foreign government identification is to participate in the free and simple federal program called “Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements” orSAVE ACT. Participation in the SAVE ACT would give the state or the banks (under authority from the state) access to information contained in the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) databases, which includes information on over 100 million records.


Whereas the major English language Television program viewers are in decline and many of them are seniors, the two Spanish language Television stations have grown over 70% in 10 years.

The most watched Television station in American for those who are between 18 and 34 years of age is Spanish language Univision. What this tells you is that our elected officials' policy of providing cheap labor profiteers with a steady supply of illegal aliens by not protecting the border and not enforcing immigration law, will result in a Spanish speaking majority in America in as little as 20 years. The English speaking people of European origin are old and dying.

The failure to enforce the law or as is the case with the Governor’s Bank on California program, pandering to illegal aliens, has already had a serious impact on the population of the state. Those who believe that

Mexico has a legitimate territorial claim against the

United States may soon be the majority even if their presence is illegal.

While the English speaking mainstream Media reports on the Governor´s "Bank on

California" program in childish naiveté or, as some would say, with their typical vacuous superficiality; there is in-depth coverage of the Bank on

California program on Spanish language Media.

One such forum can be found in Univision.com. Under the topic of "Banks and Loans" (bancos y prestamos) there are thousands of comments in reaction to the launching of Bank on

California. Most of the comments are from self-identified "undocumented aliens" which is the Hispanic community code for Illegal Alien. I know – I am a foreign-born Hispanic immigrant, now a naturalized citizen. I monitor these forums and follow Hispanic media with native fluency in the language and a complete understanding of the Hispanic immigrant experience.

A small minority of the forum participants express the opinion that "Bank on

California" is a plan to trap them and that they could eventually be turned over to the Immigration Authorities.

The vast majority, however, see it as a step in the right direction to enable them to function illegally in the United States and to more easily integrate their illegal earnings into the financial mainstream. A great many of them write that they need more help. For example, they say that they need valid driver´s licenses; and perhaps on top of the wish list is universal Amnesty (a forgiveness of their crimes). Bank on

California would basically lose its usefulness if our elected officials simply granted the 22 million illegal aliens in the country the Amnesty that their cheap labor employers lobby for so feverishly.


Here are some obvious media prep questions. Don’t let the

Hollywood governor charm you.

The Governor gives and the Governor takes away

On the governor’s website for Bank on

California, he shows great concern over the higher fees that the unbanked pay exchange houses. He argues that the unbanked could save about $500 annually on those financial services fees. Although it is not addressed directly, what the Governor is referring to is that illegal aliens would pay lower fees if they made the foreign remittances through one of his partner banks in Bank on


The $500 in foreign bank remittances and other financial service charges Governor Schwarzenegger “saves” illegal aliens under the “Bank on California” program; the Governor takes away in his proposed higher sales tax and fees to balance the $50 billion state budget overspending. Ask the governor if it makes sense to save the “unbanked” $500 in bank charges and then take from the same people more than $500 in new sales tax and even more in new taxes?

Governor, why not just exempt illegal aliens from paying sales tax by presenting their Matricula Consular at the stores and markets where they make their purchases? Wouldn’t that give them faster and greater relief from costs that the rest of us have to pay?

Financial Services and Advice from the Experts

Also notice who is going to be giving “sound” financial advice to unbanked illegal aliens: (1) a Governor and legislators that have run a $50 billion state budget deficit and billions in unfounded liabilities; and (2) the nation’s largest banks which have gotten $1 trillion in bailout taxpayer money to rescue them from their unconscionable and some say criminal business practices. Among the bank’s irresponsible practices are billions of dollars in mortgages and other loans to unqualified illegal alien applicants.

Educate the Few and let the Most stay ignorant

The Governor in his website for Bank on

California sets the goal of educating the unbanked on the use of financial services and on basic skills like balancing a check book. The goal, as stated on the website, is to help the partner banks acquire up 100,000 new customers per year.

Why has Governor Schwarzenegger selected prospective illegal aliens bank clients for teaching basic math skills like balancing a checkbook? Fifty percent of

California high school students and a greater percent of Hispanic high school students are dropping out of high school unable to read or do simple math like balancing a checkbook. In

Los Angeles where the illegal alien population is very dense, those few that graduate do so with as little as 13% proficiency in English and 3% proficiency in Math.

Governor, why don’t you set a goal of graduating at least another 100,000 high school students instead of opening 100,000 new bank accounts for illegal aliens?

State of

California and the Banks’ are on shaky ground regarding money laundering and racketering

Title 8 Sec. 1324 of the Code of Federal Regulations makes it illegal to aid and abet aliens who violate the

United States borders and who illegally reside and work in the country.

The Testimony of Steve McCraw, Assistant Director of the FBI, before Congress doesn’t leave any doubt; only illegal aliens require a Matricula consular. Aliens who are unable to produce a secure federal or state identification issued card to open a bank account and instead produce a Matricula Consular or other consular identification are prima-facie, or self-evident illegal aliens.

Governor Schwarzenegger, the state legislators; and bank executives and managers are know or are in reckless disregard of knowing that people identifying themselves with a Matricula Consular or other consular card for receiving state services or opening a bank account are in fact illegally in the United States and that their income is illicitly acquired.

Since banks cannot be certain of the holder’s true identity and their permanent residency, accepting the Matricula Consular may be in violation of money laundering laws.

Money laundering occurs when banks handle money from individuals whose identity is questionable, whose contact information is not reliable and whose funds are or can be reasonably assumed to be from an illicit source. The wording in the Act reads: "the process by which one conceals the existence, illegal source, or illegal application of income and then disguises that income to make it appear legitimate."

llegal aliens cannot legally possess a Social Security card and are not allowed to work and earn income. The result is that the income earned by up to 22 million illegal alien is illegal income. The banks know it, the governor knows it.

The IRS defines money laundering as: “activities and financial transactions that are undertaken specifically to hide the true source of the money”. In most cases, the money involved is earned from an illegal enterprise and the goal is to give that money the appearance of coming from a legitimate source.

The illicit earnings need not be from drug and human trafficking or terrorism to constitute money laundering.

In Whitfield v.

U.S. the court ruled that it is not necessary to commit an over act (money laundering) to be found guilty of conspiracy.

The banks may also be actionable under racketeering laws because they knowingly enable the money laundering and profit from it.

Union Bank of California was fined $31.6 million by the U.S. Justice Department in September of 2007 for failure to comply with the Bank Secrecy Act anti-money laundering laws which resulted in Union Bank’s clients, Mexican “casas de cambio” (Mexican currency exchange businesses) laundering billions of dollars in drug trafficking-money. Union Bank is one of the banks that Governor Schwarzenegger is partnering with on the Bank on California Program.

The practice of accepting Matricula Consular for the purpose of allowing illegal income to be integrated into mainstream financial institution, as if it were legitimate income, appear disingenuous, irresponsible and possibly illegal? Shouldn’t the United States Attorney General investigate possible wrong doing relative to Bank on


California is on a Collision Course

California will run out of money by March of this year. Bank on

California is a program that we cannot afford, that we should not be supporting; and that will make solving California´s economic problems much harder to solve. Governor, put an end to the Bank Financial Services Act for illegal aliens, otherwise known as The Bank on California Program and do it now!

Call and write Governor Schwarzenegger and demand that "Bank on California be dismantled immediately.

Governor's Office Telephone 916-445-4571 Fax: 916-558-3160

CNN Lou Dobbs report can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcTMu3LL6rY

Union Bank fined $31.6 million on money laundering related charges in September of 2007


Media Contact: Article Author, Tony Dolz dolz.com 310-371 7500 bankoncalifornia@dolz.info

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