The source of the name “

Hussein” is an Arabic / Middle Eastern name. (Origin: Arabic – from WikiAnswer) It has now migrated into the lexicon of the American language. However, it is still primarily given to children of Arabic heritage and proliferates amongst Muslims, to my knowledge.

The name,

Hussein, is not a Caucasian name; it is not derived from the


Bible or history. It is a Muslim name promulgated by the Koran and allegedly means one who is descended directly from the conqueror and avowed enemy of the Western civilizations, amongst other types of endearing conduct, that is "

Mohammed". This conduct continues today by Mo’s adherents. There are current researched and factual historical books written about Mo’, you can look it up for yourself.

My take on this guy,




Obama, [hereinafter – B. Hussein O.] is as follows. According to the bio on this Senator he had two fathers. Both were Muslims. The second one was a Radical Muslim and they lived in a significantly Muslim country,

Indonesia. This took place during the formative childhood days of Senator B. Hussein O., now running for the “Big Chair” of the President of America.

For anyone to say that Senator B.

Hussein O. has no inherent sympathies for Muslims in general, has a shallow comprehension of the human condition, I believe. Anyone, having lived amongst Muslims as a child and whose mother and father adhered to that “religion” — which is actually an inextricably joined political and philosophical belief system — must have deep emotional currents in regard to Muslims.

It may also explain the Senator's association to known radicles (weathermen) and the Black Separatist Church that Senator B. Hussein O. belongs to.

Remember, here in the U.S.A. Psychologists and Psychiatrists — and their multitude of books written on the subject — are regularly called into courts and criminal trials in order to testify about the “deep seated” emotional affects and effects of the influences of the parents upon the adult today, lingering from childhood.

Can this long term parental influence only exist upon children raised in

America proper? I posit, that the answer is no!

[see: Barack Obama, Kenya, his cousin Odinga and Islamic jihad] [by



[same: https://nationalwriterssyndicate.com/content/category/1/24/2/ ]

Yes, the very name

Hussein is important in this Presidential Election.

Yesterday and now, a broad and serious commotion has developed, all across the media, regarding the use of the actual and factual middle name of the Democrat front runner for the President of the

United States of America,



Obama, in 2008.

This name,



Obama, was given him — I guess — by his loving parents, at the time of his birth. The Mother, it is reported elsewhere, was a legal “American” female Caucasian. She and the father chose, though, to distinguish this child of theirs with a name “uncommon” in

America at the time. However their child’s name was, I suspect, very common elsewhere outside of

America and the other Judeo-Christian established and evolving societies and civilizations leading the world, at the time.

Now, Radio talk show host Mr.


Cunningham's comments at a McCain event have become the talk of the campaign.


McCain issued an apology and excoriated

Cunningham for the use of the Senators' middle name "

Hussein" in his speech. The RNC [Republican National Committee — whom I believe should be financially boycotted] issued an “Edict” that the name

Hussein “cannot” be used by any Republican in any State and

Tennessee in particular the. Senator McCain’s and now the “RNC’s” both stand against the First Amendment when it comes to “Free Speech” during an election cycle regarding negative, factual statements about an incumbent — Senator B. Hussein O. at this time — is at play here and now. There is a "law" it is known as the McCain – Feingold law [ or nearly] which will be an “anti-Constitutional” legend in the future, assuming

America survives.

It was Muslims that attacked the



Center twice. They succeeded in its destruction the second time. As


Tzu (c. 544 BC – 496 BC) stated in his informative book “The Art of War”: “Know your enemy and know yourself and you will never lose a battle.” Today every effort is made by the Western leaders and a large part of the western civilized population, not to know the enemy and its manifestations. Thus, the attack on Bill Cunningham for accurately using the name Hussein in elucidating the problem with Senator B. Hussein O. is clearly anathema where as here the fact is that Mr.Cunningham’s justified and truthful effort to inform the American people of a potential and likely problem. Evidently, ignorance is now once again bliss.


Serbia’s Kosovo [note the attack on the Caucasians in there age old country] over to the Muslims is a clear lack of foresight. Could it be for oil?

What would B. Hussein O. do, considering his Muslim sympathies, as President? [More on this by


Dolz ] [https://nationalwriterssyndicate.com/content/view/399/2/ ]

[Separatist Movements Eyes are on Kosovo – Independence May Fuel Wars Worldwide ]

All of this decay in

America’s politics is an outcrop of the abject lack of foresight.

[see the


Weinstein writing on this subject at either link: SMART or INTELLIGENT or the same link to this is: -https://nationalwriterssyndicate.com/content/view/329/2/ ]

My prediction should




Obama become President:

He will be the cause of such profound and reckless mischief as has never been seen before in


Copyright © 2008 March

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