Attention Canadians ~ Keep Your Eye on the NAU Ball!

Her letter is in navy and my response is below hers in black. I suspect the article she read was my Washington, DC speech which can be found here:

This is an example of the 'clueless' in Canada, which isnot unlike those who are also'clueless'in America.


I am intrigued by your article, and felt compelled to send a comment of my own.

Your president, and it would seem, not a few of your electedofficials plus many others in yourcountry are on a quest to strip myself, my family and friends andmy fellow citizens of ourfreedoms, our country and our way of life.

Please believe me when I say that I have yet to talk with any Canadian who is in favour of suchan act. Quite rightly we are appalled at the thought of becoming onewith your country, andalways have been.

You see we actually like being Canadian, we cherish our form of government over that ofyours, we prefer our society over yours as we consider yours to be too militaristic for ourtastes. We dislike invading other countries, by ourselves or by anyone else, we are pleased tolet others be, choosing their type of society without our interference.

We choose to believethat a Parliamentary system of government is far superior to a system that keeps the country's leader so far removed from the daily give and take of life that there is a danger of onesleader becoming too full of himself. Dangerously so.

You may choose to consider our form ofgovernment "socialistic", but we prefer to think of ourselves as enlightened enough to carefor the well being of all members of our society. We have always abhorred the idea that someare more equal than others, that some are more deserving of a bigger share, at someone else's expense, simply because a person is more aggressive, more callous or thoughtless.

Would greedy be a description that might apply? We actually consider that type of conduct to be beneath us, or others.

Inclosing, on behalf of other Canadians that think as I do, may I say that I would appreciatean attempt by your countrymen to keep that man (George W.) and his cohorts under controland away from our side of the border.

Much appreciated.


Laura . .. Thank you for taking the time to read my article, although you do not say which one, andto write to me about it. I find it interesting that you write to me the same day I have returned home from Canada after a visit with Connie Fogal of the Canadian Action Party. You might want to listen to what Connie has to say about what your government is doing behind your back, since it is apparent that you may not be aware of what is actually happening in Canada.

You may choose to believe that your socialistic parliamentary system is superior to ours and that is fine with me, since I believe our Constitution Republic is better than yours, even though it is no longer functioning. But that is a child's school yard mentality and has nothing to do with the fact that you have no more control overthe sell-out leaders of your country than we do in ours. We, like you,may turn them out by the ballot box but the ones that replace them are just as badand are just as controlled by those behind the scenes.

You have to understand that no matter whichsystem of governance exists, itis being overthrown by theOne World Monopolists. Unfortunately, corporate-government fascism is in full bloom. Both of our countries will become totalitarian police states and We the People will become their slaves.How do I know that to be the case? Please go to my website and read the three articles linked at the top of the 'Home' page then perhaps you will begin to understand. Start with Treason Abounds ~ Gov't Cabal Plots North American Union (NAU).

When you visit my website and read my latest article The EU and the NAU ~ Two Peas in a Pod! please be certain that youwatch the three videosfound under the 'Video' button, in a section with a red box, that says 'You MUST Watch These Videos' where you will find a documentary titled: The REAL Face of the European Union. You will findthat Britain'sparliamentary system has been destroyed andhow bad life hasbecome for them. Hopefully you will begin to understandthat is EXACTLY what will happen to your parliamentary system.

You will find is that it doesn't matter WHAT political system you live under, because WE BOTHwill end up just like Britain and the rest of the European Union countrieswho are now being controlled by an unelected and unaccountable elite oligarchy. Their fate will be ours, yours and mine, and the coming hell is where your and my focus should be, not on the childish palaver about which systemis best.

My point . . . it is IRRELEVANT as to your political system and my thumbnail description of Canada's political system because it was just a way to classifyyours as different from ours, knowing full well that each prefers their own as would be expected, or we wouldn't live where we do.

Lastly do not confusewhat our One World Monopolist run government does with 'We the American People', because there isnothing the One World Monopolistswould like better than to divide our two peoples while they work to conquerus all.

In solidarity,


Madam. Thank you for your prompt reply, it is appreciated. My point was – as Canadians we are fond of our system of government, because it has stood the test of time forcountries, for centuries. I am not mocking your republic, I merely responded to yourarticles assertion that as a USan you would feel cheated if your country were to beforced to join with Canadians and Mexicans in a NAU, as these political expressionswere somehow inferior to the US republic mode. To each his own. I am sure we could include a Mexican citizen in this discussion and he/she would feel as we do.

However that does not address the vital point; your government representatives,corporate leaders, financial wizards et al, are hell bent for election on grabbing everything there is – complete & total power & control of populations, resources, wealth,food and medicines, the whole planet. The Canadian politicians, CEOs etc., didn't come up with that hair brained scheme to dominate our planet- they may be useless beggars to most Canadians, but even they didn't spin that far out of control, thatwas left to your guys. That was my point.

When one puts a man on a pedestal, sofar removed from reality, so removed from consequences of his actions, so powerful that he can change your complete political system, can remove your system of checks and balances, can remove your constitutional rights, then that man/womanbecomes a despot. Parliamentary systems put the leaders of the elected parties inthe eye of the storm, in the eye of the public, and how they conduct themselves how they answer the sometimes bitter accusations gives us a chance to judge that person on a day to day basis. Like your system it is far from perfect.

Like yourgovernment our leader and his cronies went behindclosed doors instead of to the Houses of Parliament, but we have a history of bringing down our leaders and the parties they lead.

Yes I am aware of the SPP and all that it implies. Yes I am aware of Ms. Fogel andothers attempts to make the public knowledgeable about this crisis. But bluntly put your country is now a potential enemy of Canada, your country is now a bully to fear, yourcountry will not stop at the middle east, we sense years of domination under the thumb of madmen who care not one whit about humanity, we despair forour children and grandchildren and their future, children who did nothing more than have the misfortune to live beside a raging giant.

Your political system has failed you, failed us all. It is out of control and answerable tono one. Perhaps criticism of the political systems of your neighbours is short-sighted, and a reaching out of each and every N. American being would go a long way in helping us all to stop the juggernaut.


Dear Laura . . .First of all, you are misconstruing my comparisons between our countries as one of Parliamentary vs. a Constitutional Republic and that is not the case. The issue at hand has to do with my objection to the HARMONIZATION of our three countries REGULATORY, or ADMINISTRATIVE, or BUREAUCRATIC lawswhich WE, and you, and Mexico, have developed over centuries. Harmonizations that will degrade our laws, AND YOURS,so that the One World Monopolists and their fascist cabal can create new laws that are drawn to ensure a legal system createdBY the wealthy, and FOR the wealthy.The new HARMONIZED legal system willensure that we BOTH will be governedby an unelected and unaccountable plutocratic oligarchy andlivingin a totalitarian police state.

BTW . . . it was YOUR government's leader Paul Martin who signed on to the SPP and created matching cohorts of ministers who are busy generating task forces and goals for achieving the creation of the NAU. Your solution was Harper and in case you haven'tnotice it, HE is walkingin Martin's footsteps byfollowing suit, so don't call our governance despotic when yours is just as bad. You simply have NO CLUE about what they are doing in secrecy and behind your back!

You are way off baseif you think that our government and our leaders are the problem. Your government and your leaders are in it up to their necks and you are being 'sold down the river' BY YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Surely you and the rest of your Canadian compatriots understandthat the US cannot FORCE the Canadian governance to capitulate, only YOUR government can do that. Unless and until you realize that your Parliamentary government isleading you Canadians down the road to ruin, you will NEVER be able to stop it.

Mypoint is thatyou need to stop blaming us and look to your own leaders for solutions. Perhaps if Canada were to dig in its heels and resist the SPP and the NAU, you could help in their demise and thus saveBOTH our countries.

Lastly, it is clear to me that youdidn't take the time to read The EU and the NAU ~ Two Peas in a Pod! in order to educate yourself about what has transpired in England-Britain-United Kingdomfrom whence your beloved Parliamentary System was derived. Ergo, you shouldn't argue a point about the perfection of your Parliamentary system when you are not fully informed about that which you are defending. Apparently you do not know thatthe Parliamentary system in the UK is already DEAD! And . . . your despotic and beloved Queen has, by the stroke of a pen, committed TREASON to kill it.


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