As We Think, And As We Do:”So Goes Our Nation”

George T. Weir –

One may say, I think and do for myself, and what I do is no one’s business, and that is true, as long as it doesn’t infringe on the rights of others, but, the future of our nation cannot be determined by the action or thought of any one individual, but the collection of the masses.

The future and the welfare of this nation will be determined by the moral and intellectual behavior of all the citizens, not just those that love their country, and those that choose to work for her betterment , but , also of those that choose to disrupt and riot in the streets, and choose to break laws that are intended for the protection of all.

This moral and intellectual behavior is not intended for just the average citizen, but also for the movers and shakers of this republic.

At the moment, from my perspective, I cannot paint a very pretty picture of the thought and actions of this nation as a whole, we seem to be divided especially on the moral issues, and without any doubt, when the moral health declines, so does our nation.

Although I was young during the world War Two days, and we didn’t have wall to wall news coverage, which covered every rape and murders, and the slaughter of thousands of people worldwide. No, we didn’t see blood running down the streets, and we weren’t blasted with nakedness in the programs which we chose to see, and our ears weren’t constantly reminded of the vulgar use of the English language as we are today.

It’s not that it wasn’t happening, because it was, murders, rape, wars are not new just to our day, they have been in place from the beginning. Cain slew Abel, this was the first known murder, but through the ages, “Cain was a killer, not a fictional hero”, but, the killers of our day have their month and sometimes years of TV time, and many times they can live out their lives in the safety net of appeals after appeal.

Moral and intellectual behavior isn’t just something for the man or woman on the street. The people that we elect to govern this great nation have a responsibility also, as I have previously mentioned, “As we think, and do, so goes our nation”, if the President and the President men and women choose to lie, cover-up, and distort all the facts when under investigation, these actions will be seen and heard by the youth of the nation, but will these action be seen as normal, and the American way of doing business? I hope not!

Congress, let’s not forget about them, although that is just what they would like for us to do except on election day, then they want you to pay attention to their false promises and long speeches. But, Morally, they could play an important part in the health of our nation, but some, not all, seem to be obsessed with their own fleshly desires other then leading and tending to the peoples business.

The Supreme Court, what can one say? These man and women set in the highest seat of judgment in the land, and their decisions have an impact on all our lives in some way or the other. As far as this nation is concerned, the moral judgments must start with them.

Until they come to realize that our constitution gives even our unborn the “Right to Life, and the Pursuit of Happiness “ morally, and intellectually, they have not done their job.

We the people also are a part of the fabric that makes up what we call “The United States of America” and what we think and do will have an impact on the direction in which we are headed. America is at the cross-roads, morally, we as a nation have slipped from our heritage. No, we have never been perfect, but there was a time in this nation when bad behavior was called bad behavior, and good behavior was applauded for being good behavior.

The answer is, and always has been, in the Family.

George T. Weir
307 N. Church
Jacksboro, Texas..76458

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