Arts at the Heart Hosts ‘Happenin’

Matt Deifer(as himself) willbe painting live and displaying some of his new work during the event this Saturday at the Lost Dog Lounge in Ithaca, NY. The organizers from Arts at the Heart have been busy in the past few weeks and managed to land four articles publicizing the party. Below is a link to the first article that came out in Tompkins Weekly. The other articles will be in Buzz Magazine, Ithaca Times, and the Ithaca Journal. If you are interested in attending this event get your tickets in advance. It looks like this 'happenin' is going to be sold out! Call 607.280.4537 for more info.

If you want to see some of Deifer's art check out his website,

For more information on Funtown visit

Click here to read the article — Arts at the Heart Hosts "Happenin"

The Arts at the Heart Initiative Presents: Synergy

Level Green Institute is a non-profit organization committed to Equality of all Beings and Love of the Earth. It is a catalyst and coordinator of programs, education and enrichment toward sustainable community. Arts at the Heart, a Level Green Initiative, seeks to integrate the Arts across the Sustainability Movement, with the premise that art and creativity of all kinds are at the core of building a sustainable world, by virtue of the simple value of nurturing and celebrating the human spirit. To this end we bring you <<<SYNERGY>>> as the official kickoff benefit of the Arts at the Heart Initiative. The whole much greater than the sum of all its exciting aspects of creativity, SYNERGY invites your Articipation in this experiment in Collective Joy. A true heart-centered, Arts blended evening. Inviting co-collaborators, participants and guests to a unique blend of visual, musical and movement arts. Potluck organic snacks are encouraged, as well as your most festive, fabulous, and creative apparel. This evening is what we make it! Advance Tickets Available: sliding scale $10-$5 Ask about tax-deductible Art Angel donorships. Help make this event the best it can be – support Arts at the Heart in advance! Call (607) 280-4537 for tickets, with questions or to get more involved.

NWS Sr. Editor note: We will be adding a spot for ART shortly.Certainlythere is much for Artists to write about and here at NWS we are happy to assist by publishing, exhibit info, articles by and about art and Artists.So stay tuned, the best is yet to arrive! Including of course our Art Galleries. Mr. Matt Deifer is closely involvedhereat NWS; we are delighted and will continue to declare that fact. –end–

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