Aquatastic – Do You want a real treat? ….

….you for it, they will think they are in a dream about a water wonderland.

There are so many great attractions in

Orlando. Which one to choose as THE place to go to; in these hard times with money being tight where can you take the kids where you will really get your moneys worth? Maybe you will only get this one time in

Orlando and so you want to make it the most memorable for your children; the best answer would have to be Aquatica.

As you / I / we enter the park you will notice the plants and flowers. They are all in beautifully perfect bloom and radiate immensely vibrant colors; it’s almost as if ‘Fairies’ themselves surreptitiously flittered into Aquatica, in the very middle of the night and had intentionally arranged the flowers, just for all of us. Then, right there directly in front of us is this huge object; it appears like a look out tower with a sign that soars above us. It truly looks like a tower from a fantasy world and at the top is the word – AQUATICA.

After one enters the park itself, there right before us we see water. Interestingly, I must say now, I thought, what are those black and white things jumping out of the water up there? We ask one of the helpful Aquatica attendants, what are those? “They are dolphins” was her reply. Wow! We have never seen black and white dolphins before, we want to get a closer look and lo and behold there is a underwater viewing window, and then whoosh we see a some kind of a figure shooting thru the water, right between the dolphins. As we look closer it is plastic tube, and people are being shot right thru the dolphin tank, after riding down a very exciting and so hair raising water slide. We watch in amazement as more and more people whiz past the dolphins, and then it is our time to move on. Wow! Look at that we exclaim, at a beach filled with lounge chairs. There are hundreds of them, and then just beyond that we see more water filled with people, and waves just like at the beach, we hurry to get into the water. First we pick out our lounge chair, and then we head out into the water. Well what do you know, it’s a beach with waves and no sharks, and plenty of life guards. We all feel as if we are really at the beach, then after awhile we feel it is time to check out more of this fantasyland, we are obviously in. So, after just a short walk we come upon an entrance to a river, we walk in and are soon, intentionally of course, swept away down a wild river. It could easily be a river in the Amazon, we are all having so much fun at Aquatica. Well where will this river take us we wonder, after a wild and wonderful ride we end up where we had gotten into the river at first, wow-wee this is so much fun, lets come back again.

Our next adventure at Aquatica will be next month here @ NWS

Physical Address

5800 Water Play Way





• Cars $12

• RV $15

• Preferred Parking $15

• Guests visiting SeaWorld Orlando or Aquatica in the same day pay parking only once.


• Dining facilities throughout the park offer a variety of delights

o Aquatica has several different dining options including an all-you-can-eat restaurant and healthy alternatives.

• Gift shops feature a wide selection of brand-name sportswear, beachwear and other "must-have" summer items.

• Beach and picnic areas

• Showers, changing areas, and nursing mother's station

• A one-time locker fee gives you a full day's worth of unlimited access. Small lockers are $10 and large lockers are $12 per day, a $5 refundable key deposit is included. ?

• Beach towels can be rented for the entire day for a $4.00 deposits each, with $1.00 refundable on return. Towels can also be purchased at any of our shops throughout the park.

• Life vests can be checked out free of charge throughout the park

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