Announcing A Shocking New Documentary

by John Clark –

Coming Soon:  The Southwest Drought –
The Imminent Exodus from an Uninhabitable CA and AZ”

The current Southwest drought is about to produce a water and power crisis which will produce an epic exodus from CA and AZ. These states may no longer be able to support human life. The exodus could start as early as next month. People and businesses will flee and the real estate market will collapse which will precipitate an overall nation-wide economic decline.

Our film producer and crew will start filming these events the second week in June 2015. US and Mexican officials have been contacted and will be interviewed and filmed in addition to regional residents. We will also film dry lakes and fresh water reservoirs
as well as depleted dams and associated lakes which are used to generate electricity in Mexico and USA.

Compounding the power problem is the fact that Lake Mead has been used to store water for Mexico due to the 7.2 magnitude earthquake which destroyed many Mexican water distribution
systems years ago. Mexico is now in a position to ask for their water back at any time. If the USA was forced to return Mexico’s water, Lake Mead would drop below the level necessary for Hoover dam to be able to generate electricity for the Las Vegas and
Los Angeles area as well as many others affecting tens of millions of Americans.

Water levels in Lake Mead are within a few feet of being incapable of generating electricity cutting off power for millions in Los Angeles and Las Vegas leaving tens of millions in the dark. Combined with a failing residential drinkable household and business/industrial water supply, the people and businesses of these states will have no other alternative but to flee.

Officials are avoiding discussion of this staggering problem, leaving both citizens and media in the dark due to greed, politics, corruption and inaction ….. This new documentary is designed to expose all these factors behind the crisis and to tell the people of the USA and the affected areas about the hidden catastrophe they are facing.

We are currently looking for major media outlets and for financing to further develop and to show this hard hitting documentary.

Contact John Clark, Media Contact for further information Phone: [386]290-2476 . Email address:

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