…and, I’m The President of The United States!, so, there!

….the rest of the world that the Americans had been so arrogant. I muscled my way in front of The King of Arabia and give him a deep bow'.

In a text message to Louis Farrakhan, an old Obama buddy from The South Side, I can imagine Our first negro president saying.

‘Let’s see, over the past few days, I have been on a trip overseas. First I went to

England, where my wife hugged The Queen.

I muscled my way in front of The King of Arabia and give him a deep bow, respecting him as a great leader of World Islam. It’s not every day a mere president gets to bow before His Supreme Likeness!

It was a great party!

I apologized to the G-20, the European nations, and the rest of the world that Americans had been so arrogantbefore I came to power. I promised that the time of American Arrogance was over, and I gave my word that

America would lead the world to a world safe from bullies and nuclear bombs!

I was too busy to stop at the WWII cemetery in


France to honor all the brave service men who gave their lives so someone like me could even be president of a free Democratic Republic…

I’ll leave that to all the other presidents since WWII…

I was on my way to pray at a Mosque in

Turkey and cement our relations with the Muslim world, saying,

America will never have a war with Muslims.’

The nominal President of The United States of America apologized to the G-20 and all Europeans for

America's prior ‘Arrogance’!???

He also promised that

America would ‘Never’ war on Muslims! ?????

Who the **** does BHO think he is!!! Where did he learn American History!!!???

Arrogance was the name of the game in

America, as long as I can remember before ‘Political Correctness’ and Civil ‘Rights’!!

America was built on Arrogance! Our forefathers were arrogant enough to believe ‘backwoodsmen’ and ‘commoners’ could go up against The Kings Red Coated Men and WIN!!!!

We were then arrogant enough to believe we could beat Santana at The

Alamo… We subsequently marched all the way to

Mexico City! (We should have put up a permanent garrison there)

We were then Arrogant enough to believe we could build a rail road 3,000 miles long through mostly a wilderness! Later we built a Coast to Coast Canal (In Panama).

For starters!

Then we won 2 world wars…. Yes! It is a uniquely AMERICAN trait to be arrogant!!

And pay homage to our fallen heroes around the world!

I am proud to be a fully A


Wasn't he (B.H.O.) the guy who, during the election campaigns, had to be, first instructed by his campaign coordinators, and, then have them insist before he would do as little to acknowledge which country he was running for office in to wear an American Flag Buttonhole pin!@!??

We still need a ‘well trained Militia’, and a platoon of .50

Cal. riflemen for an important ‘Black <conservative> Opps mission for ‘Change’ back, which is needed NOW! (One shot/one kill type of ‘riflemen’)

‘I firmly resolve to uphold the Constitution of this Nation under God,with

Liberty and Justice for all (but those who would put us asunder!).’

I stand for Truth, Justice and The American Way!

Ban Evil, not guns.

Evil Kills; Guns protect! (The innocent).

Long live American freedoms: Freedom tocarry arms and access to proper ammo.

Freedom to speak out inun-coded words.

Freedom to value Unity over diversity.

Freedom for those who despise

America to leave, and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Americans for


Just thinking about some sound bites and campaign slogans…

Buy a gun today. Buy a .30 06

Cal. rifle. Buy a snub-nosed revolver for the glove compartment of your car or your purse. Buy a ‘Home Defender’ pump shotgun. Buy a semi-automatic pistol. Keep one in the bed room. Keep one in the kitchen. Keep one behind the TV.

Teach your kids gun protocol and how to shoot, clean and care for a gun.

If your kid is old enough to ride a bike safely, he or she is old enough to understand and handle a gun safely.

America's freedom depends on wide gun ownership.

Guns make good pets:

You can stroke them. You don't have to feed them; you can let them ‘sleep’ in your bed room with no unpleasant smell. You don't have to clean up after them unless they just saved your life!

Guns make good Christmas, Birthday, Mother's day, Father's day, Graduation, and ‘Coming out’ gifts. (no, not, ‘Coming out of the closet’– I meant the kind of coming out a girl does when she is 15, or, 18, depending on culture)

Don't bring a knife to a gun fight!

An armed crew would cut down on

Somalia piracy.

An armed cargo ship, or cruise liner would stop

Somalia piracy in its tracks.

There some international laws that hamper both of those ideas, but what would stop a shipping company from hiring some private guard company – need I mention – some company like – Halliburton? To fly ‘top cover’ with an armed Predator???

Just thinking out loud…

Bill Ascherfeld, 3rd Armored Div. of the Army, is a real estate broker in

San Diego

CA with a BA degree from

San Diego


University in Political Science, History and Economics. He can be reached at teambldr@yahoo.com

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