….you can read about it in the book of the same name with his Image on the cover, or on the new British version called “Task Force Dagger.” Very Cool! Although

Jack is no longer in the US Special Forces, he continues to hold the rank of Commander in the Afghan United Front Military Forces. However, due to the “dirigible” state of mind at the United States Department of State and FBI operatives in

Afghanistan, not to long ago,


Idema was thrown to the wolves. Why? Here at the National Writers Syndicate [NWS] we believe

Jack was getting to close to destroying the terrorists in their own enclaves abroad. Also, at that time some here at NWS were quietly working on helping

Jack as well.

What happened? Well, if I were to tell you, it might be hard for you to believe. So, you can hear it for yourself, from

Jack himself at the Cao’s Blog.

Cao was a relentless proponent and advocate on behalf of


Idema when it counted, the most. That is, when the U.S. State Department went after

Jack in order to shut him up. It was a rather “dicey” time to get out in front and support Idema. But folks, that is exactly what “Cao” did. She was relentless in her pursuit of the truth, justice and the American way when it came to defending


Idema. Also coming to Idema’s aid were all of the other American Special Forces guys in the field, who were just out to prevent a great injustice from being done by the State Department and the other American agencies focused on destroying an American Hero,



Cao, graciously published some of her articles, at that time, here at the [NWS]. There are many more articles, written by Cao, which you can read about, when jack Idema met the “Attack of the Washington Monster”.


Cao was the


Pitcher, of this battle, bringing water to the troops in the time of need. From all of us here at the NWS: Well done Cao!!!

Hey, have you heard about


Idema? No! Well, it’s about time that you have and by the way you should.

Jack’s fight continues on, right now.


Idema is clearly an American Hero; that is the overall consensus of the staff here at the National Writers Syndicate.

See also: A Poem to


Jack – by an Afghan Boy.

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