…..and denied Equal Protection by the “Judges” in the “Court” system, to tell their stories to the world. Just tell it like it is here, then attach it and the published Link, to your documents.

For too long, much too long, the National Press and the Media all across the nation have maintained a “blackout” on the tyranny of the “Judges Human Rights Crimes Family”. The stories that Americans are now and have been suffering through at the hands of the American Judiciary, can only be described as horrific and utterly Un-Constitutional.

No longer will the blackout of the truth on this elemental matter be solely in the “Cover-up” regular press and media control.

The National Writers Syndicate .com, intends to be the internet magazine where the truth, the facts of your personal stories will be presented to the American People and their conscience.

Just as an article published in the mainstream press or magazines or internet media such as FOX, CNN etc are searchable by author or topic or word search, your story will have the same capability. It is actually the Real News everyone needs to know in



Cry Havoc and release the Hounds of Truth! Today!

Become a member and author at its free!

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