An Even Greater Threat Looming Beyond Covid19 Pandemic

by Frosty Wooldridge –

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “We must prevent human tragedy rather than run around trying to save ourselves after an event has already occurred. Unfortunately, history clearly shows that we arrive at catastrophe by failing to meet the situation, by failing to act when we should have acted. The opportunity passes us by and the next disaster is always more difficult and compounded than the last one.”

Years earlier, Winston Churchill said much the same thing, “Want of foresight, unwillingness to act when action would be simple and effective, lack of clear thinking, confusion of counsel until the emergency comes, until self-preservation strikes its jarring gong – these are the features which constitute the endless repetition of history.”

Registered Nurse Stephany Gabbard in 2003, in the book Immigration’s Unarmed Invasion: Deadly Consequences, said, “Immigrants bring diseases into the United States that were unheard of a few years ago and the problem is—they are spreading to US citizens across the country. We are importing a multiple disease epidemic into this nation.”

We face an ominous threat to our existence as a free Constitutional Republic because of Covid 19. But beyond that, we face an even greater future threat to the very survival of our civilization.

The latest copy of Time Magazine, April 27, 2020, “Finding Hope”, a special report on Coronavirus, interviewed a dozen world leaders. They all spoke about coming together to defeat this Covid 19 pandemic. Time editors addressed every problem facing America, EXCEPT the single greatest problem bearing down on us like Hurricane Katrina hitting all 50 states for days, weeks, months and beyond.

I visited China in 1984. What I witnessed changed my world view. They eat ‘anything that moves’ and their sanitation equals the lowest of third world countries. Their cruelty to animals sets the benchmark for inhumane, God-awful horrors and lack of morality. On top of that, their 1.4 billion people crawl and smother the landscape. Same with India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. It’s astounding that plagues haven’t wiped out the majority of those hapless, unsanitary and overpopulated countries.

And yet, Time Magazine’s entire special report made NO mention of the main driver of lowered quality of life, diseases, pandemics and hunger in those countries: human overpopulation.

That’s why my beef with America’s mainstream media grows: the heads of the major networks and newspapers refuse to educate the American people as to what’s it’s going to look like as we import another 100 million legal immigrants into our country by 2050—in a blink of time.

Thus, the American public remains like the frog in the pot of water that lounges while the burner raises the temperature to boiling—and dies thinking he’s enjoying a sauna bath.

Therefore, I urge you to take action instead of mimicking the frog. We need a national discussion-debate on what we’re bequeathing to our children in 30 years. Will we continue to lounge while we add that 100 million people or will we change course? Are you going to sit by and watch your children face a ‘new’ America that jumped from 300 million in 2006 to 440 million by 2050?

Are you as angry as I am at Time, Newsweek, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, PBS, 60 Minutes, CNN and FOX? None of them will educate any of us as to what’s coming.

Are you willing to take 15 minutes to make impact on Time Magazine? Here’s my letter to them. You may copy it and customize it to your own needs. Let’s flood their “Letter to the Editor” office. Do the same with the networks on Social Media such as FB, LinkedIn, Twitter, Yelp and more. You can send this same letter to FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, NPR and more on Facebook. What are you waiting for?

Dear Time editors: (

RE: Time Magazine Special Report: Finding Hope, April 27, 2020, interviews with top leaders worldwide to solve the pandemic

Thank you for featuring world leaders attempting to pave the way for a better tomorrow for all human beings. At the same time, with the pandemic raging across the globe, not one of your interviews dealt with humanity’s mega-crisis of the 21st century: human overpopulation.

According to the United Nations, we remain on course to add 3,000,000,000 (billion) of ourselves within 30 years. Scientific fact: exponential growth always leads to collapse. This reality must be addressed: if we fail to stabilize human numbers around the globe, and gracefully decline them via birth control, to live within the carrying capacity of this planet—all cries for solutions provide only a respite to the ultimate collapse of our biosphere, environment, quality of life and standard of living.

Instead of emotional pleas, please interview top experts like Chris O. Clugston with his book: Blip—Humanity’s 300-year self-terminating experiment with industrialism. Edward C. Hartman’s book: America’s Population Fix. Peak Everything: Waking Up to a Century of Decline by Richard Heinberg, Dave Foreman’s book: Man Swarm and the Killing of Wildlife. Frosty Wooldridge: America on the Brink: The Next Added 100 Million Americans. The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil by James Howard Kunstler. Chasing Water: The End of Abundance by Brian Ritcher. by Dr. Jack Alpert.

This pandemic will pass, but humanity faces LARGER problems with its unsustainable numbers. Time Magazine needs to research and offer the American public a special issue on what will happen to America with the projected 100,000,000 (million) more people, added, net gain, within 30 years. As a six continent world bicycle traveler who has seen it all firsthand, it’s not going to be pretty for future generations. Don’t you think it’s a good idea to educate Americans so they can choose to change course for their children? How will your children feel if you don’t provide a special report and they face the year 2050 with 10 billion humans on an ecologically crippled planet?

Thank you,

Your name
Ph. Number

Will you fulfill Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote? How about Winston Churchill’s wisdom? Do you want to allow RN Stephany Gabbard’s prediction to come true? Are you going to let 2050 happen to your kids? Do you want to see our 35 most populated cities double in size? How will we sustain them? Where will we find more fresh water to hydrate that 100 million more people? How about feeding them? How will we solve the dozens of consequences of adding THAT many people?

The worst decision you can make is to think you can do so little that you do nothing at all.

As to your actions, if not now, then when? If not you, then who?

— Frosty Wooldridge
Golden, CO
Population-Immigration-Environmental specialist: speaker at colleges, civic clubs, high schools and conferences
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