An Act Of War By A Conspiracy Of Domestic Enemies

by Barry Weinstein –

President Trump must Declare an “Act of War” regarding the anti-American actions taken to steal the 2020 election and call upon the J.A.G. (Judge Advocate Generals) legal abilities and through the MPs (Military Police) to act on behalf of the 72+ [more likely 80] Million Voters in this 2020 Election.

Acts of War start somewhere and have a final purpose. I posit that the purpose of a war is power and greed if not survival and then subjugation and the suffering of some form of punishment, committed by the victors. Survival is not an issue here in the USA. Too this point, that is the consequences of losing after the current manifestation of an Act of War. The perpetrators and their hordes are making threats of acts of violence and other vile treatments of the 72 or 80+ million Trump voters. See all of the previous post war treatment of the ‘losers’; any previous war.

Acts of War and War have existed throughout human history. (That is a very, very long time for those of you in the indoctrination schools and higher education ‘universities / colleges’.)

Yet ‘not every possible type of an Act of War has been delineated’ nor can it be.  Just check the U.N. for its definitions and you will find that, as part of the definition.

Therefore, this conglomeration of acts, Psychological Operation/s or “PsyOps” and in defiance of those many coordinated and conspired fraudulent acts committed, by Domestic Enemies, in order to overthrow an American Election and thus the elected President has / had been set loose about a year before the 2016 election and has continued to this day, November 13, 2020.

Circumstances and people change as here in this current case and so ‘Acts of War’ must keep pace.  

There are hundreds of affidavits sworn too that various frauds and other illegal actions done by Domestic Enemies have been witnessed that are inimical to this 2020 election. I cannot think of a weaker aspect of the contemporary American society than the elections. Our Military is redoubtable, and the economy is very robust thanks to President Trump’s ‘America First’ policies.

Since it is self-evident that the DOJ and the FBI, perhaps others as well, are and have been compromised by an ideology foreign to the established America Constitutional ideology, all that remains is the military justice system to enforce the civil laws and the U. S. Constitution as well as the laws. A civilian criminal attorney that is honorable and trustworthy and respects the United States Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land might have a peace of mind effect to act as an oversight observer.

None of the crimes committed in the first years and before of the Trump presidency have been prosecuted to the point of conviction, not even the Hunter and VP Joe Biden China bribes. Then there are the spying accusations and multiple events, falsely swearing before Congress by the Obama administration Officials like Brennan, Clapper etc. And who can forget the deleted 33000 ‘yoga’ emails or the issue of Hillary’s private server and on and on. That is enough!

Persons of Interest also known as Domestic Enemies must be rounded up and put in the hot seat. That is any and all of the rogue supervisors of the vote counting locations that refused to allow Trump party ‘Observers’ meant to assure that the votes were honest and thus legitimate. And all others that are likely involved that worked there. Who directed this outrageous conspiratorial misconduct that was carried out on TV in the Democrat run cities? These are one and all ‘Persons of Interest’. Who the hell do they think they are?

Their actions were clearly coordinated and We The 72 or 80+ million Trump Voters demand to know by whom this was conceived then implemented and what else they were involved in. Facing innumerable years in prison should break the Bull Crap wide open.

The same goes for all Voter Fraud! Conspiracies! Coups! “The fix Is In” voter machine software writers. They are certainly persons of interest where as here “Acts of War” are concerned.

It has just come to my attention that the ‘Dominion’ company that provided the software to many of the States in this election wrote the program for Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and that Cuba and China were / are involved. This was initially told to me by Mr. John Clark. He was a radio talk show host and author having grown up with Jerry Garcia. Yes, that Garcia from the Dead. I was notified about the voter ‘Dominion’ software last week. Mr. Clarks wife Rita is from Venezuela and she told John who then told me.

The Presidential election of November 3, 2020 as of this writing on November 12, & November 18 2020 is anything but honest, full, and a fair event.

72 or 80+ million Americans voted for the current President, President Donald J. Trump. They voted mostly in person as has been done for a couple hundred and 44 years.

Trump is clearly the best President for “We The People’ and our Ideology, as far as I and most likely history can identify, since the founding Fathers of this, the greatest country, to ever exist. I posit that President George Washington was in Trumps’ league alone.

I am therefore writing this for that very reason.

At this point and for the purpose of brevity and that those reading this are in my estimation due the respect of easily being considered Bright and informed I will add the following points to which the reader can elaborate at their discretion.

President Trump’s “America First” policy has exposed the state of mind of the those that inhabit the ‘Swamp’. They are the ‘Deep State’ the Administrative bureaucracy that clutter and permeates every corner of the Federal Government with regulations and obstructions created for their own benefit entirely. They are the useless make work stand around and rub their collective chins on how to bleed the productive Americans of their property and labor.

It is very clear that President Trump’s policy of America First was considered an Act of War directed at the ‘Swamp’ inhabitants and they acted as if they were at war for the last 4 years during the entire Trump Presidency.

“We The People” have been subjected to an ‘Act of War’ during the last 50+ years, taking the ‘swampsters’ as the example.

As far as I as I am concerned, sending American’s Jobs and companies that employ Americans to foreign countries must be considered an ‘Act of War’ to every American; today that is the 72 or 80 Million that voted for President Trump in this 2020 election.

Moreover, it must be considered an ‘Act of War’ when any politician, who must take an Oath to defend the Constitution against foreign or ‘Domestic’ enemies espouses a foreign ideology such as Socialism or Communism or acts in Totalitarian fashion, [see Blue State Governors and the democrat traitors] must be considered a ‘Domestic Enemy’ to the American ideology and Americans established by the Constitution and that includes Election Fraud.

Furthermore, It must and will be considered an ‘Act of War’ should the Domestic Enemies defy the President Trump policy of a secure Southern Border. No more invasions of foreign illegal alien invaders or “We The People” will have your heads. This is an ‘Act of War’ carried out by ‘Domestic Enemies’.

As to the Democrat party run antifa and socialist BLM, it is clearly an Insurrection and you must and will be held responsible. This is an ‘Act of War’ carried out by ‘Domestic Enemies’ and as such is Treason.

I suggest that when one of the violent antifa / BLM seditionists are arrested that their cell phones and all text messages and computers [especially at home] are seized and mined for the names of the rest of the conspirators are to be secured and action taken against them. This is an ‘Act of War’ carried out by ‘Domestic Enemies’.

Oh! and Nero the fiddlers, take your mask and threats about Thanksgiving being Cancelled and shove it where the sun ain’t gonna shine!

President Trump’s legal teams and the hundreds of Affidavits of concerned Americans the Minute Man type of long admired historical patriots are the contemporary patriots dedicated to the Constitutional Ideology.

No more Mr. Complacent American! Got it? Get it? Or Else!

Mr. President, You Sir have a standing Army use it!

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