America’s Federal Government At A Fiscal Threshold

by Doc Vega

When the federal government’s back is against the wall with unprecedented deficit levels, Speaker of the House John Boehner agrees with a President who has refused to adopt a budget for 4 years while advocating more spending, something is wrong in Washington. When Senators Orrin Hatch and Mitch McConnell vote to fund Obamacare after both publicly voicing their opinions that it should be stopped, something in Washington is wrong. When Rand Paul is criticized for having the temerity to filibuster against the appointment of John Brennan to the CIA directorship for his stance on domestic drone strikes against citizens as potential targets, something is wrong in Washington. I will tell you what it is.

The only party left and it is capitulating;

We Americans have mistakenly put our trust in the GOP to represent the interests of conservative policy in Washington DC. With the Democratic Party having been consumed by leftist ideology and using the strategy of Saul Alinsky in using propaganda and character assassination to achieve their political goals, we blindly assumed that the Republicans would stick to their guns and oppose what we know is wrong for America according to our Constitutional heritage, but we have been betrayed! We have been lied to by those we trusted. Despite the efforts by the Tea Party in their fight to bring Constitutional government back to Capitol Hill, we conservative Americans have been intentionally back stabbed by John Boehner and the Washington DC establishment, who want business as usual while refusing to stand up for principal.
Where are the defenders of justice?

Again and again and again, the GOP has let President Obama off the hook when they had the superior hand in the card game. The Republican leadership capitulated when the first debt ceiling crisis saw a campaigning Obama lie, cheat, and steal in blaming the GOP for his over spending and 900 days of refusal to adopt a budget. Right then and there in the summer of 2011, Republicans could have gotten concessions by allowing the government to go unfunded until acceptable terms were reached, but, Speaker of the House, John Boehner caved in like an old coal mine! Thanks to his fear mongering and lies, the US has suffered 3 credit downgrades under the rule of President Obama, who needlessly scared seniors awaiting their Social Security checks when he warned that those disbursements might not go out. That was a lie! Only instructions from the President to the Secretary of the Treasury could have caused that to happen.

Punishing society for political gain;

Under auspices of the sequester, once again, President Obama has chosen to punish the American people when he doesn’t get his way. When the GOP refused to back down over the debt ceiling in 2013 allowing, automatic, across the board cuts that amounted to 85 billion dollars in federal spending constraint not spending cuts, this was merely less expansion of federal spending. Out of a 3.6 trillion dollar overall budget, the sequester only represents 3% of the amount it takes to run not only the federal government based upon costs, but based upon projected increases. Why are the increases necessary if inflation, according to the feds, is insignificant? So, while President Obama was busy fear mongering that thousands of federal employees would be laid off or furloughed, air traffic control would suffer, police would be cut back, firefighters would experience budget reductions, and criminals would be set free instead of being prosecuted, only 3 cents out of every dollar in federal government expansion from last year would be cut away. This is hardly a catastrophic pay decrease for the government to manage!

Demonstrating unnecessary force;

Yet, the President and his party will cut back on services that do not need to be trimmed just to remind Americans how much they need the federal government and to blame the GOP for not giving Obama what he wanted, another increase in spending. Even though, he voted for this measure, the President has writhed in revulsion over any cut in spending as this is how the Democratic White House buys votes and maintains its constituency. Without a swollen budget full of pork barrel legislation to pay off supporters, Democrats know they can’t maintain their platform without hand outs and giveaways or the illusion will begin to fade into a the grim reality of excess and false narratives.

Who can the people count on in Washington?

An American citizen must ask themselves just why both parties who supposedly represent the people, cannot come to bi-partisan agreements that would benefit the people and the nation rather than the political advantage they vie for at the expense of the taxpayers. Washington DC has become an exclusive country club that refuses admittance to anyone but the useful idiots or politically correct victims, and a purgatory of punishment for the young Turks who are just idealistic enough to stick to the oaths they made before taking office not to support tax hikes. For Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and other newly arrived GOP conservatives with the audacity to demand a government that abides by its Constitution, they will find an insane amount of resistance in Washington in response to doing simply the right thing!

Why would the vision of one man be allowed to victimize millions?

President Obama wants big government that micro manages every aspect of American society, but that’s not all. He wants to challenge the US Constitution and use the heavy hand of federal government to compromise amendments and rights that have always defined American exceptionalism. In doing so, we see the perverse change that we can count on. That change amounts to higher taxes, more suffocating regulations, and the disappearance of those rights that have been an integral part of the American heritage. If we can’t depend on the GOP Washington establishment and we see them thwarting the efforts of the new conservatives in office put there by the Tea Party, what options are left to us on the table? Revolution?

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