America’s Courts: Threatens us in ways you never imagined.

…. It is the system that harvests your money and assets as profits. It is also used on people who present problems to make sure they stop doing that. You need to know.

Government views you as a source of income. You need to know that to protect yourself.

More people are learning every day that at every point where those in power through government can touch your life you are in danger. It could be just that they are looking for more ways to suck out more money, perhaps fining you for something like your storage unit, something that has never before been worth noticing. Or it may be the profit they can suck out of your children once they are pulled into the Social Services System. These forms of conversion take place in tens of thousands of cases every single day. If you look at the news you see it. America's prison system now has more people incarcerated than all of the other countries on the face of the world combined and the system pumps money into the hands of corporations from taxpayers like a perpetual profit machine.

But profits to their corporate core constituency are only one of the purposes to which the present system has been put. It has also become a political weapon, aimed at individuals who have been deemed to be a problem who cannot be attacked directly for political reasons.

You oppose the administration and you are audited by the IRS. It costs you and makes it impossible to continue your political activism. You invent a new approach to cutting the costs of energy consumption and suddenly you are enmeshed with some lawsuit that makes no sense on the face of the Earth and the courts seem to have gone crazy.

They haven't. They are being used with the full cooperation of corrupt judges to stop you in your tracks.

Those who draw this kind of attention get a very special going over. Their lives are examined in detail and the possible weak points noted. Then the battle plan is drawn out, operatives assigned, and your life changes forever.

Those who have experienced the full weight of a government that without compunction uses the information and power invested in them to destroy eventually come to see how it is done. But the sticking point is getting others to see it. Their friends and relatives shrug, suggest therapy, and confide to others that surely their loved one must be paranoid.

But even if the victim is paranoid that does not mean that those in power were not out to get you.

An activist whose brother today sells access to George W. Bush and who once exchanged dinner talk with Laura and George Bush could tell you what it is like to experience being followed by police and intimidated with helicopters that hover overhead late at night. Phones experience unexpected interruption in the editorial offices of newspapers that call for an accounting from government; another man finds his door open when it was left safely locked. The papers he just received from a whistle blower in government are missing. A woman who writes articles criticizing the administration is visited by CPS and told that there is an anonymous complaint saying she abused her child. The stock

certificates in another woman's safe deposit box go missing when her list of assets show they are there.

When those without conscience have access we would be stupid to trust anyone in that chain of command. To ensure that the profits continue, to keep information from leaking out, to continue to hold control, those now in power recognize no limitations on what they can do; they have stated over and over again that they have a right to lie and no obligation to follow the Constitution.

That we should all believe.

The operative question for those in power is, “How can we stop this individual from causing this problem for us?” Imagine your own life laid out for this kind of scrutiny.

One example of this is the story of Clive Boustred.

Boustred was a problem with several complications. First, his background; well connected to the monied families of South Africa. Second, he had a strong history in high tech, was well respected and consistently successful.

If he had stayed within the confines usual to most people in Silicon Valley he would have been courted for donations. But Boustred had a vision that conflicted with the goals of the corporations.

Clive Boustred, a strategist who builds success for such corporations as Sun Micro Systems, believed that the infrastructures that pour money into the pockets of global corporations needed competition.

Understanding that the natural process that has transferred more arenas every year to open source systems, he decided to apply his own technological advances to making that happen. Next Generation Internet could radically lower costs and increase choices to all people around the globe. With others, Boustred had the process of change well advanced by February 2001.

Russia's national legislature, the Duma, voted Feb. 6, 2001, to give InfoTelesys, the corporation Boustred and his associates were starting, the Mir Satellite, to be used for several of the applications that would include bringing excellence in education to people around the world. Children and adults would experience the impact of seeing the beauties of the Earth before them and so come together on many issues as had Russia's Cosmonauts with American Astronauts when they shared this same sight.

All of this would enrich the lives of ordinary people. But it would cost the Federal Reserve Bank, media conglomerates, communications companies, and those who trade in stock hundreds of billions of dollars. Those interests knew they were looking at the end of the line for their stream of income.

So InfoTelesys did not happen. Instead, on May 21, 2001, Steffan Tichatschke, a native of Eastern Europe, paid $50,000 as an investment in InfoTelesys. The company roster included an array of highly qualified software and hardware specialists drawn from many other high tech companies. Tichatschke lacked any of those skills but claimed he was eager to participate in a company that would do so much good for the world. The job given him was as personal assistant to InfoTelesys president, Clive Boustred.

The company poised to forever change banking, media, education, and communications for billions of individuals across the world would not happen. Boustred found himself mired in problems that had nothing to do with his profession.

Over the next seven years Boustred experienced attempts to murder him and shocking violations of procedure and law by the local judges, ultimately to be left struggling to hold onto his home. Slowly he began to study the politics and financial interests of those involved. Incredulous, he realized that the FED was a private corporation with questionable connections to those in power across the world, facts that are still disturbingly muddied in the minds of most Americans. He saw the common interests of those he had been challenging through his enterprises. He began to understand how powerful were the forces he had taken on as time after time the lawsuits he filed were ignored, those named as defendants failed to appear despite the overwhelming evidence of wrong doing. The default judgments his efforts achieved would be treated as if they had not happened.

Boustred would find that it is nearly impossible for anyone to believe that a divorce can be used to carry out a political agenda. At a glance it was an ugly divorce, nothing more. Attempts to refute that perception were dismissed as paranoid. The truth of any assertion is not relevant to whether it is believed. Fact is often more incredible than fiction. The minutely documented saga remains available on the site Boustred built to keep himself sane, Liberty for Life.

It is a logical truism often expounded by Sherlock Holmes that once you have eliminated what could not have happened you are left, no matter how unlikely, with the truth.

InfoTelesys was a threat. It was eliminated using the tools easily at hand by those in government at the behest of those whose profits would have suffered, the FED and their corporate associates.

The case of InfoTelesys and Clive Boustred, when examined, is not a divorce case; it was a political attack staged to create that perception.

Today, awareness that the system has become a weapon in the hands of those whose eye remains firmly on their own profits is rising rapidly. We can thank Bush, the Deceiver, for that. FOIA requests are rising every day. The respect afforded anyone involved with government or corporations is plummeting towards universal loathing.

And around the world a movement is beginning that is looking for the future men like Clive Boustred will make possible.

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