When Americans Are Resting: Bad Things Can Happen

by George Weir –

 Sometimes the unexpected happens in a sudden, then there are times the unexpected happens in small increment decisions, and if we are not careful we will find ourselves in such a predicament that there seems to be no answer to the problem, or, anyway to reverse the situation, and when looking back, we wonder, “what the heck happened?”

I have never been a supporter of evolution, in the sense that man came from monkeys.  But evolution is a fact when observing the ever changing affairs of mankind, and the changing of environments, (not necessarily made by man), but by time, even the world of politics is ever changing, sometimes for the good, other times not for the good, but whether good or bad, These changes are usually slow and happen when the people are not watching.  Suddenly the people are awakened by some reality or event that reminds them that while they were (asleep at the wheel), their live have changed, and sometimes not for the better, they find themselves in a totally different world than they were accustomed to living in, then suddenly, the stark reality of change has taken place, and the replacement to these changes are unsettling and totally out of their control.

Recently on one of my daily trips out to the place that I was raised I sensed a change, not everything was as I remember; the quietness of the woods was now a busy stir of activity.  Over the past few years there has been an uptick of oil and gas drilling, “In which I’m thankful, (Drill Baby drill), but due to this increase of activity, new roads were made, new fences were erected, and many of the old familiar places that I remember as a young boy have been replaced by oil tanks, and other oil field machinery.  Then suddenly, I was awakened by the fact that a certain evolution has taken place, and this evolution was a slow but steady process, and all of a sudden, the world as I had remembered had vanished, and it had been replaced by progress.  But it has served to remind me that changes can happen before our eyes, but in a slow motion, and if we aren’t watching, we may not even notice.

This nation from the time the early settlers first set foot on it’s blessed soil has seen many changes, yes, for the most part these changes have been positive, the land was settled, and our constitution was written and signed by man of great knowledge and wisdom, and it has served all Americans well, but over the years, there have been many that sought to subvert and change this document and its precepts for dubious reasons, and through this the nation has undergone slow but steady changes, and through these changes the founders of this great nation would be astounded as to the changes and total disrespect of all the blood, sweat and tears that have been invested by patriots of this nation to keep it recognizable by all as the “Land of Freedom, and a land set aside by the hand of God for a greater purpose”.

I am fully aware that what is see as a negative change will to some be a positive change, we not all have the same life’s experiences nor have we all had the privilege of wealth, and power, and also the region that we recognize as home will also have an influence on what we call changes.  Also the changes that I recognize at my age will not be the same of someone younger.  And the changes that I may seen in the declining morality will not be shared by many because of the teaching we may have had growing up.  As one gets older he or she is able to look back and see, while the younger are instrumental in making these changes , at lest to a degree.

I will admit, my opinions have been formed and molded in a time and place when the nation was in a position of great influence in the world, there was a sense of having been the great power that ended (World War Two), and that prosperity was open to all that were willing to work, and follow the rules, also these were the time that family and church did matter, and there was a knowledge that evil was bad, and good was preferred as a way to happiness and a good life, and that freedom wasn’t intended to replace responsibility.

As I remember there was no war on religion, but on the contrary, religion was encouraged, even by those that never entered the front door, they realized that the fabric of American and the good works of it’s citizens were founded and based on the teaching of the Holy Bible, and that there is a distinct difference between right and wrong.

But what is disturbing is the fact that while America was enjoying these blessings, the enemy of this nation, domestic and foreign have been busy engineering a plan to change the very foundation on which this nation was founded.

I hope that we are all aware of the devilish plan the radial Islamic, it is simple, convert the entire world to the Islamic religion, and to bring all men women and children under their law, and that all infidels must be killed, and as I hope we all now the infidels are Christians and Jews.

But there are others, these are those that call themselves Americans, but wish to destroy all the principles that has kept this country as a place of refuge for those that want only to work hard and to raise their family and to live the American dream.  You can find them in any small town, or large city, you can find them in government, also you can find them on our streets carrying signs, (Signs for Change).

In 2008 we elected a President that promises change, and the beginning of a new America, OK, now we see just what he meant, a total change, not suddenly, but by lies and more lies.  At the present our health is in jeopardy due to his Affordable Health Care, ACA, and when we send an email, we may be observed by the National security Agency, NSA, and all the while the world is looking at us as if we didn’t have a clue to what is happening all around the world, (No Foreign Policy), just a slowly down tick of the American economy.  But not all the ills can be directed at the President, we have a society that is hell bent on opening all the gates to those that have little to no respect for the family, and those that are trying to raise up their children respecting the (Ten Commandments) .

Also there are those that seek to totally rewrite and abolish the military. The Pentagon has now relaxed it’s regulation to accommodate the Islamic religion, those Muslims that wish to wear beards and turbans, can now do so, but I wonder , what about those soldiers that wish to wear crosses, and other symbols of their faith, they are left out in the cold.  What about the rights of the soldiers that find it offensive to share quarters and bathing facilities with the Gays, have they no rights?

To those that find gay marriage offensive and try to keep their children from being caught up in the recruiting of these innocent children into their guy and unrealistic world of make believe, so do these parents have a say?…(apparently not).

There was a time, abortion was never heard, but now the killing of the innocent is common, yes there are those that oppose this barbaric slaughter of little baby’s,( yes they are real), and if given a chance to being born, the world may be given a great gift, but to some, (who care)….By the way, if anyone ask, who cares, the answer…(God Cares!)

Yes over the past year’s I have seen many changes, just like my old home place, nothing seems the same, but, I wonder, is there a way to reverse the backward trend that has taken hold of this nation?….I still can’t help but believe that America can and will come back to sanity, but as the decline, it will not be overnight, but by making the necessary changes for the future of our children, we must start.

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