An American Renaissance: “Is It Really Possible”?

by George T. Weir –

From 1300 until 1600, Europe saw a rebirth of learning, and a renewed hope of self esteem. These were the years of the “Great Renaissance” where a new and an exciting culture began to arise out of the dark ages; among this new culture the people were un-shackled from the corruption of the ruling classes of the clergy of the day.

Among these reformers we find the names of William Shakespeare, which is viewed now to be the best playwright of all times. Shakespeare showed a brilliant command of the English language and a deep understanding of the people of the time.

And to this day, the world still enjoys the great works of Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a painter, a scientist, and an inventor. Many of the major artists appeared in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. These were the beginnings of oil based paint, and through this highly talented artist we can get a glimpse of the landscape and the everyday people, and their struggles.

Moveable type was also instrumental in the Renaissance movement. The Chinese had the invention of movable type by the process of carving characters onto wooden blocks. In 1440 a German by the name of Johann Gutenberg adopted this technology; through this he produced his first book, (A Bible).

Also by 1517, a German monk and professor by the name of Martin Luther appeared on the scene, and protested actions of some Church Officials. Then he posted the protest on the church door, and his words were quickly printed and began to spread through the region. Which ,subsequently led to the formation of the Lutheran Church.

Protestantism grew rapidly, in the 1530s under the leadership of John Calvin. Also being impressed by the work of John Calvin, arose another preacher by the name of John Knox. And through his work began the Presbyterian Church.

Volumes’ have been written, and I’m sure more is to come about these years of enlightenment and culture change, and to this day we have been the beneficiary of the strides that were made on the behalf of the human race, but my concern is, where are we now, and what direction do we as a society need to take that insure that we as Americans will not fall back into dark and troubled times, as those that were found in the middle ages.

Our culture is, and has been on a slippery slope for some time now, our music is no longer enlighten or uplifting and offers no sense of patriotism , but on the contrary, it is demoralizing at time to women, children, and shows little to no respect to the family, which is the corner stone to all civilities. We live in a time where music is the medium that has a great influence over the hearts and minds of many of our youth, it can be used to build strong character, or it can be used to instill negative and destructive thoughts which are prevalent in this present society. This has lead to the excessive use of drugs, and an increase in violent crimes.

Art, which is a reminder to society as to where we have been, and the accomplishment that have been made, and the creating of something beautiful, and will uplift the human spirit, has now been hijacked by those that wish to bring down the excellence of the human race by depicting images which shows the darker side of all that is beautiful, for the purpose of tainting the mind of the youth, and perverting them from good works, to a world of despair.

We have progressed far beyond the first printing press, and the movable type, but, are we using these strides wisely? Are the words and images that are being transmitted through the air, from satellite to satellite and from tower to tower, that comes into our offices and homes bring us closer to the understanding of a complex world?

But I fear that we have created a monster of technology , a monster that can’t be tamed. It has captured the attention of the youth, and has taught them war, without teaching them the perils of war, nor the fear of war, they only see the excitement and the climax of destruction through the use of videos.

Also, Hollywood, and the producers of films has lost all remembrance of morality. We as a people are subjected daily with films of horrible violence and sexual perversion, even to the point, where the family can no longer watch a decent movie.

Also by looking back into the days of the restoration we see some of the same element at work in our day. Martin Luther found that the Church in that day were requiring indulgences for the sins committed by members, promising that these payments would provide salvation. Now by looking closely, we can see this same practice today, “Pay for salvation and Healing”. No, this isn’t prevalent among all, but the practice of the dark ages is still among us.

Politics is the engine that drives all. We elect leaders to care for integrity and prosperity of the nation, and we give unto these leaders the power to change laws and to erect more laws. We entrust them to set standards for the people, no we don’t expect them to be perfect, but only to give their best. But we find that their interest is mainly the next election, and that passing laws that protect the family, and the unborn, is something that they can kick down the road.

We the People of the United States of America are a free people, but we see this freedom diminishing under the weight of corrupt politicians, we see policies imposed upon us at the will of the President and Congress, and the debt has risen to a new high, and no relief in sight, due to the excessive spending on pure foolishness and without a plan that will bring down the cost of living, that will smother the economy in days to come.

There is coming a day of decision, do we continue on this present course and slip backwards in the dark ages, or do we press for a restoration of sound policies which will assure the American people freedom, and their rightful “Pursuit of Happiness”.

The hope for America, and the World, is the Family. When the family learn to gather together as a family, and pray together as a family, then the nation will be on it’s way to an American Renaissance.

George T. Weir

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