American protected classes don’t include us. We are targeted for genocide.

….The first to go for the "unprotected" classes is freedom of speech.

The United States Constitution provides for a bill of rights for “individuals.” It had no intent to provide or define special protected classes of people or organizations that got privileged treatment. That intent has failed to be realized. That failure of our government has created classes of people and organizations that have no concern for our nation. Their only concern is for their specific group. Their greed serves to divide our nation into warring tribes for its ultimate destruction.

Inalienable God given American freedoms are being eroded one at a time. The first to go for “unprotected” classes is freedom of speech. American Citizen Free Speech is dead. Free speech is now defined as hate speech by Marxists and Corporate Globalists who want to destroy the United States. The only people who can speak their mind in this new world of big brother are protected classes that include everyone but us. We are the unprotected classes targeted for submissive destruction.

The only groups not classified as a “protected” classes are the:

American (male or female of any age) Citizen of European Descent; or, of a color designated as "White;" or, not queer in their sexual preference; or, with the Christian faith as their belief regardless of race or national origin.

If you belong to this group or any of its subgroups, it is perfectly all right to beat you, force you into silence or even kill you. You will be designated as a racist hater and will be openly shunned and banished from society if you do or do not defend your self. Your silence used to defend yourself hastens your demise.

The major identifier of these non protected class groups is their magnanimous acceptance of this horrid treatment by privileged protected classes of all other races, religions and national origins, including non citizens. The new victim non protected classes willingly accept their fate without complaint. They are individually isolated by their attackers in the news media and government.

Victimized non protected classes of American Christian Citizens (white, black, non queer), appear to willingly accept their “punishment” for supposed wrongs their ancestors allegedly committed. The only reason this is occurring must be because ofwidespread psychological conditioning that creates a self hatred in maligned citizen groups. That strategy was used to suppress blacks in America for a long time. It is an effective tool of most tyrants. Hitler used it against the Jews. Jews use it against the Palestinians. Palestinians use it against the Jews.

Tyrannical attackers only succeed when victims permit their victimization and remain silent. Evil comes for us now.

World War II German Activist Pastor Martin Niemoller's address to the U.S. Congress as reported in the Congressional Record: October 14, 1968, page 31636

"When Hitler attacked the Jews I was not a Jew, therefore I was not concerned.

And when Hitler attacked the Catholics, I was not a Catholic, and therefore, I was not concerned.

And when Hitler attacked the unions and the industrialists, I was not a member of the unions and I was not concerned.

Then Hitler attacked me and the Protestant church — and there was nobody left to be concerned." A poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller, Berlin, 1939. Niemoller was a pastor in the German Confessing Church who spent eight and one-half years in a Nazi concentration camp.

The only thing that will save non protected class groups or any group targeted for genocide from annihilation with destruction of their national heritage, and rule of law; is continued silence and failure to fight this outrage in every way possible.

We must start immediately with trials and sentencing to death of our treasonous elected officials that promote this racial and religious hatred and criminal genocidal attempts to destroy us. You must fight for your rights.

Common sense and a long history of relationships between species and between human beings resulted in a natural fear of those things and beings that bring harm to us. A zebra is naturally wary of lions lurking in the grass because they have been attacked and seen other zebras killed. Human beings have a natural fear of snakes and falling. These natural and learned fears are safe guards against harm.

Only a fool without any natural survival instincts would live in a world where they fail to recognize inherent dangers from society and specific races. FBI statistics indicate a rise in black on white crime and rate of crime of black on white crime is much higher than white on black crime. The news media fails to report that fact.

Presidential candidate Hussein Obuma should discuss these disparities when he defines one as a racist if they fear someone demanding money from them in an aggressive manner as his white grandmother reported. That is not racism that is self protection based on a reasonable suspicion of potential harm. His grandmother was no more racist than a zebra is when they automatically run when a lion approaches. Failure to be aware of the risks can only result in harm.

It is natural to have innate fears of known risks. Ask the Asian student who was fleeing from a black gang last Friday, if it was reasonable to run when they attacked him. Too bad he can't answer he is dead. If Obuma wants to end the fears between the races he must end the black attacks on other citizens of all races.

If that doesn’t provide Obuma with the understanding he clearly lacks, ask those black victims of black crime if they have a natural fear of black men who dress or behave in a particular way. Or ask those who have family members beheaded by Muslim murderers if they have a fear of the Muslims. Survival is not about race, religion or any other criterion. It is about being safe instead of sorry based on available data in a dangerous world.

The status quo is no longer acceptable. Government designed plans to destroy our nation with racial population politics is evident. Illegal alien invasion, black on white crime, a restorative justice system that punishes victims of crime instead of the criminals are all a part of the Marxist communists’ efforts to promote disharmony and racial conflict to advance their objectives.

World corporatists share that agenda for different reasons and join the Marxist to subjugate all of us under one world government rule. We the non protected class victims can not let false accusations of racism or haters hinder our resistance to this evil murdering millions around the world.

It is our duty as American Christians to fully defend the helpless victims of this onslaught.

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