…. a man cannot have or own guns, own property, own his children, control his life, have the right to travel, have a bank account, or a passport, or vote, or enter government for welfare services, or enter the courts for justice, etc., etc., ad ifinitum, ad nauseum…

The Constitution for the United States of America, Article I, Section 9 says that the U.S. Congress CANNOT pass any Bill of Attainder. The Constitution, Article I, Section 10, says that NO State shall pass any Bill of Attainder. The Constitution was very specific that neither the Federal government or the State governments could pass any bills of attainder, or bills of pains and penalties. Yet, today, we have our socialist Congress and socialist state legislature passing bills of attainders and bills of pains and penalties known as domestic violence laws (outlawing men by denying them any vestige of due process), imprisoning men for debt under the guise of child support enforcement (even though federal and state courts say that child support is a common civil matter and that probable cause that a crime has been committed must exist for a warrant of arrest to issue), supervised visitation laws to deny and deprive men of their God-given rights to their own children by a draconian court system hell bent on stealing our children for profit. The list goes on.

In the 1950's and 1960's the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) ruled numerous times that the government could not discriminate against people who were members of the communist party in this country, otherwise it was considered a bill of attainder. Today, our communist-socialist form of government is discriminating against men by denying them their basic fundamentally secured rights.

It is clear: American males are under attack by our socialist-leftists in government who control Congress, state legislatures and most state agencies. Men have been intentionally culled out of American society. Men are being hunted and removed from society (civilly murdered) for profit and power.

It is only American men (not women) who are overtly attacked, and persecuted by government. "IF" government treated women equally, it is a fact, that the government welfare system (instituted by socialist Democrats starting with President Franklin Roosevelt and then Lyndon Johnson, and most recently Bill Clinton), would be incredibly incapacitated. "IF" women had to undergo the same, exact hardships men are put through, then; they would not enter the agencies which so readily serve them (and turns away fathers). If women couldn't easily and readily walk into government services and get their "thirty pieces of silver", they wouldn't go at all. Thereby, there MUST be the least amount of restrictions placed against them, and the maximum (and strict construction of the law) placed against men.

First, it is rare that fathers even attempt this sort of thing, (asking for government help) so, the system is ingrained to serve the woman from the first instance. Not men.

Secondly, this government has illegally given women SUPER RIGHTS which are not allowed by law, and which are only given to women.

Thirdly, this government and the panoply of agencies which serve it, have established and are implementing a 'proactive' attack against males in general and Fathers, specifically. Period. We have more men now suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) than in any time in human history….NOT because of any declared war…but rather, because of the UNDECLARED WAR, which has been effected upon them.

Fourthly, American males are wilfully and criminally become labelled as the 'new jews.' We are the 'new' niggers of society. We have no rights but you better believe women have SUPER RIGHTS throughout the panoply of government services. This can be readily seen by three things:

a.) Birth rates.

b.) Homosexuality identity issues

c.) Decline of Population

d.) Decline in Civilization.

Women can get welfare, housing, social security benefits, food stamps, "mad money", and more through the government largesse. Now, illegal immigrants are getting the same treatment. But, men, they get nothing. It takes years for men to get social security benefits when they are disabled. It takes years, if they are lucky, to get welfare or housing. Forget about food stamps and the like. If a man owes child support, he cannot get housing, food stamps, or even a job. Men are being ostracized and outlawed from society. They are being made criminals without any criminality. It's only because they are a man that they are guilty.

American men, directly due to this undeclared war, are not propagating our American society any longer. These figures are roughly true: that we need 2.8 births per thousand to have a "normal' replenishment rate of the populace. It takes roughly 2.3 births per thousand to have ZERO population growth. America for the past six to seven decades has suffered a 1.3 birthrate per 1000, which means we are dying out as a population.

This has huge repercussions. Russia has also suffered a similar depletion of its populace directly due to the same reasons: Russian men were under attack by socialist theory implemented by a communist government (no rights to private property), men were marginalized by government for almost 80 years, then they refused to work or participate in the government, which ended the soviet union. Now, the populace is depleted, and they whole society is facing epidemic social crisis due to the underpopulated Russian empire, which now cannot coalesce directly due to the fact, that they have a sectionalized population that has no knowledge of itself. Will and Ariel Durant documented a similar epistemology when they documented the rise and fall of the Roman Empire two-thousand years ago. Because Rome had been over-run by Huns, Visigoths and other denizens, NOBODY KNEW WHAT IT MEANT TO ACTUALLY BE ROMAN, and thereby, the society died.

This is now being documented in America, where burgeoning numbers of illegal aliens are INTENTIONALLY allowed by our government to infest this nation, directly due to the fact, that we are not replenishing our stock with American people. These new denizens have no cognizance of what it means to be an American, which is exactly what this new socialist/totalitarian regime wants.

Government no longer is getting American Citizens to replace the workforce, no problem. Flood the society with illegal aliens. (This is better, because the illegal aliens will NOT keep the government in alignment as American Citizens would).

You can document the apartheid against the American male by homosexuality rates. Because men are under overt attack, many men within the populace have 'turned' into homosexuals and transvestites, of which those numbers (and the operations supporting sex change) have exploded. Those men do these changes, because they directly understand (at least their subconscious does) that they are being hunted and marginalized BY A GREATER POWER THAN THEMSELVES (e.g. "Tyranny of the Majority). Thereby, they seek the SAFETY of 'crossing over' into the other sexual identity, where there is no conflict with government. I will bet you dollars to donuts that "IF" a man who entered the government welfare system asking for assistance was a TRANSVESTITE, he would be immediately granted such entitlements. There would be no such 'requirement' that he produce a lawful court order, or have to jump through hoops to produce reams of documentation to show he is disabled or, indeed, in need of welfare.

Just by the mere fact that the socialist Democrat party, starting with President Lyndon Johnson turned Social Security from a trust fund into a "cash cow" second payroll/income tax, men have been disenfranchised. Why? Because men put the largest amount of Social Security payments into the system. Based on calculations from various websites found after doing a Google search on "Social Security IOUs", it has been carefully estimated that the socialist Democrat run government has stolen between $25 TRILLION to $50 TRILLION (that's with a "T") over the past 40 years. If that money had been left alone, every man, woman and child in this country could retire on over $10,000 per month from just the interest on the Social Security Trust Fund.

But our socialist-Democratic party stole that money and have squandered it to the point that the government is now financially broke. The government is now making men pay for it by being subjected and defrauded under what is euphemistically called "child custody" laws, child support enforcement, domestic violence "prevention" and other socialist-communist ideologies. Yes, you read that right–"communist ideologies". Where do you think no fault divorce and child support enforcement come from? Soviet Family Law Articles. Domestic violence is also a communist program.

Take those facts to the bank… Don't take my word for it; go look it up. You'll see that I have only touched the tip of the iceberg.

Our nation is being silently turned into a fully communist totalitarian state. The New World Order will be voted upon, and it will pass by a landslide in America, because the American male for the greatest part, can no longer vote. This apartheid and war against men over the past half-century has culled out America males from the populace. "IF" you walk into ANY government agency, you will find: a.) Women behind the desks. b.) Colored behind the desks. C.) Illegal aliens, barely able to speak English, behind the desks.

This is not going to happen. This is the way it is now.

When socialist items come before the populace to vote upon, it is only being voted on by women, Hispanics, blacks and other "denizens". The use of the word "denizens" is correct. These people are not "citizens", but "denizens". Denizen is defined as "an alien admitted to residence and to certain rights of citizenship". A "denizen" is not a full "citizen". American men have been intentionally culled out of the vote. (Why Hillary Clinton will become our next president…hell, why she got there in the first place!).

If men reading this now, they are getting and coming to the dull realization that they have been chumped, and that there is a Domestic Enemy hunting them (why do you think our prisons are filled with men) for profit and ultimate control, not just of this society: but of the world.

Sad thing is, that men cannot even use the courts in this country to assert rights. If "he" sued and went to court–they'd never hear it. The courts are gone, the government is gone, the Domestic Enemy running this nation has a "Village" agenda you have no comprehension of–and IF you show them the law, the Constitution or anything else, they will disregard it.

These people are openly implementing tyranny, they have knowledge of the law, and could care less. They are going to do what they are going to do, and treason be damned: they are not coming back.

Men have attempted for years to do the right thing; the legal thing. They have gotten nowhere against treasonous public officials. The only thing left to deal with treason is to implement a military overthrow of the government (since men constitute most of the military), or invoke the Second Amendment to throw out the present government.

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