American Male=Natural Born Killer

War is in our American Male Genes especially when necessary to defend our territory from invasion.

Politicians have used population politics to control people for centuries. They manipulate and relocate political boundaries to maintain control over the area they designate as theirs. They instinctively fight to preserve territories they have fought so hard and long to acquire. There is no length they will go to in order to preserve their boundaries, their wealth.

That of course is the common rule unless politicians choose to stupidly violate laws of nature, God and of their geopolitical subdivision or nation. At that point they become traitors to their nation or political group and without understanding the science behind the birth of national groups risk the wholesale destruction of the world.

There are valid scientific foundations for defining territorial limits for societies. They are based on the fact there must be enough space available for societal species to maintain its group with food water and ability to live a healthy existence without outside group interference.

Drive for territoriality is recognized in most species of the planet. Many lives are lost in fights between competing members of the same species for space and food. A dog will scent its property lines to mark its area and warn other dogs to not interlope. This behavior is seen in lions, bears, tigers, grazing animals and men. They each define a specific area as theirs and theirs alone for their family, women, assets and specific society.

Nation states grew from the earliest drives to create homogenous social groups that could work together for the common survival of all in the society. They had to be able to produce enough for the group to survive and procreate. Scarcity of food and water is related to size of area required for production of food. Even in international trade, fertile arable land is prized among nations that don’t have other resources to buy food from nations that have that natural gift.

The earth has a defined level of population that it can sustain. When that number of people exceeds the number it can support, famines and wars between competing groups always follow.

Hitler started War World Two with the idea German people required a return of land lost in the First World War. They needed more Living Space (or Leibenstraum) to end the economic suffering they were faced with.

Only a fool would assume the idea that one nation or group could take land or resources from another group without severe consequences. The resources are equated with the groups’ very existence. Take the land and you take their lives.

Best support for establishing a scientific basis for territoriality in the Human species that can result in war if it is violated, has been drawn from comprehensive studies of chimpanzee groups. The chimpanzee is defined as the animal that most closely resembles the Human Being. Their DNA is most like the DNA of Humans.

War like behavior has been observed in different chimp groups as they fight for territory and resources it commands including females of the species to assure continued prosperous growth of the chimp society.

An article titled “Wired for War?” in the 2005 World Science journal: defined the following conclusions from two major studies regarding biological nature of warfare in men as a result of their genes.

Two new reports of violence among chimps have appeared, leading their authors to claim that this activity is normal for the animals.

“Lethal coalitionary aggression is part of the natural behavioral repertoire of chimpanzees,” writes


Watts of


University in

New Haven,


The other appeared in the June, 2004 issue of the International Journal of Primatology. Combined, the reports documented 11 killings and some maimings in two chimp communities totaling over 200 members. Each report covers a period of slightly under a decade.

There is an online movie: of a chimpanzee attack, filmed in Tanzania in 1998, which gives an idea what the incidents are like, researchers say. It’s unknown whether this assault actually killed its victim, a young male.

Chimps live in groups called communities. Most reported violence occurs when chimps wander near or into the territory of a neighboring chimp community. If they come across a chimp from that community who is alone, they may attack.

Watts declares the incidents back up a proposal that war is rooted in evolution. This view, called the imbalance of power hypothesis, holds that animals that conduct mutual group violence do so because it helps them win resources and territory. This in turn lets them survive longer and breed more—and all living species, evolutionary theory holds, descend from those that were able best do those things in the past.

The imbalance of power hypothesis states, in other words, that evolution favored humans and chimps who warred when and because they could get away with it. “This makes grisly sense in terms of natural selection,” said


Wrangham, a professor of anthropology at


University in


Mass., and the author of the hypothesis.

Human and chimp battles differ in major ways, he stressed. Humans seem to be much worse judges of what they can get away with. The result: human wars often drag on year after bloody year, after having been initially sold to those involved as an easy win.

But there are also similarities to chimps, Wrangham added. Fundamentally, “if we as human males feel we are in a position to kill safely, then we’re easily induced to do it.” One example may be genocide, he said. Insurgents in

Iraq often attack on one or a few isolated victims, not unlike the chimps, who usually gang up on one, he added. “The old principle of attacking safely is still there.”

The modern phenomenon of long, bloody wars might stem from the fact that leadership decisions have moved away from the battlefield, Wrangham speculated, adding that he’d rather leave this issue for future research to address.

If we are to believe the logic of natural selection scientific theory that most Marxists rely so heavily upon to explain why we exists and what causes changes in our ecosystem; we must also accept the scientific theory war is in the genes of men. War is a basic building block of the DNA of men in warring nations.

Consequently as a part of the natural selection those warlike groups who attack with the most ferocity and without concern for victims just because they can do it clearly defines a group that will survive at all costs.

America was built on rogues’, villains’, exiles’ criminals’ outcasts’ DNA and genes. Those genes and DNA that were passed to following generations over the centuries are honed to perfection.

The long history of American settlement, warfare based on expansionism and battles to defeat oppression created the toughest and meanest men who survived the trip to the new world and they were the one’s who conquered it. Those genes flow through the veins of American’s now. Americans, unlike the French for instance who have had the hardwired genetic make up for war bred out of their group, will fight at the drop of a hat over territory, freedoms or perceived threats to their group.

Dwight D Eisenhower American "Here in

America we are descended in blood and in spirit from revolutionists and rebels – men and women who dare to dissent from accepted doctrine. As their heirs, may we never confuse honest dissent with disloyal subversion."

Those Marxists who think they can breed out the American fighting warlike nature in only a generation of foreign invasion by Mexican nationals, a race that is know for its lack of fighting skills, are making a big mistake. A single generation of Marxist education does not end the genetic strain that forces American men to fight savagely for their families, their women and their national territory. The process of natural selection confirms that the Americans have proven to be the most ferocious fighter in the history of warfare.

Guns do not create the highest murder rate in the world. Men who have the DNA of warriors kill, not guns. If Americans didn’t have guns they would kill with rocks and sticks or their bare hands. The only thing that keeps this deadly force under control is a perceived set rule of law with equal justice for all. When that perception changes, all hell breaks loose in a society of natural born killers.

International corporations and banks have made an egregious error by failing to understand the cause of warfare and basic nature of men. They have definitely underestimated the hell that will occur because of treasonous fifth column betrayal of

America and its male warriors. God help those that don’t recognize the force they are about to unleash on the world because of these egregious betrayals. Scientific evidence is irrefutable; and obvious lack of understanding of the American male warlike genetic make up are terrible oversights.

The American male is a natural born killer by genetic design and natural selection. That is a group that most intelligent people are reluctant to assault. Mexicans on the other hand are not so intelligent, natural born prey for any other group that comes along. Mexicans, you really need to get your ass out of the

United States while you can still do it safely. There is little hope the illegal alien invasion will be resolved peacefully unless there is a mass exodus from the nation of illegal aliens and traitors.

There are numerous sources that document valid scientific conclusions regarding genetic nature of males that make them prone for warfare. Those theories also support conclusions that warlike societies of males perpetuate themselves.

Apes of it in our genes?

Logging Sets Off an Apparent Chimp War

Marxists, international corporations and fifth column elected official American traitors have opened Pandora’s Box and let the War Genie out of the bottle. It is most difficult to undo what has been done but every attempt must be made. A lot of Americans are at the precipice of letting their natural tendencies take over in the treasonous anarchy of breakdown of rule of law. God Help US ALL.

For all of those unisex fools, see how many women are killing each other. It is not in their genes.

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