American Libs Occupy Venezuelan Embassy, Support Maduro

by The Blaze –

– NWS ED. Note: This is what the Dems in USA hide in mind for Americans! –

Watch: American Liberals Occupy Venezuelan Embassy, scream at anti-Maduro Venezuelans

“White saviors” screeching at Venezuelans that they must accept authoritarian rule.

The Venezuelan embassy in D.C. is being occupied by liberal American protesters who are refusing to leave, and are shouting at demonstrators from Venezuela about what’s best for them.

Activists, led by Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin, took over the Venezuelan embassy last month, when Nicolas Maduro’s government pulled everyone out after the Trump administration recognized Juan Guaido as the rightful leader. Code Pink and their fellow leftists moved in, and now they refuse to leave, they say, despite the State Dept. labeling them trespassers.


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