America: Speeding Over the Cliff

Some readers will remember Aesop’s Snake Fable; the story of a snake convincing a buffalo to carry him across a river if the he promised not to bite. As soon as the duo reached the shore, the snake bites the stunned buffalo then says, “Well, you knew what I was.”

The sane among us KNEW what Barack Hussein Obama was; the most liberal Senator in our history who carried with him a deep seeded hatred and mistrust for white people, as clearly evidenced by his writings, the “church” he chose to attend for 20 years, and in his selection of an equally racist wife. We also knew he was a globalist; a multiculturalist with not only an Arabic Muslim name, but pro-Arab and Muslim feelings.

As Muslims around the world proudly talk about conquering the Western World, your President this week told a Muslim audience in Turkey “We are not at war with Islam.” He also added, “and we will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith.” If any Muslims are reading this, be forewarned: the “President” does not express the views of millions of Americans. Until you can stop supporting a “faith” that grows by the sword of slaughtering non-Muslims, millions of us have zero appreciation for what you are. But alas, Middle East Muslims, like so many millions of the coalition of the downtrodden living in Somalia, Nigeria, and around the globe, are the main audience of a radically liberal administration and Marxist thought process that have publicly demonized the white capitalist for so long the other half of America feels they deserve this abuse. Obama’s goals are quite clear: Break the back of America and advance the cause of Islam. He will achieve his goals by continuing to harass white folk who worked hard and succeeded under our capitalistic platform in order to crush them mentally and destroy any ideas they might have about defending their country against foreign colonization in the planned strategy of overrunning America with immigrants. Changes in our national census should ensure liberalisms attack on our nation into perpetuity.

How we got here is visible in California, where the trends today will emerge in the rest of the United States tomorrow. San Francisco has a higher per capita murder rate than New York. The city stinks from malfunctioning sewers, and it is dirty and shabby, and $450 million in red ink, yet the liberals-in-charge spent several hundred thousand dollars to provide illegal invaders with city ID cards so that they could access free city services. What free city services? The one’s provided by hard working citizens taxes. Immigrants and immigrant criminals (even murderers) are protected from deportation by a taxpayer funded program that paid to ship under-age illegals (including crack dealers and gang bangers) to group homes in other parts of California so that the Feds could not find them. Many in these “group homes” simply walked-away from them and returned to a life of crime and murder. San Francisco is falling into the toilet – to be followed by the rest of the state along with Arizona, where illegal invaders trump the stupid taxpayer forking-out the dough for this abuse, a state sinking under the weight of Third World mass illegal immigration and in the process becoming part of the Third World. Under Obama, I fear the USA will no longer be the land of the free, but rather a global enforcer of non-discrimination and diversity, the organized, multicultural institutionalized attack on whitey.

The New Marxist regime in our White House are supporters of the proposition nation theory that, for example, if we are a “universal” nation, Hamas-supporting Muslims can be imported here and live in our culture. This idea will, of course, extinguish the nation we once knew. Muslims who immigrate here are steadfastly defiant about blending-in with our existing culture, but then the crush of illegal invaders from Mexico is already crushing our society under the tremendous burden of funding them and fighting their crime. Deliberately promoting immigration to America, (by the millions!), will gradually displace the original inhabitants, but then, that is the plan. They also know that the people who immigrate here have a culture of extreme anti-Semitism and despise Christianity, but again, that is the plan. The goal of multiculturalism, and President Obama, is to destroy a once-great America and turn it into an Islamic-dominated Third World entity. Make no mistake, this is what’s in store for us – and soon. Western elites are committed Post-national globalists. A “Nazi” these days is not one of the Muslims and their leftist cheerleaders who shout “Death to Jews!,” a “Nazi” is any white person who doesn’t surrender or lie down and die on command.

This week America has surrendered to Islam , and although we still have the most dynamic military traditions of all Western nations, this too shall pass as Obama has made moves to reduce our “firepower” significantly (at a time when Muslim nations are arming to the teeth.) Look for Obama to live up to his word and halt U.S. nuclear weapons upgrades and technology, and draw-down our nuclear stockpiles and standing forces to a pre-Pearl harbor strength; even as Russia ramps up nuclear production. His administration has announced they will cut the new F-122 fighter program in a “fundamental overhaul” of our defense. Did I mention that this move alone will result in the loss of more than 90,000 jobs?

Sharia law and finance will soon gain official recognition as part of our legal and financial systems if President Obama holds good on his “deep appreciation of the Islamic faith.” Being a globalist, he will side with the United Nation and the Durban II plans to make any true comments about Islam a “punishable hate crime.” Muslims butchering people does not count as a punishable offense. People such as myself will soon be arrested for calling a Muslim who chops his daughter’s head off in an “honor killing” (whatever that is) a “murdering Muslim bastard.” After all, to another Muslim and their lackey liberal followers, avoiding the truth is a far, far better thing than confronting the crime. “Racism” is far more evil than cold blooded murder.

As if the news wasn’t bad enough, “nationalized healthcare” is coming, although not right-away because there isn’t enough brainpower within this Marxist administration to accomplish the task too quickly. Look for it to eventually mirror the one in England; the one where old people are eliminated by a “ethical advisors board” that gives a thumbs-down to grandpa’s medication when he becomes too expensive to keep; the "greater good," you know. America will need money to pay Muslims with multiple wives and numerous children “welfare” and put them in suitably large residences, so that they can remain somewhat dependent on the state, and comfortable enough not to cause rioting.

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