America – The Movie – Great!

by Yikes –

Go see the Movie AMERICA at your earliest convenience and that is my recommendation.

I just left the theater at which I went to for the 7:00 pm showing on Tuesday – July 2, 2014.

I must say that at the very beginning of the movie America I was almost compelled to shout, at the movie screen some of the obscenities, as I do from time to time at my TV. It was a close call. It took no small restraint on my part to refrain. The introduction was the usual Hog Wash that the Anti-American swine expectorate.

However, after that visceral moment the story of America began to unfold and I sat back and was moved to attentiveness as the Truth and actual History of this uniquely great Country America and its occupants, the inspiring and heroic American People began to unfold.

The history is well presented; the anti-American position is explained and disassembled; the bad actors within the anti-American villainous legion are exposed in a way that I found and I believe you will find informative.

This is a perfect movie to be launched on this the 4th of July and it is most needed in this year 2014. I plan to own the video upon its release and will buy some as gifts for those who need to see it the most.

I left the movie theater refreshed. America is THE idea worth fighting for and winning.

This movie is highly recommended by the staff, one and all.

Well, well Done! Dinesh D’Sousa – Gerald R. Molen – John Sullivan

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