America is Lost–and We Lost It

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What does it take to have someone state the obvious, namely that America is lost. On this august occasion I hereby propose and nominate my recently departed kitty, "Commodore Fluffy" to the position of Head of State, inasmuch as in death she could do at least as well as the Smirking Chimp does, allegedly in life.

I AM sorry. I know you don't want to hear this; but it is true nonetheless. Gonzo's departure is in hopes of preventing more outrageous exposures, probably the least of which is the firing of I believe nine U.S. attorneys, all of whom have distinguished records, all of whom were doing the unthinkable and unforgivable—doing their job. This is the very same Gonzales who told congress that he couldn't remember anything relevant to his job, previous discussions, etc. etc. ad nausiam, and who declared, to a stunned Senators Lahey and Congressman Waxman and a naive America that Habeus Corpus is not fundamental to the Constitution of the United States of America. This insight is staggering both in its breath of defiance of history and logic, and in its depth of moral depravity.

The Washington Post, demonstrating once again that no ignominy is excessive, brushed off Gonzo's critics and described his "lackluster performance" or the like, adjuring that there was nothing noteworthy in the firing, and moreover–get this—that Clinton fired ninety some-odd attorneys, thereby–I suppose–trumping Chimp's record. (Sorry, but the combination of his name and "The President of the United States" sticks in my craw.) Clinton was the President and he never fired ninety federal attorneys; Gonzo is a political hack.

Not a month goes by but someone else flees the sinking ship, following in the tiny footsteps of their predecessors, the shipside rodents. The less-than-charismatic dancer, Carl Rove, also departed, not with a bang but with a whimper, hopefully to head off inquiry into his role in the Valerie Plame affair, together with his part in a host of other atrocities.

Up is Down, Left is Right, or in the understanding of Winston, slavery is freedom, lies are truth, and we all love Big Brother. We have the sadly comical sight of an ex-premier, Allawi, chipping in to improve the PR of the current puppet leader al Maliki. We have "The Surge," another spectacular and dazzling strategy that would leave George Patton speechless with wonder, proposed by that Denizen of Defence Strategy, a man with less than no military experience (draft-doging and quitting)–you guessed it–the Commander-in-Chef–of the backyard Texas Bar-B-Q, the Smirking Chimp, while at the same time Peter Pumpkin Eater, head of the Joint Chiefs, opining that perhaps we need to back off from Iraq (not leave, of course, just a teensy-weensy "reduction" in our commitment, giving as the excuse, that we just might need to bury their bodies in yet some other country. "Surge v. Reduction in force," sounds like a divorce case before an Administrative Law Judge. Perhaps we need a surge-protector. (I know, I know; but I just couldn't resist.)

The Vice (P)resident has developed a remarkable new branch of what used to be the solitary executive: the Office of Official Secrets, which is, according to him, impervious to any congressional inquiry.

All of which brings us to the real, true, and insufferable culprits–the Congress of the United States.

Human nature has been rightfully criticized when no one will go to the aid of a mugging victim, the passers-by gaping in silence and in inaction. How much more outrageous is the Congress, possessing all the power and (gasp!) responsibility, the very mandate which not only empowers but requires it to protect the Constitution by using its power of impeachment to rescue the country from precisely the situation that now exists. Its lowest point was the Speaker, Nancy Pellosi, having a clear mandate from the people, announcing that Impeachment was "off the table." Not one single representative has brought articles of impeachment to the floor. Not one.

What in God's name does it take? This state of affairs is the very prototype and poster child of impeachable offenses–high crimes and misdemeanors. If these leaders aren't culpable, who in Blazes would ever culpable?

The worst part of this all is that we have only ourselves to blame, and I don't mean this as a mantra, a theory. When Pat Tillman is murdered because he was to file for Conscientious Objector status, when parents do not object to their children participating in a war that anyone with the courage and capacity for original thought could see is totally unjustified, a sham, based upon a demonstrable lie–then sadly, tragically, they are to blame even more directly than the others whom I criticized above.

I'm sorry, but the truth hurts. During the Viet Nam War I was drafted to be a doctor in the military, presumably relatively out of harm's way; yet I knew that this atrocity of a war was to be a tragedy and a blight on our record as a super power and so I refused to serve, bearing the judicial wrath of the Fed. That was preferable to trying to explain to my children why I was part of that atrocity. And to those who are ready to pounce, forget it: I fought my way INto the military years later and served with distinction, receiving a Humanitarian Medal and a Naval Letter of Commendation from a Line Captain for my part in a rescue operation off the territorial waters of Viet Nam–with which country we have diplomatic relations, for no reason that I can see, but what do I know?

Wars typically have goals and circumstances that propel them to the forefront. What justification is there to this war? More to the point, what was the goal, the endpoint?

You say, "you can't pick your conflicts." To those who say this, I say, you're damn right you do; and you take the consequences. It's called "a code of morality." It is held by each individual, and he cannot offer up and sacrifice his responsibility for making this choice by some innane pretense to patriotism. That's what was said in Nazi Germany.

The purpose of the actions of these Unholy Minions of Satan was to destroy America. This is not poetry. We keep rationalizing away our leaders' actions as "ill chosen…poorly thought-out…reckless," etc. etc. It is nonesuch. It is exactly what it appears to be. Our leaders are most definitely not American citizens. They are Corporate Globalists, and all of their actions spring from that identification, and nothing they have done contradicts it.

The goal? To enslave the world population. In the warped minds of these elitists, this is the last challenge left. As any other addicts, these life forms, addicted to power, have nothing left, nothing to accomplish. Our greatest weakness, even greater than our unwillingness to think and to act, is our naïveté in thinking that no human could stoop to this level. And not unlike other addicts I have treated, they will do anything to get their fix.

It's just that simple.

All we have left is whatever residual self-esteem we can dreg up to use to fight to the bitter end, no matter what the cost, no matter what, live free or die. After all, we haven't accomplished a thing so far. This is a commitment–a sacrifice we owe to our children.

I'll tell you what is my greatest fear: the fear of dying before I have done this much.

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