America Goes Home

Mission Statement

To provide solutions for the problems confronting Americans as a peer-to-peer community using consensus and cooperation, the Constitution and common law as its tools of choice. We are an information clearing house, providing the tools ourselves and from partners who are working towards that same vision.

The fruits of freedom are an out pouring of benevolence from a community strengthened by its connections to God and to each other.


We are organized as a spiritual community dedicated to helping individuals build consensus through win-win outcomes. Our officers work with our Board of Directors, those positions are as follows:


President – Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

Vice-President –

Secretary –

Treasurer –

Board of Directors

Jim Condit, Jr.

Chris Lawton

Alan McConnell

Steve Meyer

Mary Ruwart

Fred Smart

The job of the officers and Board are to keep information flowing and provide a win-win, peer-to-peer example for action.

How we are organized:

Setting up the non-profit – Washington State, Barry Bader has done these for many years. The first year he registers the organization and acts as the agent. These non profits require only a list of the officers and a fee to renew every year. One meeting a year. We get an EIN number. After the first year the officers are given to the state but there is no issue with the IRS, who have no jurisdiction. Information is not shared. It takes no more than 10 days, turn key. All documentation is included. $500.00

Website design and set up – Stan Mikhalsky came to the US from the Ukraine, having survived the hyper inflation there. He does great work quickly. The design work is now taking place.

Memberships are provided for free with Supporting Memberships available on a scale determined by the support.

The Agenda

The two lines of action laid out are both essential. However, they are separate. These are Take Back Your County and Localize Your Economy.

The first line of action, laid out above, is returning the County to local control. That necessitates familiarizing ordinary people with the tools for local governance that have fallen into disuse. Those tools are low in cost and cheaply replicated across the country especially since they are the same simple tools. Those tools will be entertaining and applicable in many ways from the plays, videos DVD and online, booklets and programs that demonstrate the principles.

The second line of action is economic; it includes reducing costs, providing transitional income streams that allow people to sustain themselves while establishing new sources for local commerce. You could be someone who simply needs to go solar because your power has been turned off and discover from that experience a job that feeds your family.

In each case we will be reintroducing the tools that make freedom possible. Those are cooperation and consensus used with the Constitution and the common law.

America Goes Home also provides information on transitional programs that provide opportunities to build income streams that work in accordance with our model for reducing costs and moving back to a local economy.

Take Back the County


Understand the Common Law.


Ensure that your Sheriff will uphold the Constitution.


Take Judges and other Officials out of Office who fail to uphold the Constitution.


Place Elections in the hands of the people.


Ensure that your local government carries out only those jobs you, the people, determine it should undertake.

The County is the smallest Constitutional unit. One of the systemic glitches was the size of the county. As we take them back we need to make the size smaller so that the people can keep an eye on what is happening. Steps 1. and 2. can be carried out simultaneously.

The following brief outline assumes a small group of people, maybe not more than three people, will begin educating on the Constitution, the Common Law Juries and the need for reform. We do not recommend that this be limited to ways we have been using today. Remember what Einstein said.

1. Understand the Common Law and the Jury Process

The approach we suggest folds in education with entertainment in an interactive presentation that allows ordinary people to experience how it feels to be a real member of a jury that functions as a jury was intended in Common Law. Using materials that enable people to experience and understand how and why the Common Law worked moves us back towards a population capable to undertaking self government. I have written an example of how these can work along with the more passive approach of videos, which also work.

In the minds of the Founders the Common Law was to remain in use and force; they did not imagine any other alternative. Experiencing the Common Law shows you what the concept of checks and balances meant. The people using the Common Law are the essential check on the power of all legislatures. When Americans understand the check and balance function of the jury they will have the tools for change in their hands along with the need to use them.

Once you have an active organization in your county begin looking for examples to be used to illustrate the problems and their real solutions. Every county in America today has many examples of fraud, theft, and corruption to use as material for that process. People are fed up and ready for action – if they have the money and time.

2. The Sheriff

To take back your county you need to ensure that your Sheriff will uphold the Constitution. It is easy in concept but it takes organizing and educating. Using the Heritage Play above will help win supporters. Other tools will include educating all law enforcement on the Constitution and Common Law, seminars on these subjects, running recall campaigns, replacement campaigns, and ensuring honest elections.

First, find out how likely your sheriff is to uphold the Constitution. Examine his or her history and do not be persuaded by promises in the absence of proof. Sheriff Richard Mack has a persuasive program that you can use. You can notice your Sheriff and other law enforcement on their obligation to sign the oath, be bonded, and read and follow the Constitution. But you need to know you can trust them.

3. Take Judges and other Officials out of Office who fail to uphold the Constitution.

When you know the Sheriff can be trusted to act within the Constitution you can clean up every office in your county. Corrupt and incompetent judges can be removed using a Common Law Court and Jury. Any elected official who fails to have a valid Oath of Office and bond, paid for by themselves, on file can be removed for no other cause. Over 90% of elected officials today fail this test.

4. Place Elections in the hands of the people

When the bulk of the officials are removed you can call for a new election. Your County Clerk, if they remain, or the committee your community has brought together can carry it out. The form now agreed on by nearly all of those who have been working for clean elections is to have precincts elect their Precinct Committee. That body counts the votes and announces the result right there at the precinct using paper ballots. When elections are conducted this way the results are checkable from everywhere. The election will be honest.

5. Ensure that your government carries out only those jobs the people determine it should undertake.

After your election you should do a forensic accounting of the money those officials redirected into their own pockets. Where possible, get it back. You will have been studying how your county and towns actually function and identifying what parts you want to retain and which can better be handled using another means, for instance the Civic Sector.

You will then reorganize your County and townships, unincorporating them and deciding how to fulfill whatever needs you decide to handle through your governmental bodies. There are many examples for each specific service or need that demonstrate how people used alternatives in each instance. Think Civic Sector. If you do the analysis you will see that government cost you far more than you got from it.

Shifting to a Local Economy

The next part of the Agenda should be carried out in parallel with Taking Back Your County. Accompanied by the melt down in the economy this provides the real traction.

People in your local area need jobs and income. When people are up against it they are most willing to make major changes. The financial melt down works in our favor if we work with it. The listings below are intended to show you what can be done. It is essential to keep capital in the hands of the people at the local level for two reasons. First, capital in the hands of families and individuals ensures their stability. Second, every cent denied to banks and other Grid Corporations destabilizes the present system that has been feeding on us for generations. Never miss an opportunity to cut the enemy's supply lines.

To accomplish this we need to help ordinary people get out of mortgages and credit card debt. Then, we need to start cooperative efforts that build into small businesses that provide localized alternatives for those needs presently supplied through the solutions we link to through the site.

In each instance there are any number of alternatives. Our most urgent need here is to ensure that the information on solutions is shared openly. The Internet is a wonderful tool but we need to reduce the time it takes to find what we need locally and to ensure that those solutions presented really work. The website allows people to list their solutions and let others network, learn from what is there, and comment on their own successes and failures. Suggested solutions are vetted by veterans of the process. This peer – peer sharing and organizing avoids the dangers of hierarchal road blocks.

Sections on the America Goes Home Site

Each section allows vetted resources to be listed with description of the partnering approach or organization. List of areas where the strategy is being used with link to contact them. Moderated comments section for feedback. (See Site details for text and layout)

Constitution Your County

Take Back the County

1. Understand the Common Law

2. Ensure that your Sheriff will uphold the Constitution

3. Take Judges and other Officials out of Office who fail to uphold the Constitution

4. Place Elections in the hands of the people

5. Ensure that your local government carries out only those jobs you, the people, determine it should undertake.

Community Creation

Mortgages – Get out of them and keep your home

Credit Cards – Dump the debt.

2. Local Barter/Trade System

3. Localizing Commerce/Food Production

4. Energy Alternatives

5. Transportation Alternatives

6. Food Production

7. Health Alternatives

8. Wireless local networks

9. Alternative comm systems

10. Alternative Media

-and the list will grow and new subheadings will be opened up.

Specific approaches, companies, coops, local efforts, organizations, and solutions need to be listed along with contact information and the means for those using them to provide feed back on the site. The site will put out a E-zine to the media and to members immediately and then move into partnering for local print publications to reach further into the community.

Energy Independence – Solar, Wind, and Water

Growing Local for Health, Thrift, and Security

Food on the Table –

Individual Gardening

Cooperative Gardening

Health Gardening – Growing what keeps you healthy

Legacy Living

Waste Disposal

Fuel Alternatives

Transportation Alternatives

Design Details –

The website allows the user to set up their own account and establish preferences in a set of fields now being determined. These bring selected information to their attention with announcements to their personal email. There are working groups working on projects under each of the local projects on each of the categories. Moderators check ongoing projects and new projects are vetted by people with experience in the field for appropriate placement.

Every part of our lives, from personal to business, worked to establish a perpetual profits machine that would generate income without further effort. Books will be written on how each part of our lives was monetized but here we are going to lay out the plan for transitioning away from that model.

The model to follow is community action, many small enterprises, and the development of the tools that build skills leading to non-coercive consensus for community based decisions. All of these tools work well with the structures originally conceived and outlined in the Constitution, that document being only intended to limit the power of government and never the choices of individuals.


Effective Communication Skills

Robust Barter – Trade System

Common Law Courts

Mediation Services

Precinct Committees formed and working

Transitional Income Sources

The market is now responding to the pressures it is experiencing by presenting programs that lower the price of products or offer money back in the form of credits. We will find and make these programs available. Some will be multi-level marketing and will last only a few years and the tiers fill in but they will ease transitional stresses.

As the market pressures continue the companies offering products and services will change themselves or go out of business.

Local Commerce

America Goes Home, as a not for profit spiritual community, is offering opportunities that allow individuals to build cooperative efforts within their own physical and Internet communities. Below are opportunities that accomplish the goals by helping people learn new skills and generate a small income. More opportunities will be listed on the America Goes Home site as they are identified.

Neighborhood Connections Club

The Club is a way for neighborhoods to lower their cost for Internet access while providing the infrastructure for a trade – barter system, a precinct organizing system, getting vetted information and news, and finding ways to cooperate, lower costs and potentially create income for individuals. Examples would be swapping fruit and other food, services, providing day care, car pooling and so forth.

The basic unit is easy to install and inexpensive. The package comprises the tools for fleshing out the localization of the county, neighborhood by neighborhood, for both government and commerce.

Additionally, Club operators can put in a rebroadcasting stating that allows them to do their own local radio shows as well as rebroadcasting shows from the Internet.

Partnering Connections:

Fourth Corner Exchange

The Micro Effect

Straight News

Energizing Club

Club managers can name the Club to suit themselves; they could also ask their members to suggest names. It effectively becomes their Community Center.

Energy Club

Getting of the energy grid is becoming more important as prices for electricity continue to rise. Energizing Community is another club sponsored by America Goes Home that accomplishes the following:

Help people start their own local enterprises installing alternative energy systems.

Provide the lowest possible price for the units to be installed using the advantages of wholesale buying.

Help those unable to afford to go 'off grid' with the means of doing so using no interest loans paid off with sweat equity.

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