America & Canada Drifting Toward A Loss of Identity

by Frosty Wooldridge –

With recent events across America, whether it’s a 50-50 split on the presidential election, prolific anarchy in our cities or a racial divide as wide as the Grand Canyon, we’re facing tremendous riffs from our youth, our 45 million immigrants who were not born here, and our economy.

Once a country loses its sense of national identity, whether by thoughtless mass immigration or loss of connection to our American ethos/culture—we face a national unraveling in the months and years ahead. In other words, if we percolate anarchy or allow cultural upheaval on ever larger scales as seen in the last six months, it portends fragmentation of our blacks vs whites, our young vs old, and our liberals vs conservatives.

The same thing occurs in Canada. Canadians continually lose their identity by importing dozens of cultural identities via millions of immigrants. If you remember what happened to India, they suffered such conflict with two different religious sects, that Pakistan separated to create its own country. If you look at what’s happening in Vancouver, British Columbia today, it’s 65 percent imported Chinese—and they are making Canadian BC into an entirely new state of Chinese BC.

The question may be asked: what set of ideals, principles, history and national narrative do any natural-born-Americans share with a Somalian, Congolese, Sudanese, Pakistani, Ethiopian, Indian or Chinese national injected into American culture? How will that work out as enormous numbers of immigrants pour into America from 195 different failed countries and cultures? What happens when their projected numbers reach over 100,000,000? Do you think it’s possible that we are creating a pathological state of our own demise?

Do we define ourselves like House Member Ilhan Omar from Somalia? What about Palestinian Rashida Tlaib of Michigan who is a House Member? Do we define ourselves with “angry-at-everything-American” House Member Maxine Waters? Do we think America needs to re-define itself to agree with the platform of the Muslim Brotherhood, Black Lives Matter or Antifa?

Where would that take us? What would be the end result of such a journey down that path? How would we identify with becoming a Muslim State or an Antifa governance? How would we see ourselves as Americans, while not being a country of Americans?

As we destroy our statues of the past, whether it might be General Robert E. Lee, or Abe Lincoln, or Thomas Jefferson, or Ben Franklin because they weren’t politically correct—do we replace them with “politically correct” statues of Muhammed the Prophet or Gandhi or Mao? If you import enough immigrants from those persuasions, you will see their heroes become prominent in place of our founders. That’s the grave danger of mass immigration. Few see it and fewer still speak up or protest it. Our politicians remain brain-dead to its future ramifications.

For instance, if you observe Iraq, it lacks a national identity. It’s made up of Kurds who violently detest Sunni’s who violently despise Shiites. None of them get along, none of them like each other and all of them together work toward separate states. Yet, they pretend to all be Iraqi’s.

Author Steven A. Cooke made a telling comment, “What does this all have to do with the United States? Quite a lot. When I was in Sulaymaniyah chatting with the Kurdish university students, I remember thinking about how different the outlook among Iraqi Kurds and Iraqi Arabs was from Americans. It was an article of faith for me that even though I came from a distinct region of the United States and had my own distinct family history, I still shared basic ideas about what it meant to be an American with people around the country. Of course, I’ve come to realize that this was a little naive and itself a product of my unique experiences and education, given how people of color, women, immigrants, and others continue to confront injustice. Still, I don’t think I was being too credulous to believe that large numbers of Americans could agree on the founding ethos of the country and the sense that, even if we had not lived up to them, we wanted nevertheless to strive to achieve them.”

What if we continue injecting more and more people who simply cannot comprehend, nor do they desire to become part of the American ethos/culture? What then? Do we become another Iraq?

How about Canada? Does it become a mass of confusion as to its national identity? Does anyone in Canada or America want to become the next Sweden where its immigrants this past October called for a separate Islamic State?

“Diversity within a nation destroys unity and leads to civil wars,” said social scientist Garret Hardin. “Immigration, a benefit during the youth of a nation, can act as a disease in its mature state. Too much internal diversity in large nations has led to violence and disintegration. We are now in the process of destabilizing our own country. The magic words of destabilizers are ‘diversity’ and ‘multiculturalism’.”

We better start asking ourselves if we want that future for our new “ethos” or our 21st century “culture.” Is that what you want, because, let’s face it, that’s exactly what we’re importing into our country: an entirely different, incompatible and unworkable cultural mix that will end up fragmenting us into different “little countries” with no commonality visa vi “The American Dream.”

By your silence, is that what you want for your children?

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