America Betrayed – White Natives Disaster – Death & Torture By Black South Africans

Hosted by John Clark –

On America Betrayed this week our guest will be Karin Smith – Host of Radio Free South Africa

Do you want to Hear the Truth about what is happening in South Africa?

5 year old white girls are being gang raped by a dozen black savages; then burned alive!

White [Caucasian] farmers have their land taken from them then they are hanged after being beaten.

Further, White people are being tortured  daily and  this is common in Racist Black South Africa today as you read this.

It is all part of the ongoing White Genocide taking place in South Africa which is now coming to this country, that is the America, that is what multi-culturalism will bring amongst the prevarication that all White Americans are Racists, perhaps it is time to start being White racists; these malignant false accusations will lead to retaliation at some point.

It must be taken seriously that it is very difficult for white refugees – for now — to emigrate to the USA as they are white.

Please contact President Trump and demand that America Must allow these refuges to come to the USA to escape this savagery!!

Tune in Wednesday – March 21 and hear the truth and facts stated by  a very brave lady  who hosts a show called  Radio Free South – her name Karin Smith listen to the truth tonight on America Betrayed @      9  PM PT  6 PM ET

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