America Betrayed ~ UPDATE Tues. Live: D.B. Cooper

Be There Or Be Unaware!

Charlie Returns with amazing new revelations about the bizarre hijacking case of his friend, The Legendary Sky-Jacker D.B.Cooper!

There are New leads in this skyjacking that revive case.

D.B. Cooper is the Legendary Sky-Jacker who has been sought since the 70’s for the Hi-Jacking of a commercial passenger airliner demanding 200 thousand dollars in cold hard cash!

D.B. Cooper then leaped from the plane into the stormy skies and was supposedly never caught?

Charlie asserts otherwise… coming forward on behalf of his now old and ailing friend stating that D.B. was tracked and then forced to become an agent and contract killer for a highly top secret Government Agency!

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Rattlesnake Ray Will Also Be On Tonight!

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