America Betrayed – Tonight’s Guest ~ Dr. David M. Duncan MD For US Navy Seals – Ret.

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Profession: Retired (DAV) Emergency Medicine Physician

Military: 1974 /U. S. Navy (Res) RESCUE Corpsman, 2nd Marine Div. Force Recon

1981 / Uniformed Services Health Professions Scholarship recipient

1981 / Commissioned Ensign in U.S. Navy (Res)

1986 / Entered non-uniformed military & federal Special Operations

Field OPS: Guatemalan (’78-79) and Indonesian (’08) revolutions Latin American drug wars (NAVSPECWAR)

Counter-terrorism operations.

Joint Federal Task Force on Health Care Fraud and Prescription Abuse.

Consultant: Clinton Health Care Reform Panel.

Consultant: USDOD Special Advisory Office to Congress on VA Health Care.

Travel: 36 countries, 49 US states

Illegal Immigration Activities:

2007, I co-authored the Dissenting Opinion for the Mayor’s Commission on Immigration (Lexington, KY). I have provided state and federal laws to support two anti-Sanctuary state bills introduced in the Kentucky legislature. One was killed by a SPLC affiliated state representative. The second passed in the House but could not be passed in Senate committee before the expiration of the legislative session. A new bill will be introduced in 2010 and have support in both Houses.

2007, also, I began representing the interests of the National Intelligence Director and USSOCOM in the

national security preparations for the 2010 FEI World Equestrian Games in Lexington, a High Risk Security Event (Terrorism)

2008, I filed a Writ of Mandamus in U.S. District Court to compel Lexington and Kentucky to comply with federal immigration laws. Case was dismissed by Judge Karl Forrester due to ‘lack of standing.”

Family: Married with one daughter.

Education: B.S. / Florida State University.

M.D. / University of Kentucky.

Resident in Emergency Medicine / Methodist Hospital of Indiana.

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