America Betrayed – Sen. R. Pearce AZ v. Illegals – Live From The AZ / Mex. Border

The Widow and The Brother of Robert Krentz – a rancher who was murderedby an Illegalalien– Shot in the Head on His Own Home ranch and his dog as well.

Vigilantes expect more to come after Robert Krentz murder …

Ranchers who have had Home Invasions And friends and relatives MURDERED by Invaders Illegals ILLEGAL ALIENS & DRUG CARTELS Over 60,000 AMERICANS MURDERED BY Invaders Thanks to People like John Mc Cain, Lindsey Gramm, Obama, 99% of Democrats and some Republicans, Including the RNC

* Also Appearing Tonight – Terry Anderson – HOST of the”The Terry Anderson Show”

The Terry Anderson Show – Sunday Nights: “If you ain’t mad, you ain’t payin’ attention!”

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America Betrayed

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