AMERICA BETRAYED ~ Our Special Guest Tonight is: Rep. Jim Traficant

Our Very Special Guest Tonight is: Former Congressman Jim Traficant!

Hear it live yourself.

Former Congressman, JimTraficant, will announce that he isquitting the Democratic Party and as of that moment will be running for Congress as an Independent.

In the House, Traficant was known for his flamboyant and eccentric style. He was a constant thorn in the side of the Democratic caucus with his eccentric behavior, an image he embraced.

He often dressed poorly, with narrow neck ties (then out of style), wide-lapelled sport coats and an occasional denim suit. He also sported an ugly, unkempt pompadour, which he jokingly claimed he cut with a weed whacker (it was revealed, after his conviction, that he wore a toupee).

Casting himself as a rough-hewn populist and "regular guy," he gave speeches that were far outside the staid norms of political speaking.

Many people tuned into C-SPAN just to watch his one-minute speeches at the beginning of each day's sitting. [citation needed] His trademark closing lines were "Beam me up… I yield back the fact…" His Website featured a picture of him swinging a two-by-four with the words "Bangin' away in D.C."

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