America Betrayed – Our Guests Tonight: Dr. Orly Taitz Esq

Date: Thur.

10/22/09 – Time:

6:00 pm ET —

3:00 pm PT

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Also appearing tonight: Tiffiny Ruegner

And “The Story of a Single Mom”

A number of years ago, just a few months after I turned 18, I had one of the most wonderful opportunities. I was able to vote for the first time. The feeling was powerful to think that I had a hand in the democratic process. I walked into the polling place with my voters pamphlet in hand ready to mark down those candidates I felt worthy to best represent me. When I walked out of the polling booth that day I oozed with pride that I was a member of such a great nation that is run by and for the people. I felt a brotherhood with the citizens exiting with me. We had done our job and now it was time for the process to finish it. The next day some people and issues I voted for won and some lost but I figured that would keep the balance. One thing I knew for sure is that I couldn’t wait for the next year.

Well, I don’t really remember when it began. But now when I walk into the polling booth I’m filled with anxiety and dissatisfaction about whose name I’m about to write down on my ballot. I try to pick the candidate who will do the least harm to our nation. The one who might possibly hold up our Constitution. Gone are the days where I feel like my vote is actually accomplishing something. Everytime I vote I feel like I’m trying to prevent something.

I decided last year that I can no longer sit by and vote for the least likely to chip away at my way of life. I walked into the DMV and took my name out of any political party because I feel that none of them is behaving how they’re written on paper. They have lost all their savor and have lost their way. I held that voter registration form in my hand and with a sunken heart checked the box ‘I decline to state’. I AM a woman without a party but not without a country. I believe in my country and it’s citizens. I know that we have to get normal intelligent citizens who can stand up and fight the power-hungry machine that is

Washington. This is especially important to me now because the small business I started and left my job for to provide for my son and I is hanging by a thread. The past year has nearly done me in. I want to fight for my business, my son, my country, for what’s right.

I joined with the Tea Party Express in hopes to draw out regular citizens who still believe that we live in the greatest country on earth. Someone whose ideals may match mine. Someone who wants to live a good life with their family with little intervention from the government. Someone who wants the integrity and goodness of this Nation to be preserved. Someone who believes the American dream though dying can be resurrected again by discouraging dependence in its government while fostering independence in its citizens. Since going on tour with the Tea Party Express, I have been given a renewed sense of hope. I have walked among greatness as I’ve brushed shoulders with the crowd. There is a big change coming… it’s sweeping over the nation from small farming towns to great bustling cities. Anytime our nation has faced a change such as this, there has been great opposition against. I can see it now as the Tea Party movement begins to tear each other apart but I want you to know… it will not break apart. Those who are hungry for power can say whatever they want but the truth will always prevail.

I WILL vouch for the Tea Party Express. They DO NOT contribute any funds whatsoever to any political party at all!! As a matter of fact on tour I have met some of the most interesting people and heard some of the most inspiring speakers from every political party even invented. Why? Because TPX represents all of us who are sick and tired of watching our independence slip away. Though I’ve not been with them since the beginning I have witnessed on tour a group of normal people who’s only desire at the rallys was to support the local Tea Party’s and to get the people excited to move. We NEED the people to move. We NEED this nation to work together and set aside petty agendas to save our country! I want us to work together. What IS it that YOU want?

Tea Parties are where we’re going to find our voice. Tea Party Express brings those who maybe would have stayed home in their recliner out. In your local community someone will attend whose heart will be so moved that they WILL find the voice inside and become a dynamic influence on changing this government from the inside out. Who it will be I don’t know… they may be completely unknown now but they will show up and rise above the crowd. We just need to provide the avenue to bring them out. Will you help?

Can we afford to wait any longer?

Please call or email me to discuss ways we can help each other.

Tiffiny Ruegner


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