America Betrayed ~ Live: US Gov. Assaulting 2nd & 4th Amendments

by John Clark –

John Clark Host ~ Tuesday 06/11/13– 9 pm ET – 6 pm PT. Be There Or Be Unaware!

First Guest – Sheriff Wilson

TOPIC: Sheriff Wilson will be discussing the U.S. government attack on the Constitution and particularly the us government assault on the 2nd and 4th amendments Regarding this weekend’s revelations of US total electronic snooping on innocent US citizens involving stealth recording all phone and computer communications, photographing all P.O. sent mail monitoring of Skype and all “social media” including “Facebook” …. recording all photos filed on their computers … and who knows what else! These Abuses Have Been On-Going In Stealth Since 2006

Is this the governmental transparency BushBama promised?
VIDEO: Sherrif WIlson is one of the 8 Northern California Sheriffs who formed the”Coalition Against Tyranny”

Toll free call-in number 1.800.596.8191

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